Wrestling Then and Now

by Dale Pierce

DALE PIERCE: You are one of the newer faces on the Ohio scene. To what do you account for your appeal with the fans?

BRANDON X: Sometimes they connect with me, because like most fans I am poor and don't mind admitting it.

DP: You were trained by?

BX: I was trained by "Killer" Chris Kole and Aero to wrestle. When it comes to the charisma and the feeling the fans, I owe credit to Fresh Aaronsyn. But a lot of guys down the road have showed me things and have helped me out.

DP: Using a gangster type angle up in Cleveland could be pretty dangerous. Aren't you afraid of, well, getting shot?--And I mean with a gun.

BX: I grew up and was shot at, I was in the Marine Corps and shot at. Hell, you could go anywhere and it be dangerous to do anything. So if you fear what you do, then don't do it.

DP: Yet in spite of this role, you have actually been cheered in central Ohio. Go figure. Anyway, which do you prefer, heel or baby role?

BX: I have been a heel for mainly my first 14 months working. So being cheered was something totally new. It was a great feeling, weird at first, but then it felt right. But I prefer to be the heel. I like knowing the crowd wants to see me get beat.

DP: That manager of yours is quite good. What is the scoop on him?

BX: He's been around the business for seven years. He used to run a promotion in Lorain, but now he just manages. But in the past, he has managed wrestlers like Hito, J.T. Lightining, Aero, "Fabulous" John McChezney, and Chris Kole. He's an honorary member of FBI.

DP: What wrestlers did you grow up watching?

BX: Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man. I wasn't really allowed to watch wrestling that much.

DP: What style do you prefer, hardcore or old school?

BX: I love watching old school over hardcore. Not to knock hardcore but guys that were strictly wrestling for 30-60 minutes. You can't not love that.

DP: Do you think the old school style is making a comeback?

BX: Yeah, I think it is.

DP: As an indy wrestler, what are some of the major problems or drawbacks you have seen?

BX: Egos or mistaken egos, but you have that no matter what you do. It's like you want to build confidence, but cats just want to bring you down. I love when I go to the back and someone is in your face and cool, but as soon as you turn the corner, they are talking smack. I put it like this. Be a man, say the shit to my face. But don't just talk smack. If your an expert on what I am doing wrong. Then you end up with beef with people when all they do is talk smack. They get mad cuz you say something back. I look at that like this, if your gonna disrespect me and not talk to me like a man, then don't speak to me. I give every person respect, some more then I should, but some people look at it as an ego, but they don't see what little bit I have accomplished is because I busted my ass, and I am proud of that.

DP: Any positive elements? I mean, you are getting to do what you enoying doing, right?

BX: Everything is still positive. I'm learning stuff new all the time, meeting a lot of cool people. To me, I do it all for fun, so I stay positive about it.

DP: How do friends and family feel about your wrestling?

BX: My dad has come to some shows. I have actually been able to be on a show in front of my whole family. My mom gets scared when she sees tapes, but that's just motherly instinct. My girlfriend, well, hell, who cares if she likes me doing it or not? It was here before her, and it will be here after her. As for friends, the only friends I really have are in the business, so it's easy to know how they feel.

DP: Any major injuries so far?

BX: Luckily, no.

DP: Didn't your manager take some kind of big injury early on, for real, which forced him into managing rather than wrestling?

BX: When he first started training, he had his back broken. Then on his road to recovery, he was in a major car accident.

DP: It might have been for the best, as he and you make quite a pair. Does he manage anyone else?

BX: No, in fact we have only done one show where he has managed against me.

DP: Ohio seems to be a hotbed for indy wrestling. Aren't there a load of groups running?

BX: So far, I have only worked for a few promotions, but I am seeing a lot of promotions coming out, and hopefully I will get a chance to work for some of them.

DP: Are you ever hoping to appear outside the midwest, or are you happy there?

BX: I wanna go to another country and wrestle, even Canada. But I would love to wrestle anywhere that I could. Every place is a new experience.

DP: What suggestions can you give people wanting to break into the independents, as a relatively new guy yourself?

BX: You can't learn this business from books and videos. This isn't the best of backyard. If I ever get to the point where I am known throughout the country or anywhere for that matter, I want it to be because I busted my ass getting there. I don't expect anything handed to me, and if they get in thinking they will be a star in two days, then they are thinking wrong. Do this because you love entertaining, don't do it to stroke your ego.

DP: What was the hardest thing you think you had to learn?

BX: Sit-down bumps, I broke my ass doing them.

DP: What came easiest? Didn't they put you over big in the Cleveland area, with a big win in like 30 seconds over some guy who was unbeaten in indys?

BX: Sirob Draga was being used big in central Ohio and was given an unbeaten run, but yes, I beat him in 30 seconds or so up north.

DP: Future plans?

BX: Take care of my son, bust my ass, and just try and achieve the goals I have set for myself.

DP: Closing comments?

BX: If you met me, you would think I try to live my gimmick. If you knew me, you would know that my gimmick is based on my life.

DP: Where can people wanting to book you get hold of you?

BX: www.BrandonX.cjb.net or my e-mail is BrandonX692003@yahoo.com www.freshaaronsyn.cjb.net or freshmicspot@yahoo.com

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