Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: Is Neil Faith your real name or something you selected?

NEIL FAITH: It's my real name.

DP: What promotions do you wrestle for now?

NF: I am currently wrestling for NWA-UK in England.

DP: Where were you trained?

NF: At the Funking Conservatory in Florida, the Hart Dungeon in Calgary when I was wrestling for Stampede Wrestling, and then the New Japan Dojo in Tokyo.

DP: What is your Web page?

NF: www.neil-faith.com

DP: What advice might you give others wishing to get into wrestling?

NF: Start lifting weights and eating right, choose a good wrestling school, plus always respect and listen to the guys who have been around longer than you.

DP: Was the indy circuit a let down for you, or are you happy for the most part with the indys?

NF: It wasn't a let down for me, because I knew what the indys were before I started training to become a wrestler.

DP: Are there any promoters you have had bad experiences with who you will not work with again?

NF: No.

DP: Who have you had some of your best matches with so far?

NF: Brandon Groom, Bruce Hart, Adam Windsor.

DP: What old-time wrestlers or wrestlers from your childhood did you respect, if you watched it back then?

NF: Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Curt Henning, Dynamite Kid, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith.

DP: If you could have one bout with one wrestler from any time period, who would you select and why?

NF: Bret Hart, because I grew up watching him, he is a great storyteller in the ring, and he has a great work ethic.

DP: Do you see the hardcore wrestling from a few years back dying out, maintaining, or still growing?

NF: I think hardcore wrestling will always be a part of the business. The WWE has not got a hardcore title anymore, but there is a lot of hardcore wrestling still in the indys and in Japan.

DP: Old school or new school, so to speak, which do you prefer?

NF: Old school.

DP: What are your favorite moves, and was it hard to learn these?

NF: Favourites are the top rope elbow, falcon arrow, senton splash, snap spinebuster, leg grapevine, and my finisher is the leap of faith (frog splash.) Some of them were hard to learn.

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