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Slashaliciously Good
- The continuing saga of Rico the stylist -

RAW 1/20/03

Tonight, BookerDust faced off with 3MW.
Rico tries his best to help his team, but is distracted by Booker chasing him around the ring.
BookerDust manage to snatch the win.


RAW 11/11/02

3 Minute Warning, with Rico, took on Spike and Bubba, who were accompanied by Jeff Hardy.
After winning the match, 3MW weren't satisfied with the beatdown they'd already given the boys!
At Rico's urging, they rolled both Spike and Jeff up and bombed them through a table!


Jamal climbs off of two crushed and exhausted opponents.
Looks comfortable!


RAW 11/4/02

Tonight, newly named "3-Minute Warning" took on Bubba and Jeff Hardy.


Rico's boys win the match after Jeff attempts a Swanton and is shoved off the ropes by Rosie.

Rosie cuddles Rico, who was attacked during the match,
while Jamal laughs at Bubba's frustruation.


RAW 10/28/02

In his office, Bishcoff yelled at Rico and the Island Boys for not being able to get the job done lately.
Rico protested "But Eric!", but Bischoff wouldn't hear him out.


Later in the night, when the Dudleys were in the ring waiting for their tag title shot,
Rico and the Island Boys ran out and demolished them!
Spike was too hurt to compete, so Bubba had to find a new partner.

During the tag match, Rico came out with the Island Boys, dangling Spike upside down.
Bubba and his partner (Jeff Hardy) were distracted and lost the match.


RAW 10/14/02

Tonight, Rico took on Jeff Hardy one-on-one.
He said a few words to Jeff before the match began, gesturing to his chest after unbuttoning his shirt.
Presumably, he was giving the style-impared Hardy a few tips on how to look good.

Jeff flies off the barricade into the stylist.


Jeff takes a dive in the ring.
Despite Rico's dominance in the match, Jeff manages to pull off a quick 3 count for the win.


Later in the night, Rico was one of many heels on the roster
to be a lumberjack (with a strap) for HHH vs RVD.
He appeared shirtless and got to whip Rob several times, which he definitely seemed to enjoy.

RAW 9/30/02

Bischoff has the injured Lita in the ring as a special guest.
Not liking something she said about RAW in an interview,
Bischoff calls out "Three minutes!", and in run Rosie, Jamal, & Rico!


Goldust and Booker run down and attack Rosie & Jamal,
prompting Bischoff to start an impromptu match between the two teams.


Thanks to Rico's interference, Rosie & Jamal get the win.
Afterwards, an ecstatic Rico announces that the reason he came to RAW
was to manage the most dominant tag team in history and lead them to tag team gold!


RAW 9/23/02

While Booker T and Goldust played footage of Eric getting the stink face last night in the locker room,
Rico walked in, exclaimed "That's disgusting!", informed them he was telling Eric!

In Eric's office, Eric yelled at Rico for not helping him last night and accused him of not being loyal to RAW.
Rico assured him that he was loyal, and told Eric that all the superstars were laughing at him.

Eric set up two matches to punish Booker and Goldust;
Rico would take on Booker, and Goldust would take on Chris Jericho for the IC title.

Booker gets on Rico right away.


Booker's sent spinning by Rico.


Booker and Rico dance the hockey pockey.


The Island boys interfere in the match, giving Booker the victory via DQ.
Afterward, the Island boys take Booker for a ride.


Unforgiven PPV 9/22/02

Rico assures Eric that Rosie and Jamal will defeat B&C tonight.


Eric and Rico celebrate Rosie and Jamal's victory with some ladies.
Yeah, nice try guys!


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