All photos on this page were either taken or contributed by Dale Pierce

Matt Wroth

"Cowboy" Bob Yuma

John "Macho Man" Ringer

Bobby Jaggers

The Lumberjack


Domenic Denucci

Danny Johnson

"Manic" Mike Gordon and the late Paouo Ketonen

Don Kent

Jody Arnold vs. Tito Montez

Rainbow and Matt Wroth

Jeff Roberts and Rockin' Rik

Gamara The Great

"Gentleman" Jeff Hodge

Dumptruck Dawson

"Killer" Tim Brooks

Jody Arnold

John Ringer

The Ram

Lobo Loco powerbombs Damien Destruction through table
TLC Match
CCW, Marysville, Pennsylvania

Greg Matthews
CCW, Marysville, Pennsylvania

Preston Quinn pounds Dirty Money
XIW, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dirty Money en route to winning vacant XIW title over Preston Quinn
XIW, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Switchblade chokes Shane Shadows
(Brock Singleton & Switchblade vs. Shane Shadows & Johnny Graham)
CPW, Keyser, West Virginia

Danny Boy

Wrestling fans at a wrestling show in a bullring in Aguascalientes, Mexico

The Rapper


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