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wwe wrestlers


graphics 9.7

the graphics where great when i first played the game i loved it the graphics is the best out of all the wrestling games.

gameplay 9.0

the gameplay is sweet. the focus on the superstars strengths and weaknesses the personalaty of the star is very realistic.the rock is sweet in the game.

sound 7.5

some songes are good but the one where the guy screams all the time is awful. they could really improve more by simply listening to the songs and changing them. The sounds have been there dowsides every time they put out a smackdown game and talk about the ppv song "bad as hell itself."

controles 9.0

the controls are now much better and easier to use. When u want to do a submission u can press down o and choose which one u want to do.

story mode 9.7

every thing u do leads to another thing. When u make a disision it can change every thing around u. U have to work to be heel of face (good or bad) u dont just choose. Do nasty things ull be heel but whatch out ever bad thing u do gets u back 10x harder. As for face go out there and save the world.face can end up getting in a world of hurt because the heel people go after the face people.story mode dosent get boring like shut ur mouth. Never choose the same thing twice expirament. if u choose a manager before dont choose it again try not having a manager so then the storyline changes!

personalities 9.7

Dont mess with kane cause hell will break loose if u do.that is one mean personality.the blood is sweet in this game. yes they finally added blood!

more to come stay tooned!


they said that they configured 70% to 90% of the moves. the new moves have certenly made the game much better.The f-5s are espetially good.