Wrestling Then and Now

by J.C. Diese

J.C. DIESE: You are a relatively obscure independent wrestler who has made a name for yourself, frankly, for giving newsletters and pages like this a lot of criticism and for defiantly practicing kayfabing in an era when it is nonexistant. Will you give us some background on yourself for once?

MR. COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO: I was hatched from an egg as a rooster and raised by a little girl who wanted to keep me as a pet, but her parents wanted to cook me. She prayed for me to be made a real boy like that puppet in the cartoons, and low and behold, her wish was granted--sort of. I only made it half way, so I am half man and half rooster. This is not a mask, but my real face. I've told people this over and over again--

JCD: No one is going to believe that, and by trying to kayfabe, you are going to make a lot of fans mad.

MC: Okay, so you don't think most people will believe me, huh? Well, why can't I pull one over on today's fans? I mean, they are actually dumb enough to believe what the WWE tells them, like saying they have a good product--and the fans are dumb enough to believe it, so don't tell me there isn't someone out there, maybe in West Virginia or something, dumb enough to believe I came from an egg!

JCD: Who were you trained by and when?

MC: I started in 1998, seriously, in California. I won't tell you by who, but it was not at one of the schools. Not by Roland Alexander, not by Billy Anderson, not by that bald-headed goof, I forget the name, and not by Vern Langdon. I am trying to keep my identity as secret as I can.

JCD: Where have you wrestled?

MC: The Mexican border, the Southwest, and the Midwest. Very small groups, but that is what I want, as with them, I have free rule over what I can do.

JCD: What was your worst experience as an indy wrestler?

MC: I got suckered into coming all the way to New Jersey by a group, and it ended up being a "show" run by a bunch of backyarders. The fools actually paid me, while the rest worked free, but it was pathethic. I wouldn't show that video to anyone. In fact, one of the people pulled off my beak--okay, okay, you don't buy it--pulled off the beak on my "mask." I nailed him for it too, and for those who think wrestling is ALL fake, you should ask that guy how his jaw feels after he tried clowning around with me.

JCD: You've been critical of Wrestling- Then & Now, so why do you suddenly give it an interview?

MC: For a format to state my views. I have been a critic of all newsletters, and not just this one, as for the most part, they are done by people who have never been in a ring and have no real clue what wrestling is about. At least with Wrestling- Then & Now you have some wrestlers and ex-wrestlers doing the writing. Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller are just over-glorified parrots repeating what their stool pidgeons behind the scenes tell them to say, and the fans actually think these clowns know what's what! Get real! Just because I am doing an interview with you for Wrestling- Then & Now doesn't mean I like it.

JCD: You'd think you would care more for Wrestling- Then & Now, being they focus on wrestling as it was, and not as it is now.

MC: I wish to God I could travel in time and go back to the 1950s or the 1960s and away from this shades of grey and sports entertainment craze. I would have loved to wrestle when wrestling was still wrestling. I'd have liked to have had a bout with some of the smaller wrestlers from the past like The Sheik, Luis Martinez, or Pantera Negra. I hate what the promoters, the fans, the wrestlers, and the sheets are doing to wrestling today and try to change it, which is why many fans hate me. I don't give them what THEY want. I give them what I WANT and if they don't like it, they can complain till hell rules heaven, and I don't care. I get so sick of hearing people who don't know what they are talking about knocking me, because I don't wrestle like THEY think I should, or because they do not like my gimmick, which is not--as I emphasize to everyone--a gimmick. This IS my real face, and if you do not believe me, at least give me credit for having the audacity to say so in this day and age.

JCD: What wrestlers from the past do you admire?

MC: The Gobbledegooker, Terry Taylor when he was The Red Rooster only, and Super Gallo from Mexico.

JCD: What is it like wrestling in Mexico?

MC: On the border, it's a hell-hole. You have many small promotions, not warring with each other, but all running in crappy buildings and paying worth nothing. I remember getting paid in their stinking pesos once when I was supposed to get dollars. I mean, what am I going to do with this, play Monopoly?!

JCD: What advice would you give people who want to get into wrestling?

MC: Don't. Just stay the hell out. With the WWE monopoly, oversaturation of the market, everybody being smart or thinking they are smart, and the indys all trying to be mini-WWE offices rather than doing serious wrestling, the wrestling world is on it's way down and will continue to falter. I can save it. Dedicated indys can save it--maybe--if we all band together and do things our way and stop listening to what the goofs on the Net say and the sheets say! We need to get back to wrestling and away from sports entertainment. Let the WWE do sports entertainment, because sooner or later, they will fail.

JCD: Evan Ginzburg, who does WT&N will be surprised you finally agreed to do an interview, after badmouthing him and other newsletters a few years back. Do you want to apologize to him for what you said, since he is allowing the interview? Give him equal time?

MC: He is the editor of the damned sheet, so he can take equal time any time he wants it! No, I never apologize for anything.

JCD: Do you know the man?

MC: No, but I've seen pictures of him, and he looks like Joxer from Xena!

JCD: You have some interesting logos.

MC: Yes, and they will be on T-shirts I will sell soon. "Mr. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo is Something to Crow About"; "Mr. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo is Death From the Barnyard"; and "Mr. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo is Cock of the Walk."

JCD: You have a partner in a dog mask.

MC: Mr. Bow-Wow-Wow, and like me, it is not a mask, but his real face. We are the Barnyard Connection! Look for us in Jersey in summer, with a real promotion and not those stupid backyarders. In fact, if I see any of those backyarders in a real ring, bluffing their way into a real show, I'll stretch them. I'll try to kill them, and that's a shoot.

JCD: Do you have a Web page?

MC: No, as I do not like fans and do not wish to hear from them. There are some stills of me at https://www.angelfire.com/oh/nmpw which is an indy site affiliated with the promotion I plan to come in for. I have no Web page and have no desire for one, as I hate the Internet and the fans on it.

JCD: Anything in closing?

MC: What people wish on me, I wish double back on them.

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