Erin O'Grady

Ron Lindsey, The Time Traveler, Rainbow, and Ed Ahrens

The Time Traveler, Promoter Ed Ahrens, and Announcer Ron Lindsey

The Time Traveler and Matt Wroth

Jimmy Banks, who had his career and life cut short by kidney problems
Who knows how far he might have gone otherwise?

Chuck Karbo, Freddy Gomez, and Berry Mendobles

Johnny Rodz


Brian Pillman and Terry Funk

Janet Voris, Time Traveler, and "Maniac" Mike Gordon

Rainbow and Fantasy

John Shane and Phil Melby

Eli Hernandez

The Time Traveler and Alex Knight

Terry Funk and Navajo Kid

Tito Montez

Chris Colt

Chris Colt, Bobby Mayne, and Johnny Mann

Tito Montez vs. Bobby Mayne (Jaggers)

Bulldog Browder

"Cowboy" Mike Cook

"Cowgirl" Kitty Kelly

Bo Kruse

Angel Leon

Superstar Graham vs. Pedro El Grande

"Mad Dog" Marcial Bovee/The Time Traveler

2003: The Time Traveler and Rainbow

David Flair


Don Arnold

Moose Cholak

Lady Serena

Brain Damage

Time Traveler

Durty The Clown & Time Traveler

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