Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: What do your recall interested you in wrestling to begin with?

MANA THE POLYNESIAN WARRIOR: WrestleMania IV. The whole thing hooked me from moment one, and I never ever gave up the love for it. It was New Zealand's first exposure to pro wrestling since the old days of Steve Rickard's On The Mat. I will always love that day that it came to Aotearoa and how it totally influenced and changed my life.

DP: And where did you go to get trained?

MTPW: Was proudly trained at The Wild Samoan Training Center under Afa The Wild Samoan, Headshrinker Samu, and Moondog Molsonn.

DP: What was the training program like?

MTPW: Was a good traning system at the time, training with guys like Joe Adkins (Malachi) who without his influence to push me and help me would have been a much more difficult prospect to complete. Thanks, Malachi, again.

Also Moondog Molsonn did make us work hard and beat us down pretty bad to get any inch of improvement out of us, which by the time we hit the ring we knew we were ready. I did make the distinction of being the quickest graduate of the school in 60 Days Flat, so it was a huge honor for me to do so, especially beating Billy Kidman from WWE/WCW fame's record.

DP: Your first bout?

MTPW: Destroyed a wrestler named Guy In A Mask who was and exceptional athlete but again was very cool to work with and an awesomely nice guy.

DP: Where all have you wrestled since then?

MTPW: World Xtreme Wrestling (PA), Major League Wrestling (FL), JCW (NJ), Jersey All Pro, Zero One USA, IWA Cruel School (PA), USA Pro, Unplugged, CCW (CT), Defiant (CT), Delaware Championship, XW2000 (FL), CSWF (NJ), OTW Monster Factory, New Millenium Wrestling, MWA (MD), WWSA (NJ), NEW (NY) UXW (NY), World 1 (PA), CHIKARA, Real Pro Wrestling.

DP: You have a webpage for yourself?

MTPW: Sure do. MANA POLNESIAN WARRIOR (NEW) and of course the going fad I guess, MANA MYSPACE.COM

DP: With whom have you had some of your best matches?

MTPW: NWA-TNA's Abyss, Mean Gene Snisky, Goldust Dustin Rhodes, Homicide, Malachi, and with Samu we had the distinction of being the last ever main event and match for Major League Wrestling against Simon Diamond and C.W. Anderson, which is a match I was really honored to be a part of.

DP: Do you plan on doing more travel or just sticking to bookings in your general area where you are already known?

MTPW: I have been blessed with a generous amount of traveling from PA, i.e. North Carolina, all over Florida, Mass., California, Upstate New York, Chicago, so I am truly thankful for those aspects and memories that have been bestowed upon me. I am willing to branch out and make more of a name, but I am thankful that I am in one of the main breeding grounds of talents which is the Tri-state area and PA.

DP: Have you had any serioius injuries since starting to wrestle?

MTPW: Well, I just got over infections to my ankles but thankfully nothing seriously broken or something that has taken me out for to long a period of time TOUCH WOOD !!!!

DP: Favorite moves?

MTPW: Anahera Driver (Tiger Driver Variation) 2nd Rope Samoan Drop, Reverse Sideslam, Top Rope Splash.

DP: What style of wrestling do you prefer?

MTPW: Anything that I can learn. I'm trying so hard to be more adaptable and versatile to suit different styles, but at the same time trying no to compromise my own style.

DP: So has the wrestling world lived up to your expectations?

MTPW: I had no real expectations of wrestling. I came in plainly to see if I was able to do it. I am still here and still grinding away and plying my trade where possible. I am not one to really set expectations high, only one who tries to set goals and try to get those done.

DP: What would you tell people wanting to get into wrestling to do?

MTPW: Please get trained by a well respected school who is known for putting out good talent into the industry and again not to sound like a dick but believe if your in a wrestling crowd and you look like you fit in there and don't stand out, then stay on that side of the barrier as a fan. Don't try to fool yourself by thinking you can manufacture yourself into something your not. Wrestling's not easy and nothing is handed to you and at times can really hurt you bad. It's no Fake, and the biggest thing you need is Heart, so again, know what your getting yourself into.

DP: Future plans?

MTPW: To just improve and try to learn as much as I can as best I can. To make my family proud, especailly my mother who is the world to me. To enjoy time with my friends a lot more while I'm here because I may not be here much longer. Just plain and simple to wrestle. I need to just get in there and live my dream as much as I can, and I'm hoping what I have of 2006 I will make it a huge year with some solid matches.

DP: Any interesting stories about incidents, people, or places you would like to share concerning wrestling?

MTPW: Not really, I lead a borng life to be honest lol.

DP: What are your interests away from the ring?

MTPW: I like watching tapes of wrestling, Polynesian Culture, watching movies alternatively, Video Games. I'm your basic Joe Schmoe to be completely honest. Nothing interesting about me.

DP: How much training do you do now that you are in the wrestling world?

MTPW: Twice a Week and Training usually before shows if time allows most of my life is based around wrestling. I always study if able or really watch others to learn. It takes time but all the people I have met have always been so willing to teach all you got to do is ask and do it respectfully.

DP: Anything else we did not mention that you would like to say?

MTPW: Ummm I would love to wrestle and make an impact sometime this year. I'm gunning to make it a year for me to remember. Watch out for wrestlers like Azriel, Kid Mikaze, Archadia, The Dynamic Sensation, and John Cabbie. This year I think they will be a dominant force in there weight divisions. Women workers like Cindy Rogers (The Best Technician overall), Mercedes Martinez (Best Overall my opinion Period), Alere Little Feather (No Doubt in my mind going to leave her mark in Wrestling), Lacey (Awesome Matches and Kick ass style), Nikki Roxx (Beauty Brawn and Talent), and Ariel (Best Up and Comer along with best damn smile lol), and Allison Danger (Overall a solid wrestler Kick Ass Promos and the most fun women to be around) These women deserve the respect they have and they deserve the best in the future because they work so hard to improve and keep off stereotypes.

DP: Closing comments?

MTPW: I'm here. I'm doing okay for now. For all the people who were there for me when I was sick, I thank you very much for the support. I hopefully will set some goals and meet them. I already have a few Target matches which hopefully I can fulfill. For anybody interested, my web site is MANA (NEW) and my MySpace site is MANA MYSPACE.COM so come on down and visit if your wish love to hear from you. For now though, hank you very much for the interview. It's much appreciated, and to every one Happy Holidays and I hope the New Year of 2006 brings everyone out there much Love, Happiness, and Success.
Arohanui ko Tahi, Ko Mana Tumatauenga Taku Ingoa, Paimarie

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