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.:07.11 WWE Vengeance Results - Hartford, Connecticut Games, Cheats, Movies and More
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Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Garrison Cade and the Coach vs. Tajiri and Rhyno
The music of the Coach hit in the arena as he and Garrison Cade made their way to the ring and earlier tonight on Heat, Eric Bischoff accpeted Coach's challenge to Tajiri for this match, but now we have to wait to find out who Tajiri's partner will be and it was none other than Rhyno!

Rhyno and Cade started out and Rhyno locked in a side headlock and then wrenched on the arm of Garrison Cade. Cade reversed but Rhyno gained back control with a side headlock but Cade fought out and whipped Rhyno to the ropes but Rhyno came back with a shoulder block and Cade exploded in the face of the referee and then slapped Rhyno which enraged Rhyno and he went to work with right hands.

Tajiri was tagged in but Cade gained the upper hand and whipped Tajiri but Tajiri fought back with kicks and then rolled Cade up for two. Tajiri continued to work over Cade with kicks and then Coach hit Tajiri from, behind but Tajiri knocked him off the apron with a kick, but the distraction allowed Cade to take control of the match.

Coach was tagged in and he kicked Tajiri on the mat and then took Tajiri to the corner and gave him a few shoulder thrusts to the back. Coach picked up Tajiri and slammed him to the mat but Tajiri fought back with a kick to the head, but Coach then have Tajiri and elbow drop and made the tag to Cade and they gave Tajiri a double team suplex and Cade made the cover for two.

Tajiri made the blind tag as Rhyno was thrown outside. Coach and Tajiri are the legal men, and Tajiri hit a double springboard elbow on Cade and Coach. Tajiri spat the green mist right in the face of Cade and Coach went to check on him and then Rhyno went for the Gore but Coach side stepped and Cade got the Gore.

Coach was hit with the Buzzsaw Kick by Tajiri and then Tajiri made the cover to pick up the three count!
Winners - Tajiri and Rhyno

Backstage, Evolution were shown and Flair was complaining about teaming with Eugene. Triple H walked in and asked what was up? Orton asked what is going on with Eugene? Triple H told them to calm down. Ric Flair said they love and respect Triple H, but Eugene has got a screw missing and he does not want to be out there with him! Triple H said he will let them in on what is going to happen, but then paused and wondered where Eugene was? Randy said it was Batista's turn to watch him, and Triple H was worried about where Eugene was? Benoit was shown in the corridor talking to Eugene and he told Eugene that Triple H was using him, and that he should listen to him. They don't care about Eugene, and Benoit wants to be his friend and then told Eugene to be careful. Triple H was shown listening in on the conversation, and he did not look too happy.

Chris Jericho vs. Batista
The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this huge match up with Batista, and Batista cost Jericho the Intercontinental Championship last week on RAW, so Jericho is out for big time revenge!

Batista and Jericho went to lock up but Jericho ducked. Batista then went to work on Jericho in the corner with right hands and knees and then choked Jericho with his boot. Batista hit Jericho with some shoulder thrusts in the corner and then whipped him to the ropes but Jericho held on and Batista charged him, but Jericho ducked, sending Batista outside.

Jericho went for a baseball slide but Batista side stepped and sent Jericho into the barricade. Batista rolled Jericho back inside and then dropped a knee across the face of Jericho. Batista hit a neck breaker on Jericho and covered him for two. Batista then wrenched on the head and neck of Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring with a modified half nelson.

Jericho escaped but Batista again locked in a full nelson on Jericho on the canvas as the fans got behind Y2J. Jericho broke free sending Batista to the outside of the ring. Batista got back inside and Jericho hit a dropkick to the knee and then kicked away on his quadricep. Batista regained control and perched Jericho on the top rope and then went for a suplex, but Jericho knocked him down and then came off with a back elbow for two.

Jericho charged at Batista with some flying forearms, but Batista would not go down. Jericho charged at him again and Batista hit a sidewalk slam for two. Batista hit a hard shot the lower back of Jericho and then worked him over in the ropes and then choked him on the bottom rope and then with his knee as the fans chanted "Y2J". Batista then hit a back breaker for a near fall.

Batista draped Jericho's back across his knee and pushed down on Jericho, working on the lower back of Y2J, but Jericho escaped. Batista kept in control with a clubbing blow to the back and then picked Jericho up, but Jericho floated over and hit some chops and then kicked Batista square in the face and then charged at him with a forearm ro knock Batista down.

Jericho chop blocked the knee of Batista and went for the Walls of Jericho, but Batista powered out of it. Jericho sent Batista into the ropes and then charged at him, but Batista hit a huge spinebuster for two! Batista looked to go for a powerbomb but Jericho cradled Batista for two. Batista snapped and hit some right hands on Jericho on the mat and then whipped Jericho to the corner and charged at him but was met by a boot and Jericho hit a bulldog from the middle rope.

Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Batista got his knee's up. Batista went for a clothesline but Jericho hit the running enziguri for a close fall! Jericho kicked Batista in the head but Batista got to his feet and hit some right hands and hit a big time spinebuster and then went for the sit out powerbomb and scored with it! Batista went for the cover but Jericho had his foot on the rope but the referee did not see it!
Winner - Batista

They showed the replay and Jericho did indeed have his leg on the bottom rope, but Batista moved it off!

Backstage: Evolution were shown and Eugene walked in and he was upset. Triple H asked him what was the matter and Eugene said that he just talked to Chris Benoit. Triple H said that Benoit is a liar and he makes him sick. Triple H said Benoit does not want to be Eugene's friend. This is the same Benoit that hit him with a chair and the same Benoit that punched you last week, so Benoit is a liar, and Triple H is going to put and end to Chris Benoit tonight. Triple H said Evolution are his friend, not Chris Benoit. Triple H said let's think about something happy, and Triple H said he has a huge suprise for Euegene. Triple H sent Ric Flair to get Eugene's surprise and it was a Nature Boy robe! Eugene loved it and put it on and he was clearly very happy with it! Eugene hugged Triple H and Ric Flair and then strutted around the locker room.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Eugene and Ric Flair vs. La Resistance (c)

The music of La Resistance hit in the arena as Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier made their way down the aisle as the World Tag Team Champions. Sylvan got on the mic and sang the Canadian National Anthem as the crowd heavily boo'ed. The music of Ric Flair then hit as he made his way to the ring with Eugene close behind in his robe.

Eugene and Conway started it out with a lock up and Eugene mimicked Flair. They finally locked up and Eugene backed Conway to the corner and woo'ed and the strutted around. They locked up again and Eugene locked in a side headlock and then they both exchanged hammerlocks. Eugene took Conway down with a drop toe hold and then knocked Conway down with a shoulder block and then a hip toss.

Grenier was tagged in as the fans chanted for Eugene. Eugene worked over the leg for Grenier and hit a running knee drop and then a chop to Grenier. Grenier fought back and whipped Eugene to the corner and scored with a back body drop. Eugene hit a thumb to the eye ala Ric Flair but Grenier then made the tag to Conway and he went to work on Eugene in the corner with some chops of his own.

Conway worked over Eugene with right hands in the corner and Eugene went for a tag but then collapsed in the ring like Flair usually does. Eugene then got back up and went for the figure four but Conway kicked him off into Flair and Flair made the tag. Flair got in and trotted around the ring woo'ing and strutting. They locked up and Flair backed Conway to the corner and hit a knife edge chop and then took out Grenier who came into the ring with a back body drop.

Flair went to work on both members of La Resistance and hit some rights and lefts to Conway in the conrer. Flair then hit a running knee to Grenier and both members of La Resistance are still in the ring. Flair then woo'ed at Eugene and he loved it. Flair hit a vertical suplex on Conway and went for the figure four and locked it in but Grenier came in to break it up with an elbow to the face of the Nature Boy.

Grenier tagged in and stomped on Flair and then clubbed him across the chest with Flair draped across the apron. Grenier hit some rights in the corner and knocked Flair down for a two count. Grenier made the tag to Conway and the two double teamed Flair but Flair tried to fight back with chops to Conway but Conway dropped him with a right for two and then went to work on Flair with rights on the mat.

Conway taunted Flair and Flair came back with chops and then whipped Conway to the ropes but Conway knocked him down with a clothesline for two. Conway took Flair to his corner and tagged in Grenier but Flait battled back with chops but Grenier stayed on Flair with rights and then back dropped Flair out of the corner for two. Grenier locked in a reverse chin lock on Flair as Eugene jumped up and down on the apron looking for a tag.

Flair fought to his feet but Grenier knocked him down with a shoulder block and tagged in Conway who choked Flair on the mat and the locked in a front face lock. Flair made his way to the corner and almost made it but Grenier came around and pulled Eugene off the apron and sent him into the ring steps. Eugene looked angred at what Grenier did as Flair was double teamed in the ring and La Reistsnace hit their finisher.

Eugene came inside and went to work on both members of La Resistance and then wrapped the legs of Grenier around the ring psot. Eugene hit rights and lefts on Conway in the ring and the referee tried to break it up but Eugene shoved him down and then hit a stunner on Conway and a Bock Bottom on Grenier and then hit the People's Elbow and went to check on Flair.
Winners by disqualification and still World Tag Team Champions, La Resistance

No Disqualification Match
Matt Hardy vs. Kane

A video was played highlighting the Lita, Matt Hardy and Kane saga and tonight Kane and Hardy will go one on one under No Disqualification rules. The music of Kane then hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he looks focused on destroying Matt Hardy here tonight.

Matt Hardy stormed to the ring and attacked Kane on the outside with rights and lefts. Kane knocked Matt down and charged at him but Matt sent him into the ring post and then into the announce table. Matt whacked Kane with a monitor to the head and got on the announce table and went for the Twist of Fate, but Kane shoved him off.

Kane sent Matt Hardy over the barrier and then slammed him onto the guard rail. Kane sent Hardy back over the barricade and hit Matt with some rights and then sent him inside the ring. Kane choked Matt in the corner as the fans chanted "You Tapped Out!" at Kane. Kane slammed Hardy throat first into the apron and then hit him with an uppercut.

Kane continued to work over Matt Hardy with a short arm clothesline and then hit a sidewalk slam in the ring for a two count. Kane wrenched on the head and neck of Matt Hardy but Hardy began to fight back with right hands to Kane. Kane remained in control and sent Matt head first tothe buckle and then kicked him in the gut and hit him with a big right hand and then an elbow to the side of the head.

Kane choked Hardy on the mat with his boot as the fans chanted for tables. Kane and Matt went to the outside and Kane shoved Matt right into the entrance ramp and then sent Matt back inside and climbed the ropes and came outt with a clothesline to Matt Hardy. Kane got in the face of Hardy and told him to fight, as Hardy tried to get to his feet and then began to fight back but Kane threw him to the outside.

Matt got a steel cahir and hit Kane in the mid section and then charged at him but was met with a big boot to the face. Kane picked up the steel chair and got back inside the ring but Hardy hung Kane on the top rope and then scored some right hands and Kane's foot got tied in the bottom rope and Matt Hardy went to work on him with free shots and Kane had to cover up.

Kane freed himself but Matt hit him with the ring bell and sent him inside and climbed the ropes and hit a huge legdrop off the rope and went for the Twist of Fate, but Kane powered out. Kane looked angred and picked up Hardy but Hardy reversed and scored with the Twist of Fate and made the cover for two! Kane then sat up as Matt whacked him with rights but Kane grabbed him by the throat and delivered the chokeslam.

Kane went to the outside of the ring and grabbed the ring steps and threw them inside the ring. Lita came running down the aisle and got in the way of Kane and told him to put them down, she pleased with him and he finally put them down and then threatened Lita in the corner. Kane again picked up the steps but Matt whacked them with a steel chair and they went right into the face of Kane! Matt Hardy has defeated Kane!
Winner - Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is shown in the backstage and Lita is begging him to talk to her. Matt said that Lita is pregnant, and there is no telling what would have happened if Kane hit her with the stairs, and that baby could be their baby and Lita should stay away from the ring and until he figures things out, she needs to stay away from him.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge vs. Randy Orton (c)

We are shown a video highlighting the feud between Edge and Orton and that feud will come to a peak tonight with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. The music of Edge then hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he looks to be pumped up for this match!

Edge and Orton locked up as the fans strangely chanted for Orton. Orton locked in a side headlock and Edge escaped and locked in one of his own. Orton whipped Edge to the ropes but Edge came back with a shoulder block and the fans booed him! They locked it up for a third time and Orton wrenched on the arm of Edge but Edge reversed it and locked in a side headlock and then hit another shoulder block off the ropes, again to a series of boos.

Orton took control of Edge with some shots to the back and stomped him on the mat and locked in yet another side headlock. Edge fought out and the two ran the ropes and Edge again knocked Orton down with a shoulder block and locked in another side headlock on the mat. Orton battled out and whipped Edge and Edge hit three shoulder blocks to knock Orton down and outside the ring.

Orton began to walk to the back but Edge came out after him and attacked him from behind and brought him back to ringside and sent him into the ring. Orton then threw Edge over the top rope to the outside and admired what he just did. Orton sent Edge head first into the apron and then suplexed him inside. Orton made the cover for two and then pulled Edge's head against his knee.

Orton choked Edge out on the ropes and then stomped the abdomen of Edge on the mat. Orton hit a shot to the chest of Edge who was tied up in the ropes to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Orton snapmared Edge down and then wrenched on the neck and head of Edge. Faint boring chants can be heard as Edge fights back with a flying forarm and then a clothesline to knock Orton down.

Edge sent Orton to the ropes, but Orton held on and Edge clotheslined him to the outside. Edge then hit a baseball slide to knock Orton down who had picked up the Intercontinental title, and it went right into his face. Edge then hit a clothesline from the apron to knock Orton down again and then threw Edge back inside. Edge ascended the buckle and scored with a missle dropkick to boo's from the crowd for a two count.

Edge called for the Spear but Orton gut his knee up and then hit a modified backbreaker on Edge for a close fall. Edge rolled to the outside and Orton followed him out. Orton hit an elbow to the throat of Edge on the apron and then scored with an uppercut and an elbow to the back of the head. Back inside, and Orton choked Edge against the ropes and then dragged him to the middle of the ring and continued to choke Edge out.

Orton worked on the head of Edge as the fans chanted for Orton, but Orton tried to make them turn on him by mouthing off. Orton hit a legdrop for two and now an Orton Sucks chant started. Orton was met by an elbow from Edge in the corner and Edge charged at Orton, but Orton hit a knee to the abdomen and choked Edge with his knee. Orton again worked over the neck of Edge on the ropes and then hit a beautiful standing dropkick for two.

Orton locked in a rear chin lock on the mat, again focussing on the neck of Edge. Edge fought back to his feet but Orton pulled him down by the hair and hit a legdrop for two and then locked in a rear chin lock again, these guys are out there acting as if they have wreslted for an hour with all these restholds. The fans tried to get behind Edge but Orton kept him grounded.

A boring chant started as Orton grapevined the leg of Edge while still in the rear chin lock. Edge finally fought out and hit a cross body on Orton for two. Edge rolled up Orton for another two but Orton got right back up and knocked Edge down with a big clothesline. Orton got on the middle rope and jumped off, but Edge hit a dropkick to his mid section in mid air. Edge scored with a neckbreaker on Orton to a mixed reaction and both men are down on the mat.

Orton and Edge exchanged some right hands and Edge got the advantage and hit a side Russian leg sweep for two. Orton went for a dropkick but Edge swatted it away and then cataputled Orton into the buckle and then hit a Edge-o-matic for two. Edge went up top but Orton cut him off with right hands and went for a superplex, but Edge awkwardly knocked him onto the ropes and came off with a cross body but Orton rolled through for two.

Orton hit Edge with a thumb to the eye and the removed a turnbuckle pad and the referee went to retrieve it, and Edge had Orton rolled up but only got two. Orton then rolled Edge up for two and then hit a dropkick for another two count. Orton removed his elbow pad but Orton hit the Edgecution for two! Edge stumbled around the ring and went for some punches in the corner but Orton hot shotted Edge and rolled him up with his feet on the ropes for a two count!

Orton went for the RKO but Edge shoved him off and went for the Spear but Orton leapfrogged it and Edge went face first into the buckle. Orton went for the RKO but Edge countered into a backslide for two! Edge sent Orton into the exposed buckle and hit the Spear and we have a NEW Intercontinental Champion in Edge!
Winner, and NEW Intercontinental Champion, Edge

Number One Contendership Match
Molly Holly vs. Victoria

The music of Molly Holly hit in the arena and she is set to go one on one with Victoria and the winner will be the Number One COntender to the Women's Championship!

Molly Holly and Victoria locked up and Molly wrenched on the arm of Victoria. Victoria escaped but was met with some forearms from Molly, but then gave Molly a monkey flip and then went for the giggle moonsault but Molly rolled her up for two. Molly then locked in a side headlock on Victoria but Victoria scored with a hip toss and then an arm drag takedown and scored with a moonsault for two.

Molly rolled to the outside but Victoria hit a plancha onto her but Molly fought back by throwing Victoria into the ring steps, shoulder first, and Victoria looks to be hurt. Back inside, and Molly worked over the shoulder of Victoria on the ropes and then stomped it on the mat. Molly hit a handspring elbow onto Victoria in the corner for a near fall and then continued to work over the shoulder of Victoria with an arm bar.

Molly continued with the Fujiwara arm bar on the mat, working over the shoulder of Victoria. Victoria fought out, but Molly hung Victoria over the ropes with her shoulder and then kicked her to the outside of the ring. Back inside, and Molly went for an elbow, but Victoria moved and then rolled up Molly for two, and then hit a backslide for two.

Victoria went to work on Molly, but Molly went downstairs and charged at Victoria, but Victoria hit a powerslam for two. Victoria went for the Widow's Peak but her shoulder gave out so she hit Molly with a big time superkick to pick up the win and become Number One Contender to the Women's Championship!
Winner - Victoria

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H vs. Chris Benoit (c)

We are treated to a nice highlight video showing us what has gone down leading into the match for the World Championship. The music of Triple H then hit in the arena as The Game made his way down the aisle for his shot at the title. Chris Benoit then made his way down to a big pop as the World Heavyweight Champion, and it's go time. Benoit got into the face of Triple H with the title as the referee got between the two men.

Benoit and Triple H stared each other down as the fans chanted "You Tapped Out!" at The Game. The two locked up and Triple H backed Benoit into the corner and the referee got between them to get the clean break. The two locked up again and Benoit wrenched on the arm of Triple H and then locked in a side headlock and the two echanged some chain wrestling which resulted in Benoit taking Triple H down to the mat.

HHH gave Benoit another suplex but Benoit fought back with chops but Triple H whipped him to the ropes and knocked him down with a reverse elbow for two. Triple H delivered a backbreaker to Benoit and then sent Benoit to the outside with a drop toe hold. HHH followed him out and rammed the back of Benoit into the edge of the ring and sent him back inside. Benoit battled back with chops but Triple H whipped Benoit to the corner and charged but was met with feet to the face and then was given a series of chops and then a snap suplex.

Benoit charged at Triple H in the corner but was met with a reverse elbow. Benoit regained control with a German Suplex and then took HHH down by the legs and capapulted him to the corner and then clotheslined him to the outside of the ring. Benoit went outside and was given a thumb to the eye but Benoit then whipped HHH into the steel steps. Benoit threw HHH back inside and then went to the top rope and went for the diving headbutt but Triple H rolled out of the way.

Both men are down on the mat and we are shown a reply of Benoit's head bouncing off the canvas. Benoit went to work on HHH with chops but Triple H sent him sturnum first into the buckle with high velocity. Triple H sent Benoit sturnum first into the other buckle, and Benoit looks to be in severe pain and the impact on that move was unbelieveable. Triple H kicked Benoit in the sturnum and then dropped his knee onto the sturnum of Chris Benoit and this is why he is called the cerebral assassin.

Triple H looked to go for a vertical suplex but then threw him off and sent Benoit falling down onto his sturnum and HHH made the cover for two. Triple H stomped on the chest of Benoit on the mat and then again gave Benoit a reverse suplex, sending Benoit sturnum first into the mat for two. Triple H then shoved his knee into the back of Benoit, separating his chest and wrenching back on the arms of Benoit, and Benoit is bleeding from the mouth from the missed headbutt earlier on.

Benoit began to fight back but Triple H sent him to the outside of the ring. Triple H sent Benoit chest first into the security wall and then sent Benoit back inside. Triple H again whipped Benoit sturnum first into the buckle for two. Benoit tried to fight back with chops but Benoit locked in an abdominal strecth, which will punish the torso of Benoit, especially with the injured chest of Benoit. The fans got behind Benoit and he escaped the hold and reversed it into one of his own but HHH quickly hip locked out of the predicament.

Triple H locked in a sleeper hold on Benoit as Benoit tried to make it to the ropes, but Triple H pulled him back inside. Benoit escaped and locked in a sleeper of his own and then tried to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Triple H kicked him away and went for the Pedigree, but benoit took him down and locked in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring! Triple H writhed in pain but clawed his way to the ropes, but Benoit dragged him back to the middle of the ring until Triple H finally made it to the ropes.

Benoit hit the German Suplex on HHH twice and then held on and hit the third. Benoit singalled for the end and went up top but Triple H rolled to the outside of the ring and Benoit jumped through the middle ropes with a suicide dive onto the Game sending both of them into the barricade. The referee got knocked to the outside and then HHH hit a DDT on Benoit and then shouted for Eugene and signalled for him to come out!

Eugene made his way down the aisle looking nervous, as Triple H pointed at the referee. Benoit then locked in the Crossface on Triple H as Eugene looked on from outside and Benoit was yelling at him to get the referee and Eugene didn't know what to do! Triple H began tapping out but the referee was still down as Eugene made his way up the steps and went to get in the ring and Benoit nailed him, and he can't take any chances in this match. Eugene looked upset as Benoit looked on, and then Triple H scored with a low blow and then hit the Pedigree on Benoit and told Eugene to get the referee, which he did.

Eugene shoved the referee back into the ring and Benoit kicked out at the last possible moment! Triple H told Eugene to get him a chair, and Eugene handed it to the Game. TripleH went to hit Benoit, but Eugene grabbed the chair, and then Triple H pie faced him off the apron. Benoit then kicked the chair right into the face of the Game and picked up the chair and Triple H was begging off. Ric Flair came down and was hit with the chair, as was Batista. Eugene got into the ring and told Benoit not to use the chair. Triple H then kicked Benoit in the lower extremities and picked up the chair, but Benoit gave him the low blow!

Eugene got into the ring and picked up the aprin and was going to hit Benoit but he changed his mind and then went to hit Triple H and changed his mind and went back to Benoit and then Triple H again and then Benoit tried to grab the chair for him but Eugene would not let go. Triple H got up and Benoit let go of the chair and Euegen hit Triple H in the head with the chair by mistake! Both men got to their feet and then Benoit rolled up Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight Championship!!
Winner, and still World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit

Benoit made his way to the back with the title and Eugene looked very upset on the outside at what he did to Triple H. Triple H came to his senses and was holding his head in pain and Benoit stood proud as the World Heavyweight Champion! Triple H then turned his attentions to Eugene and gave him an evil glare and Eugene was saying sorry, and he was near to tears. Triple H shouted abuse at Eugene as Vengeance went off the air!