Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: You are from Hudson, Ohio, correct? Tell people just where Hudson is.

JUSTIN BROOKS: Yes, I am. Hudson is a small town in Ohio between Akron and Cleveland.

DP: Did you wrestle in high school here?

JB: No, the only sports I ever played in school were football, bowling, and lacrosse.

DP: Where did you get your start in wrestling, and who trained you?

JB: I got my start at the Fortitude School of Wrestling and was trained by "Your Role Model" Ric Lieb. Although I have not made my in ring debut yet, I could be wrestling some dark matches very soon as a jobber under a different name.

DP: Isn't there a promotion running in Hudson now?

JB: Although I am sure there is a promotion running here in Hudson, I do not care. FCW is the first promotion I have come across that has talent worth my efforts. But like I said, I am still awaiting my in ring debut.

DP: Do you have a Web page?

JB: Yes, you can find my site, Mama's House, at http://www.MamasHouse.cjb.net. I have a weekly poll, Hall of Fame, weekly column from Mama and another from myself, and am working on an online store.

DP: Which wrestlers did you grow up watching? Which ones were your favorites?

JB: I grew up watching "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Freddie Blassie, and The Von Erichs. Of course, Flair was always my favorite and still is.

DP: Have the indys been a let-down for you as far as working goes, or have you been happy with what you have been involved with and where you have worked?

JB: Well, I am still waiting for my debut in FCW, but I have been around the business for a few years now. I have seen and heard a lot. There have been guys that use drugs, guys that want drugs, guys that don't know what they're doing, and so on. So far I have been disappointed, but the indys are about to get a wake-up call when the newest big thing hits.

DP: Is there any promotion you would not work for due to bad treatment, bad vibrations, or from word of mouth on the grapevine?

JB: Yes, there is. But I will not name any names.

DP: Whom do you feel to be some promising new indy wrestlers?

JB: I feel that fellow FCW wrestlers "The Canadian Icon" Lance Diamond, "The Louisville Slugger" Rip Cripple, and "The Lord of Discipline" Rodney Atlas are all great up incoming indy wrestlers. Diehard The Hunter, "The Reinforcement" Triple AAA, and "Black Superman" Vinn Wilder are all coming along really well, too.

DP: How did you come up with the alias of "Mama's Boy" anyway?

JB: Well, I was sitting talking with Ric one day about finding a wrestling gimmick. He said, "You know what would be a really over heel gimmick? A rich, spoiled, kid who is still stuck on his mother's tit." And that is how "The Mama's Boy" Justin Brooks was born.

DP: Just for trivia, out west in Arizona where I came from, there was a "Mama's Boy" in the 1980s named "Mama's Boy" Danny Medina. Have you ever heard of the guy? I know some tape traders have him on video.

JB: No, I have not, but it's good to see another indy wrestler thought it was a good idea.

DP: How do you feel about the WWE as a younger guy? Do you agree with what the WWE is doing, or would you like to see wrestling go back to a more traditional approach?

JB: Although I am slightly entertained by the WWE, I would like to see more real wrestling. I say bring back some more real wrestlers like Bret Hart and Sting.

DP: How do you feel about the hardcore trend? Is it still alive in Ohio? Do you like the blood and brawls?

JB: Personally, I think people like New Jack take it way too far. Chairs, tables, ladders--these are a wrestler's weapons. Items like cheese graters, beer bottles, and a pizza cutter do not belong in a wrestling ring.

DP: Is there anything else you would like to say to readers of this Web page?

JB: Yes, thank you to all the supporters of FCW and myself personally.

DP: Closing remarks?

JB: Remember what I can't win, Mama buys for me . . . And That's The Bottom Line, Cause Mama Said So. . . .

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