Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: You started wrestling as Fat Nick, and then became Brock Tatum, and finally Tatum. Why all the name changes?

TATUM: Quite frankly, Fat Nick is a real stupid name, especially to be involved with wrestling. I shortened my name because I like the one name wrestlers and wanted to be one and don't want to be associated with Brock Lesnar in the WWE. I don't have much of a story behind it. I don't put too much thought into it. One day I just might start going by my real name, who knows?

DP: While you started out as a backyard wrestler, so to speak, you were later officially trained and turned into a real pro, so to speak. Where and how?

T: I did wrestle on a trampoline when I was like 16, but it wasn't anything like what backyard wrestling was two years ago. I think backyard wrestling is dead. Not to where kids don't do it, but I am talking about the hype. I don't hear much about it anymore. When I did it, it was just innocent fun I think the most we ever did was put up a Web page about it, more or less for me and my friends to laugh at it. Then I met a guy, John Rotten, who was running Extreme Futuristic Wrestling. He let me in, and I started wrestling in a pro ring, untrained. I continued that for three years, but right before the end, my friend Leo and I decided to go get trained by J.T. Lightning. We met J.T. through EFW, because that is where John rented the ring from. I was able to get along real good with J.T., because we have some common ground, we both like punk rock. We'd check out shows and stuff, so it was real cool. J.T. is still cool as all hell!

DP: J.T. Lightning is somewhat controversial, as people either love or hate him. What is your opinion of the man?

T: I don't know why anyone could possibly hate him. He has his shady moments I guess, but he is probably one of the few straight up honest people in the business. I think that is why people hate him, because they don't like to hear that they suck or had a bad match or something. I personally enjoy his attitude, because if he is down on me, that means I need to get my ass into gear and work harder, or I can just laugh at who is getting punked out at the moment. I hate people that bullshit with me, and J.T. is one not to do that. So he gets my thumbs up.

DP: Did you learn a good deal from him?

T: I learned almost everything from J.T. Of course being in the ring for so long, I was able to pick up some things, but I learned everything about the physical side of wrestling from J.T. I'd say as far as how a worker acts backstage and etiquette, I learned 75% from J.T. and 25% from either EFW or other friends in the business.

DP: Who have been some of your opponents in CAPW?

T: The list isn't huge but here it goes. Canadian Bad Boy, Sheik Abdul Hassan, J-Rocc, Basketnazi, Judge Krush, Jason Bane, Fabulous, Gabriel Knight, Total Anarchy, Ironman, and D-Ranged. There are probably some more, but I forgot who, and if they get pissed or something, I'm sorry.

DP: Have you worked for other promotions also?

T: Barely. Any other work I've done has been real small and not really mattered I guess. I worked for MCW in Cleveland at some charity show. I guess I wasn't good enough to go back, no sweat though because that just means more sleep for me. I worked for NEPW-X at this bar in the Flats in Cleveland and was welcomed to keep working it, but the ceiling was too low, and I had to duck in the ring the whole match. It was very distracting. I also worked for a promotion once in Cincinnati, Ohio called IWI, I think. Their workers seemed very green--greener than me!--and I got shorted on pay--and I was already just making gas money. Needless to say, I no sold the shit out of their guy, which probably is the reason they never called me back, and I probably won't go back down there unless there is some sort of guarantee and a way to work out the last little misunderstanding. Other than that though, they were really nice people, you could say. I didn't get any weird looks or anything.

DP: What is your Web page URL?

T: http://www.tatumwrestling.com. Please note the fact I haven't updated it since September 2002! Maybe I will soon, but I do a lot of different things, so don't hold your breath!

DP: A lot of people are down on backyarders. As an ex one yourself, do you feel backyard wrestling has anything to offer the wrestling world, or is it a dangerous fad, as many think?

T: It depends on the person. Some kids do it as a joke but have real dreams of making it, like myself. Some kids honestly think this is a revolution of sorts and think they are sweet or something because they take three years off their life every Saturday afternoon.

DP: Didn't you have a really bad foot injury a year or so ago?

T: I broke the hardest bone in your foot to break. It wasn't too bad, well maybe it was, but I was walking on it three days later. I have a high tolerance for pain, but don't think by me saying that is going to ignite the inner fire to do dumb shit like hardcore matches. I broke it in December 2001. I jammed my shoulder pretty bad in September 2002 training, and I still can't do things the same. I probably did something real bad, but I hate doctors and the health care system in the US, so I didn't do anything about it except take a few days off work and put ice and heat on it while watching The Filth and the Fury.

DP: You've had several matches with Adam Cage. Is he your favorite opponent?

T: I've been "working" him since I was 16. Hahaha! Yeah.

DP: Basketnazi is another regional indy guy who is getting lots of heat. What is your opinion of him?

T: He's all right. He is really stiff. He has kind of dropped off the scene though. Who knows if he will ever return?

DP: Did you ever wrestle him?

T: (Grabs ribs before answering) Yes. I think I coughed up a lung that night, he kicked me so hard.

DP: CAPW has brought in some name people, New Jack, Tommy Rich, Bundy, etc., over the years. Have you gotten to wrestle any names yet?

T: Nope, I've been off and on with training and stuff due to personal reasons. Thus, J.T. won't book me against a name because I'm not ready. I'm glad though, the last thing I want is to get shot on in a match. I have a bad temper as it is.

DP: Are there other sites that cover your activities?

T: Not really. There is the NWMP site. I can't remember the link, and I'm sorry about that. If you know about it, feel free to post it. [Web master's note: the URL is https://www.angelfire.com/oh/nmpw] I run the CAPW site, so I make sure my name shows up.

DP: You once said you tended to divide the wrestlers into categories and approach them accordingly, as in "old school," "hardcore," etc. How does this individual system work? It's unique. Does it really help dealing with people?

T: Well obviously, it's basically an age thing. If the guy is younger, you can approach him with more modern "lingo" and stuff and probably get away with it. If you try that on a veteran he won't be too happy with you and just make sure you aren't working him that night. Also, you might get blackballed for a period of time, because I'm sure they will say something to your trainer about it. Basically, don't fuck up, and have respect for those that have been doing this for a while.

DP: Have you met any truly difficult people in wrestling, or is anyone out there you would not work with?

T: I used to think I would never work with the guys I started out with, but things come full circle and we are talking again, but to start off, we don't talk much about the business, it's more or less casual conversation. You never know though.

DP: Weren't you involved with a couple other Web pages for other wrestlers? Are you still heavy into computers?

T: I do the CAPW Web site and MDogg20/Iron Matt Cross Web site. I also work on the site for RCW - Ruthless Wrestling. I cut back my work load recently, but I run my own comedy/fake news site called Monster Cack. It's not for the conservative though. I'm still very heavy into computers and probably couldn't survive in the world for more than two weeks without typing. It's my real career and personal hobby. That doesn't mean just the internet, but almost every aspect I dabble into.

DP: Do you have any big plans for the future?

T: Not really. I just started training full time again, and I'm going to see where that takes me. I'm not really big on the business right now, because a lot of things annoy me. I'm not going to go public with those though, just because I don't want to start any unnecessary problems.

DP: Do you have any WWE aspirations at this time, or are you happy with the indys?

T: Definitely not. I'm sure I'd sell out if given the opportunity, but I can honestly say I don't do this so I can get there. I hate corporations, and if the BS that is said about them is true, I'd get fired in a day anyways. Let's just say if ANY worker was to come to me and tell me this and that and judge me about my passion for the business, I'd punch them. Even if they could beat the living shit out of me, I wouldn't care. I won't stand to be talked down to and will defend my beliefs. I live life in pain, so a beat down would probably excite me.

DP: Closing comments?

T: Not really. Sorry, I don't have much to say that pertains to wrestling, because there is so much fucked up shit that is going on in the real world that I look past the fun and games of professional wrestling. So my official closing comment is, for the sake of humanity, please don't vote for Bush in 2004. To add on, register to vote under the Green Party and vote Democrat. If you truly want freedom, in my opinion, this is the way to go. If you like being watched like a hawk though, Bush is good. We need to get rid of him and his fucking cabinet of old fucks though!

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