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Good things are happening now. This page will now be updated whenever possible (usually bi-weekly). I currently have one COB (Creatures OBject) available for download. To see it, double-click on the wizard. I'm also working on pixie norns, a new "flying" species. You can currently gather little info about them. Note: All things on this page are currently for Creatures (original Creatures, Creatures 1).

Bookmarking this page does not mean that you will see those popups everytime you come back. If you bookmark now (while you are veiwing this screen), you will bypass them when you return. I considered how annoying that would be. You only need to see them once, if at all.

I've had hits since the 7-02-02 update!


4-15-00 (Saturday, April 15, 2000)

     Added Netscape page with auto-dection for
browser. (The following applies only to the Netscape
specific page) Also, Links that are part of my page
have an asterisk (*) beside of them. Links off of my
page will open in a new window, so don't be afraid to
try them.

4-22-00 (Saturday, April 22, 2000)

     Routine update. Downloaded Netscape 4.08 to test
my browser detection. It passed with flying colors!
Added note that the asterisk (*) only pertains to the
Netscape page. Added e-mail link.

7-02-02 (Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002)

     It has been a long, long, loooong time since my
last update. Basically, I did some maintanence. I
removed two now-broken links. I made the music
endless. Don't worry, I'll make a way to turn it off
and on soon. I corrected some code, and erased some
pointless code I had stuck here and there. I updated
my e-mail address since I haven't checked the one
listed in years. Sorry to all of you who have e-mail
me. I now have time to check on this page about once a
week or so, so come back often as I spruce it up. :)

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