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Raw August 15, 2004 Games, Cheats, Movies and More
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In the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, many questioned if Evolution's Randy Orton had what it took to defeat Chris Benoit and become the youngest World Champion in WWE history. Orton answered that question with a resounding YES, as he pinned Benoit after hitting his signature RKO to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Unable to leave the arena under his own powers, JBL was torn to pieces by the Undertaker. However, despite being carted out of SummerSlam, JBL was still the WWE Champion, as he won his match via disqualification when Undertaker was caught hitting JBL with the WWE Championship. Elsewhere, Kurt Angle turned back Eddie Guerrero and Triple H defeated Eugene. For full results, click the match links in the upper, right hand corner of this page.

The Undertaker went "Old School" against WWE Champion JBL, but he also displayed a new trick or two to catch the big Texan-turned-Wall-Street-star off guard. Still in the end, Orlando Jordan's meddling cost the Undertaker his shot at the WWE Championship. Using the championship belt Chief of Staff Jordan brought into the ring, the Phenom slammed JBL over the head to gain a decisive advantage. The problem was that referee Nick Patrick saw it happen. The Undertaker was disqualified, rendering useless an especially creative effort in which he displayed amazing countermoves and technical mat skills. Unsatisfied with the outcome, the Undertaker returned to ringside after the bell to dispense with Jordan and chokeslam JBL through the roof of his own limousine.

In a moment invoking their battle at WrestleMania XX, Eddie Guerrero's boot went flying off his foot. But this time, it was Kurt Angle who benefited as a result. Without the protection and support the boot provides, Angle locked Guerrero in a dangerous and excruciating ankle lock. Writhing in pain, Eddie tried to hold on. But when the Olympic gold medalist added a grapevine for additional leverage, the pain became just too great. Latino Heat tapped to give Angle a triumphant return to the pay-per-view stage. Guerrero certainly had his moments in this matchup - at one point reversing Angle's attack into an ankle lock of his own as well executing the 3 Amigos suplexes and top-rope frog splash. But the night belonged to Angle, who had clearly not forgotten how their last match went down.

Before a hometown crowd of 17,640 at the Air Canada Centre, Edge retained the Intercontinental Championship in fiercely contested Triple Threat Match. But the win may have been bittersweet since the crowd seemed to be solidly behind challenger Chris Jericho. The Triple Threat conditions proved challenging for all three competitors, as attacks were often thwarted by a third party. Edge had a spear intercepted by Y2J. The animal of Evolution had a Batista Bomb broken up, and Jericho was forced to break a crippling Boston Crab. Ultimately, Edge was able to connect with a surprise spear to Jericho after Y2J sent Batista to the outside with a springboard kick. The three-count victory shortly followed, giving Edge a huge win ... even if those in attendance didn't fully appreciate the accomplishment.

It's going to be a big red wedding. With a sickening sense of finality, Kane chokeslammed Matt Hardy off the top rope then covered him for the clause-activating pinfall. As the winner of the first-ever "Till Death Do Us Part" Match, Kane claims the authority for force Lita into marriage. After the fall, a heartbroken Lita stood in motionless disbelief. When Kane stirred her with gleeful overtures, Lita ran off - seemingly hyperventilating in the process.

Mentor William Regal saw it coming. Unfortunately, Eugene did not. Triple H nailed a distracted Eugene with a punishing Pedigree, sending the young talent to his first-ever WWE pinfall defeat. Eugene entertained and impressed the Toronto crowd with his imitative arsenal Sunday night - hitting Triple H with a Rock Bottom and Stone Cold Stunner. But the crafty Ric Flair made his presence felt and just the right time to turn the tide against Eugene. Regal emerged to take out Flair and warn Eugene of The Game's pending assault, but it was to no avail. The Cerebral Assassin brought an effective game plan into SummerSlam: He feigned injury, used those at ringside (including Lilian Garcia) as bait and tripped up Eugene with distractions and other means of deception. In the end, Triple H got the victory in a very personal battle. But he may not have succeeded in ending Eugene's career.

In the early part of 1998, Booker T was an accomplished tag team competitor. He and his brother, Stevie Ray, were one of the most successful duos in WCW history. Despite their success as a team, neither Superstar really shined brightly as a singles competitor. Later in the same year, Booker was scheduled for a similar series of matches with Chris Benoit for the WCW Television Championship. The series of matches really put Booker on the map as a singles competitor. And, as they say, the rest is history. Now Booker T finds himself in a similar situation. This time, his opponent is John Cena. And the prize is the WWE United States Championship. At SummerSlam, the all-important first match will take place between the two SmackDown! Superstars. Which one will take the early advantage? Watch SummerSlam to find out.

With a tremendously amazing sequence of events, the team of Paul London, Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio came a heartbeat away from a SummerSlam victory. But the dastardly D-Von Dudley got in the way. With a double-team clothesline, slingshot into a 619 and a Shooting Star Press, a victory seemed assured. Then, D-Von pulled a covering Kidman to the outside, where he was met in anger. In the chaos that followed, the Dudleys were able to connect with the ever-dangerous 3-D. Legal man Spike covered, and the Dudley family walked away with the win. After the bout, Spike boasted with his Cruiserweight Championship. His new arrogance and confidence seemed to distinguish him as the de facto leader of the Dudley family.

In a highly-surprising upset, Team Dream dominated Team Diva in Diva Dodgeball. On the strength of an athletic performance by Michelle McCool, the Diva Search hopefuls dropped RAW's established Divas, popping Molly Holly and Gail Kim to end the competition. In frustration following the result, Women's Champion Trish Stratus brawled with Victoria. It seemed to signal the end of the Divas' unity.

Match Results:World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton Defeated Chris Benoit. WWE Championship:JBL defeated The Undertaker do to Disqualification. Eddie Vs Kurt Angle:Kurt Angle defeated Eddie. Intercontinental Championship:Edge defeated Chris Jericho. Till Death To Us Part:Kane defeated Matt Hardy. Triple H Vs Eugene:Triple H defeated Eugene. U.S. Championship:John Cena wins the match against Booker T but is a best of five so he's not the U.S. Champion. Six Man Tag Team Match:The Dudleys defeated Rey,Paul London and Billy Kidman. Diva Dodgeball:Diva Search Contestants defeated Raw Divas.