Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: There are many sides to your career, but foremost under your real name, you are known as an actress. What are some of the films you have appeared in?

MIRRICALLA: The first film I was in was Warner Brothers' Body Snatchers, my brother Craig Lockhart was a stunt guy, and he was doing car stunts and fight scenes and he had trained me a bit so I was tough and he drug me along to try out for BODY SNATCHERS so I did some fight stunts with him in the movie, and then both of us auditioned for speaking parts and got them. It was a blast, I even got to go out to L.A., and I also got to have special effects prosthetics done on my face.

Then after that my brother did more stunts and I went on to do convention appearances as Mirricalla the Vicious, Volumptious Velvet Vampyress and then landed a small part in a David Friedman and Rick Montana (another ex-wrestler) film called REDNECK REVENGE, this film is filled with local wrestlers who have some excellent butt-kicking fight scenes in the movie. It was one of my favorite films to do because of the tough man wrestling contest that was filmed live for the movie from the Anniston Alabama fairgrounds. I loved working with the wrestlers, they were all very nice but very tough and disciplined.

DP: Aside from these appearances as yourself, you also created a character called Mirracalla. How did this evolve?

M: I have always loved the whole Vampire Mythology and I decided that I needed a tough character to stand out as a scream queen, and being six feet tall, a vicious vampyress was the perfect choice. So my mother designed costumes and we had them professionally made and I began to make appearances. I even have a model kit of the character that was created by professional sculptor Jay Kyle, and we sold tons of them at conventions.

DP: Because of your acting, you also ended up doing a wrestling spot or two as a manager. If the opportunity arises, would you do this some more?

M: Yes, I was contacted by a wrestler and he was also a wrestling promoter from Tuscaloosa, Alabama named Tom Stedham, and he wanted me to come to a show they were having in Prattville, Alabama. So me and my entourage showed up and we were mesmerized and it was an excellent show, Tough Tom Stedham was very bold and brassy, he was already telling about twenty beautiful young girls that were following him around that he was starring in one of my films and so the rest is history.

DP: Some indy wrestlers played with you in an indie film called Odd Noggins. Most wrestling fans except in the south probably do not know about this. What is the plot of the film?

M: The film is very funny and artsy, it is billed as a horror, comedy, science fiction film. *grin* The film is about a group of housewives who are head hunters, they collect the heads of all these handsome men to take back to their planet. It's a hilarious movie, gory at times, with some really bizarre and over-the-top characters.

DP: Wasn't it a bit unusual, I mean rather than everyone gathering in one area, didn't a load of people shoot their own scenes in their own respected areas, then the producer edited it all together?

M: Yes, the scenes were shot all over America. Then it was edited together, but we had strict storyboards and script to adhere to, and all of us had our own crews to work with, I had Timbo Davis as Director from Virginia and his special effects crew which he heads up, he is a professional who has worked in Hollywood on such films as New Jack City and Unsolved Mysteries etc...... He is an associate of Diane Hammond and their group did Operation Dumbo Drop etc.... so we had quite a talent pool working on this project, also the wrestlers who were VERY professional.

DP: What wrestlers played in this?

M: The Alabama State Champion Larson "Chains" Lee and "Tough" Tom Stedham and Tony Mohawk was also there.

DP: Are you still in contact with them?

M: Larson Lee went out to Hollywood and I heard worked doing stunts on VIP for awhile and was a body guard to the stars. TOUGH Tom Stedham whom I respect a great deal and am still good friends with went back into the Army to serve his country for a few stints and he went to Sarajevo and all over, I have to say that Tom Stedham is one of the most talented actors I have ever worked with!! He is currently getting a screenplay together to film called SOUTHERN BRED SOUTHERN BORN or something like that, it's a vampire movie. I am sure when he gets it finished it will be top notch!

DP: Didn't they also get you involved in some shows as a valet or manager?

M: Yes, and I was proud to do it. It was in Tusculoosa, Alabama at the Civic Center there, and there were tons of screaming fans, I appeared as a manager that was also romantically involved with THE STINGER and then well lets just say it turned out kind of bad because THE STINGER did not know we had set him up for a bad fall, Larson Lee just sort of grabbed me up and ran away with me, it was quite a scene and the crowd went crazy, I had to be escorted to my car to keep the people from tearing me to shreds for betraying their beloved STINGER.

DP: What was your impression of the indy wrestling world? Was it a lot like indie film, as far as the people behind the scenes went?

M: Amazing talent and discipline, hard work and hard training. Just a great group of talented hardworking people.

DP: How did this show work out? What happened on it?

M: Well, refer back to question 8. Let's just say I barely got out alive!!!!

DP: Was the promoter impressed with you?

M: Yes, everyone was, I posed for photos before the show for an hour. It was a blast. I was asked to appear again several times but my schedule would not allow it, I was traveling to conventions quite a bit then.

DP: Did the vampire role go over with the people as a whole?

M: YES!!!!! They were lining up to stake me through the heart!!!! Lots of angry passion on that one. THE costume is very sexy and the men seemed to love it, it's just like a super hero costume, purple velvet with a bat on the front.

DP: There was another lady manager up north in the New York area, using a gothic vampiress role as well, as Countess Noir. Did you ever meet her?

M: No, but it sounds WONDERFUL, I wish I had met her.

DP: What is your website?

M: I have a new professional website being built as we speak. I have several websites that I am on, here are some of them:















DP: Where can fans find Odd Noggins?

M: You can buy an autographed copy of ODD NOGGINS from me for $20.00 that includes shipping, write to me at MIRRICALLA or Kimberly Lynn Cole, 3933 County Road 16, Jones, Alabama 36749 U.S.A.

DP: Have you ever thought of getting this crew together and doing a wrestling film with a horror twist?

M: ARE YOU KIDDING! LETS DO IT!!!! I am in the planning and taking bids stages for making a life long dream come true, that is building a gigantic haunted house for charity here at my home, we call my home SCREAM FARM. We have seven acres and my career has blessed us with a big unique A frame house in the country. We are going to have the haunted house for children's charities and I have made a deal on a couple of amusement park rides as well, we want to have horror personalities, scream queens and local wrestlers appear for the fans here during October and the monies raised will go to a Children's burn center as well as the Cerebral Palsy Association for children. So wish us luck its a big undertaking.

DP: Closing comments?

M: I just wanted to wish everyone a lot of luck and to say that Wrestling is America's TRUE pasttime and my son is a big wrestling fan and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

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