Wrestling Then and Now
Interview with "Mean" Marc Ash

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: When did you start wrestling, and where were you trained?

MARC ASH: I started wrestling in 1989. Trained under indy wrestler Chief Jay Eagle. Worked for two years then fine tuned with Nelson Royal

DP: You also ran a sheet for a while. Is this still in print?

MA: I did. No, I finally gave that up in 1998. After running it for nine years, I just felt it was too time consuming and not profitable enough to continue.

DP: What is your Web page URL, and what other pages have material on you?

MA: My main page is www.marcash.com, but several other sites run stuff on me, and I have a fan club through Yahoo. Links for most of the sites can be found off of my main Web site.

DP: What promotions have you worked for?

MA: Too many to name them all, but NWA, USWA, and all the indys throughout the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

DP: You were also running your own stuff for a while. Do you do so now?

MA: ICW Pro Wrestling has been hiatus for the last year, BUT it will return in 2002 complete with TV and all the frills!

DP: You had a much hyped bout in California with Alex Knight some years ago. What was your reflection on him? Weren't you injured in that bout?

MA: I think very highly of Alex. He is one of the best I have ever been in the ring with. I would love to have that opportunity to work with Alex again before one of us retires! I wasn't injured in the bout. I had been in a major auto accident, and that was like my second match back. I hadn't recovered as well as I thought I had.

DP: Have you had any other injuries of note? Wasn't there talk you were going to pack it in a few years ago after a knee injury?

MA: Nothing special to note. Yes, the rumors were flying, but the fact is . . . I just took some time off!

DP: What wrestlers do you have the most respect for in the Carolina area?

MA: Ivan Koloff, Wahoo McDaniel, Tommy Steele, Viper, Flex Phenom, Boris Dragoff, C.K. Chuck King, The Stro, Shawn Thomas, and Krash the Milkman to name a few.

DP: Your father was a minister of some kind. Have you ever had the inclination to go into a ministry like say, Ted Dibiase, or work for some of these new "Christian Wrestling Promotions" starting up?

MA: Yes, I have. I do have a Christian background. Granted, I am far from being the best witness for the Lord, but the belief is still there.

DP: What would you consider your strongest point as a performer?

MA: The ability to work the crowd. Something that appears to be lost, at least amongst the indys.

DP: Your weakest point?

MA: Size. I am still a small man by wrestling standards.

DP: There were some minor scale promotional wars going on in the Carolinas in the 1990s. Were you caught up in any of this? Any bad experiences down there?

MA: What you mean by "were"? They're still going on. We're all caught in it in some way, shape, or form. Nothing really bad happened with me.

DP: Where else have you wrestled besides the Carolinas and California?

MA: Tennessee, Virginia, and Tennessee are my main stops outside the Carolinas.

DP: Have you trained anyone yourself?

MA: Trained a few guys. The Army of Aggression got the most notorioty a few years back. Sexton Tyler, The Menace, Scotty Newton, indy referee Matt Timlin are the ones that come to mind.

DP: What future plans do you have for wrestling?

MA: To keep on keeping on. I'm pretty content where I'm at for right now.

DP: What do you plan to do after wrestling?

MA: Have never really though of that. You know, I really should put some thought into it.

DP: You were working with a lady manager of some kind once, right? Whatever happened to her?

MA: Which one? I've worked with several. Rats are a dime a dozen.

DP: How do you feel about the wrestling sheets and Internet today, being a sheetwriter at one time yourself? Do they help or hurt wrestling?

MA: With putting out a sheet, I believe at one time they helped wrestling. Now, there are so many to choose from and they all seem to just want to sell the dirt. The ones that focus on WRESTLING are great, I just wish they could all do that.

DP: Any closing comments?

MA: I always enjoy taking the time for the fans. I'll be seeing you at the matches soon!

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