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Brooklyn Brawler - Match Reports

The Brooklyn Brawler vs Al Snow w/Head
Brawler goes head to head with Al Snow and... er... Head

The Brooklyn Brawler vs Tazz
The Brawler takes on Tazz in a strap Match

The Brooklyn Brawler vs Big Show
Brawler is taken down by the biggest man in the business

The Brooklyn Brawler and Kurt Angle vs The Dudleys
The Brawler in Tag Team action versus the most successful team in wrestling history

The Brooklyn Brawler and Kaientai vs HHH
The Brawler and Kaientai face off against HHH in a handicap elimination match.

The Brooklyn Brawler vs Johnny Swinger
Brawler faces the BCW Heavyweight Champion in an impromptu match with the title on the line

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