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67 Heaven
Parts for Sale
    All the vehicles we break for parts are beyond repair.
    Don't worry we won't scrap a vehicle if there is a chance that it could be restored!

    When we break a vehicle we try to save as much as possible so nothing gets wasted.
    That's why we can offer such things as whole sections from Split/Oval Beetles down
    to trim clips and everything in between.

    To list all the parts we salvage from the vehicles would take ages and probably
    bore you to death. So the easiest way is for you to email us with what you need and
    we will see what we can do!! Remember we only do secondhand parts and specialise
    in pre 1957 Beetles and pre 1967 T2's but we do get parts for 57-67 Beetles and some
    NOS parts. So give us a try!!

Home Vehicles for Sale Parts for Sale Email