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Bad Blood June 13, 2004 Games, Cheats, Movies and More
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Raw July 5, 2004

The final chapter in a storied rivalry ended with a third Pedigree. After 45 minutes of sheer carnage and utter exhaustion in Hell in a Cell, Triple H mercifully ended the match, hitting Shawn Michaels with his patented finisher twice in succession. With no way out of the enclosed metal structure encompassing the ring, HBK still nearly climbed a ladder to victory at Bad Blood. With a wicked grin, Michaels pulled a ladder from underneath the ring and proceeded to dissect The Game. In a career highlight, HBK plunged from the top of the ladder -- his head for a moment pressed against the Cell's roof -- and delivered an elbow smash to the chest of Triple H through a table. But it was the Cerebral Assassin who once again found a way in the end. Bloodied and barely conscious, Triple H survived the kick known as Sweet Chin Music, then Pedigreed his way to the win. Also, Kane was surprised twice on Sunday night -- the second time costing him a chance to claim the World Heavyweight Championship. Chris Benoit threw a wrench in the gears of the Big Red Machine, getting technical and then creative when Kane's power proved too much to contain through submission holds. The Rabid Wolverine first confounded Kane by kicking out of a thunderous chokeslam. Next, the champ finished his monster opponent by converting a half-nelson into a cradled pinning predicament. When reviewing tape of the match following its conclusion, the Crippler declared to the thousands in attendance in Columbus, Ohio, that "Chris Benoit is for real!" It's a point that's impossible to contest following such a display of strategy and ring savvy -- with the stakes so high at Bad Blood.

Earlier at the pay-per-view event, Eugene first dizzied Jonathan Coachman with "old-school" wrestling holds. Then, Eugene closed out the Coach in a fashion that would make The Rock envious: with a Rock Bottom followed by a Peoples' Elbow. Trish became the only five-time Women's Champion in World Wrestling Entertainment history when she took the Fatal Fourway from Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim. Lita thought she had the match wrapped up after a devastating DDT to Gail Kim, but an opportunistic Trish snuck into the mix and rolled up Lita while she was still preoccupied. Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton eked out a victory over upstart Shelton Benjamin, using a handful of tights and his opponent's momentum for a victory that seemed in doubt for much of the match. Despite bad ribs, Chris Jericho found a way to cut down a far larger combatant in new Trish Stratus favorite Tyson Tomko. Y2J picked his spot for a running kick to the head for which Tomko had no answer. La Resistance retained the World Tag Team Championship belts despite being disqualified in their match against Chris Benoit and Edge.

Results: Triple H defeats Shawn Michaels Chris Benoit def. Kane Eugene def. Jonathan Coachman Trish Stratus def. Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim (pinning Lita) Randy Orton def. Shelton Benjamin Chris Jericho def. Tyson Tomko Chris Benoit and Edge def. La Resistance (DQ)