Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: Where were you trained?

LuFISTO: I started training in my hometown of Sorel with local wrestlers. Then, I kept on training at ICW and RWR in Montreal. I also trained with Akino and Mariko Yohida while I was in Japan in 2003. Right now, I train with NWA Quebec.

DP: Where was your first bout?

L: It was on June 23rd 1997 in a little city called St-Leonard-d'Aston in Quebec.

DP: Where else have you wrestled so far?

L: Many places in Canada, States, Japan and Mexico.

DP: How did you select the name of LuFisto?

L: I used to be known as Precious Lucy but never liked the name. The Mountie, Jacques Rougeau, had given it to me. However, when I got the news that I was going to Japan, I was told that there was another Lucy there so I had to change my name... This was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the Precious Lucy name. Therefore, I took "Lu" from Lucy and chose to use 2 characters I liked from Batman and Star Wars, MacPhisto and Jedi Fisto... So, LuFisto was born.

DP: How would you compare Canadian and American wrestling?

L: They are pretty similar. Some terms might be slightly different but that's about it.

DP: Is Canadian wrestling fairly regulated or is it like in the USA where every state is different?

L: It depends of the Provinces. Some have regulations, some don't. So yes, it's very similar to USA.

DP: What is your webpage URL?

L: www.lufisto.com

DP: Any interesting stories you can get by with telling the fans?

L: Being in this business since 8 years, there are too many that comes to mind. I slept in an Indian tepee, got lost in the middle of nowhere, got hurt all over the world... Life of a pro wrestler! LOL

DP: What are your favorite moves?

L: The Reverse Kryptonite Crunch. The opponent lands on his head! Ouch! :) I love suplexes too!

DP: You've also had some mixed bouts with men, right?

L: That's what I'm mainly known for. 85% of my matches are inter-gender matches.

DP: What women wrestlers have you had some of your best bouts with?

L: I would say Nattie Neidhard, Rebecca Knox and Gami.

DP: Future plans?

L: Going to Japan again and in Europe.

DP: Interests outside the ring?

L: Multimedia, graphic (that's my other job at k5grafix.com) and training.

DP: Anything else to add?

L: Well, for any other info, visit my website and don't be afraid to send me e-mails! :)

DP: Closing comments?

L: Thanx for this interview and the interest in my career! Arigato!

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