Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: You handle several elements of wrestling, do you not? Don't you promote and wrestle both?

MR. 8X10: I currently work as a professional independent entertainer, and co-operate the XWF, Inc.

DP: You've also done some work as a manager, correct?

8X10: Never done anything as a manager.

DP: Which of these activities do you prefer?

8X10: Entertainer.

DP: Where does your promotion run, and where can people find out about your cards?

8X10: Ohio Valley area (Wheeling, W.V.) E-mail at OVXWFinc@comcast.net

DP: You've used some fairly big names on these shows, correct?

8X10: Yes, we have had Tony Atlas, Larry "Living Legend" Zybszko, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Viscera, Gangrel.

DP: Don't you also use a lot of Pennstylvania people like King Tut, Zoltan the Great, and others from that area?

8X10: Yes, we bring in many independent workers out of the Pennsylvania area.

DP: Where were you trained to wrestle?

8X10: Martin's Ferry, Ohio in 1996-1997 form Dick Flanagan (formally known as one half of the Heartbreakers with Cody Michaels)

DP: Where was your first bout?

8X10: Columbus, Ohio.

DP: How did you come up with the name of Mr. 8x10?

8X10: I feel I am an attractive guy like that on the wall of a home an 8x10, Michael is my middle name, Cruz came from the actor Tom Cruise, I just change the spelling, I felt I am an entertainer just like Tom Cruise.

DP: Martin's Ferry on the Ohio/West Virginia border is a regular stopover for you, correct? Where is the building you run in, and how often do you run this venue?

8X10: About once every 4-6 weeks.

DP: As an indy wrestler, what are some of the main problems you see facing indy groups today?

8X10: Money. No promoter is willing to always give an unheard of a chance.

DP: What might some of the advantages be?

8X10: Getting noticed.

DP: When you book someone for your cards, what do you look for that makes you say yes or no?

8X10: Good gimmick that can sell, good price.

DP: What advice could you give people wanting to get into wrestling?

8X10: Train to be in shape first, then come up with a gimmick of your own.

DP: Aside from your own group, don't you work for some other promotions also?

8X10: At various times.

DP: You aren't the biggest of men, sizewise. Is this a drawback for you?

8X10: Not at all. I feel I can hang with anyone, period.

DP: You had two masked kids on your card who were really new but had one hell of a bout this September in Martin's Ferry. I can't recall the names, but you will know who I mean. Where did you find them?

8X10: They actually found me, Kris Kidman, The Prodigy. I have been helping in their guidance, not as a trainer, as a confidont.

DP: Do you see some big things for them?

8X10: Yes, absolutly.

DP: What about yourself, any big plans?

8X10: Yes, want to make it to WWE.

DP: Do you or your promotion have a Web page?

8X10: Not yet.

DP: Loads of people want to get into promoting, and they lose a ton of money. What advice can you give to help others run successful promotions?

8X10: Get sponsors, or even take out a loan to make it work.

DP: Have you had any serious injuries?

8X10: Yes, several concussions, a fractured leg, ankle, broken finger.

DP: What wrestlers did you grow up watching? Any favorites?

8X10: Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Roddy Piper . . . I'd have to say Hulk Hogan was my all time favorite growing up.

DP: In working with other promoters, have you had any really good experiences?

8X10: Yes.

DP: What about bad ones? Is there anyone you will NOT work for ever again?

8X10: Yes, yes.

DP: Anything else you would like to tell about yourself?

8X10: Look out for Mr. 8x10. I feel with the right opportunity, a promotion can benefit off of my character, entertaining abilities, and straight up genuine love for the business.

DP: Any amusing stories or anything from your wrestling experience? Most people have stories.

8X10: Actually, not yet.

DP: Closing comments?

8X10: The best damm indy worker in all of show business--Mr. 8x10!

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