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Pixie Norn Information

The Pixie Norn project, which was an attempt at creating free-floating Norn-like creatures with a unique set of genes and a unique brain, was discontinued long ago. I was only half-way through high-school when I embarked on this project, so I fear I devoted most of my time to school. The image in the top-right was the original design.

Will I restart the Pixie Norn project? I fear that I won't. Perhaps if enough of you send me e-mails I demonstrating a want for such a creature for such an old game, I will consider it. I don't know how much time I'll have.

If you would like to see this project reinstated, return to the title page and click on the appropriate lnik to send me an e-mail. Please state your want of the Pixie Norn, an empty e-mail will gain you nothing.