Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: Didn't you start out as a backyard wrestler then get officially trained and turn pro?

RICK SILVER: That's true. It wasn't backyard wrestling like what you see in videos today, with all that hardcore nonsense. There was a lot more nudity, though. Although it wasn't always female. There was this one wrestler named the Mongolian Jackass who used to run around in a G-string, but I think he's now living in a basement underneath a moat in Ireland filled with alligators.

DP: Where did you receive official training?

RS: I was trained at the ECW Wrestling Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was lengthy and grueling, especially for Joe Rules, who back in those days was overweight, if you can believe that.

DP: How do you feel about backyard wrestling now as opposed to when you did it? Haven't they gotten a lot crazier?

RS: Well, now they just look like a bunch of schmucks, running around shaving each other's backs with weedwhackers and lighting their meat and potatoes on fire. I hope they're having fun, because none of that junk will ever get them into any sort of paid wrestling gig.

DP: What made you want to get into wrestling anyway?

RS: Well, I failed at my attempts to become a world-famous rock star, mostly because I was a lot more into the guitar playing and forgot to drink, do drugs, and tailspin into a heroin-induced coma by the time I was 25. I figured the second best thing would be to roll around with a bunch of sweaty guys in front of an audience of toothless people and 11-toed youngsters who came to the arena with Aunt Mom. I was right!

DP: What wrestlers did you idolize?

RS: Arn Anderson, Marty Jannetty, Jerry Lawler, Ricky Morton, and The Goon.

DP: With whom have you had some of your best bouts?

RS: Dave Desire, Joe Rules, and the team of Dr. Heresy & Don Juan DeSanto.

DP: Do you have a Web page?

RS: My wrestling federation does: The United Wrestling Federation at www.unitedwrestling.com. I also have IndyCrap, which makes fun of me and all my friends, at www.indycrap.com.

DP: Didn't you have like a bad shoulder injury a few years ago, and weren't you considering quitting then? What made you stick it out, if true?

RS: No. That's my partner Dave Desire, who broke his leg and cracked his clavicle in half. He was brittle, mostly due to the fact that he drank too much Malk with Vitamin R. However, once he switched to 2%, he made out a lot better and now only breaks wind.

DP: What do you see as the major drawbacks with indy wrestling today?

RS: Well, people don't hire me enough. That kind of pisses me off. I watched some Ring Of Honor tape the other day, which is supposed to be the biggest thing going now, and I couldn't really get into it. They just roll around and no-sell for an hour. I dunno, I guess that's cool if you're into that. I actually prefer wrestling that doesn't suck, even though most people think I suck. I actually stopped sucking sometime in 2001.

DP: You've had many matches with Joe Rules. How would you rate him as a wrestler?

RS: He's kind of the Silent Bob to my Jay. Except he's really loud and obnoxious. As a wrestler, he's at least as good as I am. I get to wrestle him again on August 23rd in Boonton, New Jersey in a hair vs. hair match, which is pretty neat. Hopefully I won't lose, because I've become pretty attached to my hair, and I really don't need some weird guy with clippers going anywhere near my genitals.

DP: What about Dave Desire? You have teamed with him and wrestled him?

RS: Well, he's retired now. I believe he runs an ice farm in Alaska and breeds Eskimos. He was a great wrestler in his time. I'd compare him to Owen Hart, except then I would probably say something tasteless and Bret Hart would hold a lifelong grudge against me.

DP: You have had some mixed tag team bouts lately with Sienna Blaze. How do you rate her as a wrestler?

RS: Well, not a lot of people know this, but I knew Sienna Blaze before she was a superhero. We used to fight crime together on the streets of New York. It's only natural, now that she's a wrestler, that we'd team up again. Besides, it's always good to team with a woman who appreciates a good Donkey Punch.

DP: Whom do you feel are the most promising indy workers today to keep an eye on?

RS: I liked Paul London, but he's not an indy guy anymore. Dixie's one of my favorites. Danny Maff is also really good.

DP: Haven't you run some shows? Do you still do so?

RS: Sure I did. Sure I do. Check out the Web site, www.unitedwrestling.com. I'm running August 23rd in Boonton, New Jersey and August 30th in Guilford, Connecticut.

DP: What advice would you give people wanting to get into wrestling, and what mistakes did you make, if any, you would want others to avoid?

RS: Well, I pretty much have no regrets. I have a lot of fun wrestling. Don't take it too seriously. None of you are going to WWE. Have fun, drink heavily, and most importantly, take advantage of rats.

DP: Do you feel the New Jersey area where you run has been hurt by too many people running wrestling over the years and doing it badly, or is it still ripe for more groups?

RS: There's a lot of crappy indy promotions. I own one of them. But I like my shows. They're good family entertainment. I like my shows, JWA shows, and GWF shows. Coincidentally, those are the only places I consistently work.

DP: Is there any promoter who treated you so badly you would not work with him again?

RS: That's a tough question. Probably not. You never know. I tend not to hold grudges. Everyone else does, though!

DP: Closing comments?

RS: Starscream is the greatest heel of all time. Don't hook up with fat AOL chicks. And don't mix Foodtown fruit punch and Natural Light beer. It's just not worth it.

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