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They're Funny Cause They Suck

Despite the fact that everyone knows that wrestling is all staged in advance, it continues to draw many fans. This is because people now view it as a soap opera or drama as much as they view it as a sport. Like any good story, it has action, drama, comedy, and occasionally romance (at least wrestling's twisted version of it). This page focuses on the comedy section of the wrestling. Over the years, the wrestling industry has thrown some incredibly stupid gimmicks at us. Some though, were actually pretty funny if not only for the fact that we were supposed to be taking them seriously. This page is dedicated to those wrestlers who were terrible for one reason or another, as well as those willing to wear horrible costumes and job to more popular wrestlers.


The Main Wrestlers
Other Wrestlers
The Dungeon of Doom and Co.
A Beginners Guide to Hosses
Craziest Wrestler Debate (under construction)