Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: Where were you trained, and where did you have your first match?

JUSTIN DIAZ: I was trained at the Stomping Grounds Pro Wrestling School in Massillon, Ohio by Shasta McNasty. My first match was at the New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia, Ohio against Jebediah Yoder.

DP: You tend to use a gay routine like Adrian Adonis, Adrian Street, and others. Did you copy any of these people or create this role on your own?

JD: A routine? Who said it was a routine? The others made believe--I don't!

DP: Do you have any wrestlers you grew up watching and idolized? If so, why?

JD: Sting. He was the greatest all around worker.

DP: Have you ever had any gay groups or such become offended by the role you've taken or complained about it? What about moralists? Frankly, the area of Ohio you are based in is a center for a lot of churches.

JD: No complaints yet. Why would there be? I am an entertainer that makes them laugh by just being myself, so they don't really have any problems. Maybe if I was being something I'm not, then they would.

DP: Do you have any WWE aspirations, or are you happy where you are?

JD: Who wouldn't want to be in the WWE? I am happy where I am, though. It takes a lot to make it in the big leagues--lots of politics, too. The WWE would be great, but if I never make it, I will still be happy to just be out there doing what I love.

DP: You actually like working for indys then? Why? A lot of wrestlers would say differently.

JD: Not as much backstage politics in the indys. Most guys have egos still, but you can choose whether you want to work for this guy or that guy. That comes in handy when the promoters are jerks!

DP: You've been teaming lately with a guy named Jebediah Yoder and calling your team Just Friends, correct?

JD: Yes. We were originally called the Men O'Nites and had tag team gold for a while. Personal differences seperated us for a while, but we are back and stronger than ever.

DP: Do you prefer working in tag team matches or singles bouts?

JD: I enjoy having a "partner" as much as the next guy, but I can't just tie myself down to one person.

DP: Are there any indys you have had bad experiences with and would flat not work with again?

JD: I don't wrestle for a company unless I feel comfortable with the promoter and the talent. So if I've worked there before, I will again.

DP: What about your favorite promotions?

JD: Main Even Promotions in Canton, Ohio is my favorite.

DP: What other indy guys do you feel are talented and worth keeping an eye on?

JD: "God's Creation" Shane Sensation has lots of potential, and Jebediah Yoder is the most solid guy I've worked with.

DP: Do you have a Web page? What is your URL?

JD: http://users.adelphia.net/~justindiaz. I try to update it once or twice a month.

DP: The Wrestling- Then & Now page and newsletter has a focus on "old school" as well as "new school," so to speak. Do you feel the older style of wrestling will ever come back, or is it a dead issue with all the emphasis on hardcore, sports entertainment, and so on?

JD: It can still come back, but the sports entertainment aspect will always be there, so there would have to be some types of alterations to it.

DP: If you could have one fantasty match so to speak with any wrestler, living or dead, who would you have it with?

JD: It would be an honor to wrestle Sting!

DP: You are a little bit like a modern-day Gorgeous George. Did you ever see him wrestle on tape? If so, what was your impression?

JD: I liked him!

DP: How do you feel about the backyard wrestling trend, as some badyarder actually set himself on fire a few years ago in your area, imitating the burning table stunt from ECW. Are these people playing a dangerous game, and what would you tell them?

JD: It is dangerous without proper training. Schools aren't too expensive, and most take payments. You will be much better at it with some training then you could ever imagine.

DP: What advice can you give newcomers who want into wrestling?

JD: It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Don't believe all the hype, and stay away from the crap promotions with untrained talent. You will get a bad reputation and possible injuries!

DP: Closing comments?

JD: Thanks for the interview! Check my message board and Web page for info on upcoming shows that I will be in!

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