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Tributes to Mike Von Erich

***Ruby sent this along with this note:***

Between bouts, gospel-singing prodigy Jill Floyd took to the ring to deliver a stirring reprise of “Heaven Needed a Champion.” She was followed by the composer, Glen Goza, who recited a poem dedicated to young Mike.

And this is the poem, dedicated to Mike.

Alternate version of Heaven Needed a Champion

There's a new star in the sky over Texas tonight, young Mike VonErich has gone on to be with his brother David and little Jack. What a wonderful place Heaven must be.
Not just the eyes of Texas but the eyes of the world were on you son. We watched you from the very beginning saw the very first fight that you won, we watched you fly like a young eagle straight towards the sun flying free
yeah you marched to the beat of your own special drum, learned to fight never run. You knew there was a better place beyond the sun where a young eagle could fly free.
Oh we miss you son, we know you had to try your wings and go and do your own thing but our memories of you is here in the ring fighting for what you know to be right.
This is just our way of saying we miss you son, we think of all the things you could have done all the fights you could have fought and won. We love you Mike VonErich.
God Bless you

What kind of man Mike was in my eyes?
From Pazetta

Mike was a kind man. He was loved by his family and fans.
He was strong. Mike was a man that loved his family.
And cared very much for his fans.
A man that wanted to do his best in his own way.
And in my eyes he was one of the best.
Mike you will always be one of the greatest men.