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Match Results

SmackDown 9/26/02

Torrie Wilson and Nidia helped heat things up with a red-hot bikini contest. Tazz was the lucky master of ceremonies, while Billy & Chuck sat ringside to judge the affair. Nidia put on a rather unorthodox show, gyrating awkwardly and getting a 15 out of 20 (9 and 6, respectively) for her efforts. But once Torrie disrobed, it was all over but the shouting. Billy & Chuck both gave her perfect 10s.

Incensed that his main squeeze came up short, Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble emerged from the back to challenge Billy & Chuck to an impromptu match against himself and his ally Tajiri. The former Tag Team Champions seemed more than up for it, and emerged victorious over Noble & Tajiri, Chuck pinning Tajiri after a Code Red.

Unforgiven 9/22/02

Rosey & Jamal def. Billy & Chuck

Stephanie McMahon told Billy and Chuck backstage that they were going to beat Rosey & Jamal that night for the pride of SmackDown!, and not so Stephanie would avoid kissing another chick!

Backstage, Eric Bischoff told Rosey and Jamal that they are not just representing RAW, they're representing their RAW general manager as well. Rico came in and said that Rosey and Jamal are more than ready to take down Billy and Chuck.

After an impressive, albeit hard fought, match, Rosey dropped Billy with a flying Samoan Drop and got the three count before Chuck could rush in for the save! Back in his office, Eric Bischoff gloated over the win by starting up the HLA chant with three lesbians standing nearby!

SmackDown 9/19/02

Billy & Chuck declared to Stephanie and the fans that they weren't sure whether they would remain a tag team or go their separate ways following their match at Unforgiven. Only time will tell on that one.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit--who will oppose each other at Unforgiven--were forced to team up against Billy & Chuck after Angle ridiculed the duo's publicity stunt that took place last week. Miscommunication between Angle & Benoit caused them to lose the match (Chuck pinned Benoit), leading to an impromptu battle of  submission holds after the bell. The conflict of Anklelock vs. Crippler Crossface will be settled this Sunday.

SmackDown 9/5/02

After defeating Rico the previous week, Mysterio opened up the show by taking his chances against Rico's associate Billy. The 10-time former Tag Team Champion wasted no time, jumping Mysterio before the opening bell. He viciously choked the cruiserweight in the corner until referee Brian Hebner broke it up. Yet, the punishment continued, as Billy continued to pour it on for the first two minutes of the match, until Rey escaped a suplex and dropkicked Billy in the knees. But Billy took control again with a commanding clothesline. A neckbreaker sent Mysterio reeling, but he fought back from his knees, landing punches to Billy's midsection before scoring with a flying headscissors and a springboard dropkick. Rey's 619 maneuver was blocked from the outside by Billy's partner, Chuck, which allowed Billy to take over once again. He pounded Mysterio in the corner, but got a little too cocky, as the Masked One reversed a Billy backdrop into a roll-up for the pin at 5:05.

Following the match, Rico entered the ring to console Billy. He announced that next week would be the single greatest moment of Billy's life, and then invited Chuck into the ring. "Chuck has something he wants to ask you," said Rico.Chuck then reached into his trunks and pulled out a ring, whereupon he shocked the Green Bay crowd by getting down on one knee and asking Billy to be his "partner for life!" Billy responded in the affirmative, leading to a group hug.

SmackDown 8/1/02

Billy and Chuck argued backstage, upset that the tag titles had moved to RAW.  Rico assured his boys that everything would be ok, and Chuck told him "Whatever", stomping away with Billy hot on his heel. John Cena appeared as B&C left, laughing over their argument and telling Rico it looked like his boys were in trouble. Rico informed Cena that the only one in trouble was him, and that his hair alone with worth an hour of ridicule. Cena countered by asking Rico what look he was going for, suggesting it was a cross between Liberace and the Wolfman. When Rico demanded what he was implying, Cean let out a loud howl. Rico attempted to slap him, but was blocked by Cena.

The two men met later in the ring. The stylist missed a moonsault which allowed Cena to hit the tilt-a-whirl slam and get the pinfall! Cena continued attacking Rico, but was picked off by Billy and Chuck! Chuck held Cena on his shoulders while Billy climbed the top rope and launched a flying bulldog onto the rookie. After the match, Chuck hugged Rico protectively against his chest.

SmackDown 7/18/02

Backstage, Rico offered his services to Eric Bischoff, but the GM just wanted to know where The Rock's dressing room was.

Billy and Chuck, joined by Rico, took on the Big Valbowski and Hardcore Holly in tag team action. Shortly into the match, Chuck's arguing with the referee allowed Hardcore to nail a low blow on Billy. Billy managed to make a tag and retreated outside the ring to recover. When he returned to the ring, he took a powerbomb from Valbowski but Chuck ran in to break up the count. Hardcore tried to even the score, but the ref detained him, which prompted Rico to sneak in for a spinning heel kick to Valbowski's face. Soon after, though, Hardcore nailed the Alabama Slam and Valbowski followed with the Money Shot to take the pinfall!

SmackDown! 7/11/02

The show opened with a WWE Tag Team Championship Match, as Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Edge defended against former champions Billy & Chuck, who were accompanied by Rico. Billy & Chuck double-teamed Edge, until he was finally able to make the tag to the Hulkster! Hogan cleaned house, and soon went for the legdrop on Billy, but Rico grabbed Hogan's leg. Edge speared Rico off the apron into the barricade, but Billy then hit a fame-asser on Hogan. Billy went for the pin, but Hogan kicked out and "Hulked up!" Moments later, Edge speared Chuck, and Hogan hit the big boot and legdrop on Billy for the pin and the successful title defense!

SmackDown 6/27/02

The Tag Team Championship was on the line, as Billy & Chuck defended their title against Hardcore Holly and the Big Valbowski. Valbowski got a near fall on Chuck early following a big knee drop to the face. The champs got in more trouble later on as Valbowski hit Chuck with a neckbreaker and a crunching spinebuster. Valbowski continued to clean house, and Hardcore Holly got in the act by dropping Rico with an Alabama Slam! But the underdogs' luck ran out there as Billy blindsided Valbowski with a Fame-Ass-er, allowing Chuck to get the easy pin.

SmackDown! 6/20/02

Backstage, a nervous Mark Loyd stumbled through an interview attempt with Triple H. Triple H tried to help him out, asking Loyd's question for him. Triple H said that at King of the Ring, he would get back what is his: the WWE Undisputed Championship. Triple H took over the interviewer's role again, asking about his own match that night with Billy. The Game said he and Billy went back to a time in DX when his opponent was known as Mr. Ass. Now that he thinks about Billy's relationship with Chuck, maybe people still call him that. Triple H said he had warned Billy last week to not come to the ring or else he'd get smashed in the face with a sledgehammer. Triple H said he was ready to do whatever he had to do. The Game told Loyd that he did a great job before exiting.

Billy, flanked by Chuck and Rico, came to the ring for his showdown with Triple H. The two men brawled outside the ring, where Rico got in a cheap shot on The Game. As Triple H chased after the stylist, Chuck stepped in and leveled the Cerebral Assassin with a clothesline. He shoved Triple H back into the ring, where Billy dismantled his opponent. The Game managed to come back, but thanks to some interference, Rico snuck in and delivered a kick to the face! Still, Triple H managed to hit the Pedigree on Billy and pick up the win!

SmackDown! 6/13/02

Billy & Chuck came out (carrying steel chairs), accompanied by Rico. Rico was supposed to face off with Rikishi, but Triple H was still in the ring. Rico asked what The Game thought he was doing, saying he was supposed to compete tonight. Chuck asked Triple H what part of this he didn't understand. Billy told Triple H to move out of the ring before they moved him out.

Triple H told Billy he was really glad that Billy and his "partner" had found a whole new meaning to the phrase "Suck it!" but if Billy were to be coming to the ring, the only thing he would be sucking on was the edge of the sledgehammer! Billy, Chuck and Rico headed for the ring, and Billy ran face-first into the sledgehammer, which cracked Billy's chair right into his skull!

SmackDown!  6/6/02

Billy & Chuck were watching footage of their Tag Team Championship Match from last week's SmackDown! when they were approached by Rico. B&C gave him the cold shoulder, and Rico said he hoped they weren't still mad about what had happened, saying it wasn't his fault. Rico said they looked horrible, that they'd let themselves go. Rico even pointed out a zit on Billy's ass! Billy said maybe they wouldn't be such a mess if their stylist wasn't running around as half of the Tag Team Champions. Billy said that tonight was their last chance, and if they didn't win back their titles, they would be looking for a new stylist!

That match was up next, as Rikishi and Rico defended their WWE Tag Team Championship against Billy & Chuck in an elimination match, meaning that both members of the opposing team had to be defeated to win the match. Chuck locked Rico in an armbar, and the stylist quickly tapped out. Moments later, Rikishi pinned Billy, leaving Rikishi vs. Chuck. Rico took the turnbuckle pad off one of the corners, and Rikishi soon hit the steel headfirst -- but the Phat Man kicked out of a pinfall attempt. Chuck hit a kick to the face, and Rikishi got his foot on the ropes at the count of one, but Rico pushed his foot off, and the ref counted the fall. Billy & Chuck are once again the WWE Tag Team Champions! After the bout, Rikishi attacked Rico with a sit-down splash.

SmackDown! 5/30/02

Billy & Chuck challenged Rico & Rikishi for the Tag Team Championship as the May 30 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Early on, Rikishi had Chuck in place for a Stink Face, but Rico was about to attack his own partner from behind to prevent it -- until Rikishi turned around and caught the stylist! From there, the double-team began on Rikishi, as Billy & Chuck took control. Rikishi was able to fight the men off, and even fought off his own partner, who tried to attack him on several occasions! Rikishi squashed Chuck with a sit-down splash, and then kicked Rico in the face, causing Rico to fall right onto Chuck. Rico was able to pin Chuck for a successful title defense! Billy & Chuck were irate with Rico after the bout, as Rikishi did a celebratory dance on the stage!

SmackDown! 5/23/02

Rico was looking at his Tag Team Championship in his locker room when he was approached by Billy & Chuck. Billy said he hoped Rico wasn't getting too attached to his gold, and Rico said he knew it was a fluke, and that he knew he was a champion by default, and it was only temporary. He also said the belt didn't go with any of his clothes! Rico said Billy & Chuck deserved to be champs, and they told him not to forget who brought him to the dance. Rico said he would prove himself to the former champions, and he gave them a hug.

Accompanied by Deacon Batista, Reverend D-Von headed to the ring to take on Rikishi -- one half of the Tag Team Champions. Rikishi's Tag Team Championship partner, Rico, soon headed to ringside, and Billy & Chuck soon walked to the stage to watch the bout. Rikishi was about to give D'von a Stink Face, but as Batista distracted the referee, Rico climbed into the ring and nailed Rikishi with the Tag Team Championship. D-Von then covered for the pinfall. After the bell, D-Von and Batista double-teamed the Phat Man. After the two left, Rico got into the ring and mockingly tried to help Rikishi, only to laugh at his partner, much to Billy & Chuck's delight.

SmackDown 5/16/02

Next up, Rico took on Rikishi. WWE Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck were at ringside for the encounter. Rico was clearly at the advantage thanks to that fact, as the Tag Champions used the numbers game to their advantage, even attacking the Phat Man every time he was on the outside. Rikishi backed Rico into a corner, but Rico grabbed the ref, allowing Billy & Chuck to get into the ring. The champs tried to double-team Rikishi, but Rikishi ducked and the champs ran into each other. Moments later, Rikishi hit a sit-down splash for the pinfall victory.

Vince and Stacy were cuddling backstage, and Vince said there was no doubt she would have won the Swimsuit Competition. As he was about to kiss her, the Tag Team Champions and Rico barged into his locker room, complaining about what had just happened. Vince couldn't believe that Rico had lost to Rikishi. He said he was ashamed of the Tag Team Champions, and at Judgment Day, they would defend their titles against Rikishi and a partner of Vince's choosing. Vince then threw the men out of his office.

SmackDown 5/2/02

The show opened with tag-team action, as Rikishi and The Hurricane challenged Billy & Chuck for the Tag Team Championship. As always, the champs were accompanied to ringside by their stylist, Rico. Billy was about to get a Stink Face, but Rico pulled his man to safety. Hurricane seemingly had Chuck pinned with a bodypress, but the referee was distracted, allowing Rico to superkick the super hero! Chuck then pinned Hurricane for a successful title defense. After the bout, an irate Hurricane chokeslammed Rico, and Rikishi then gave him a Stink Face!

SmackDown 4/25/02

Backstage, Chuck was oiling down Billy’s shoulders and back. Rico told Chuck that he was never going to give Billy a proper glow unless he changed his motion, and he proceeded to demonstrate on Billy. At that point, Tajiri and Torrie strolled into
their locker room. Chuck told Tajiri that since he beat Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight Championship at Backlash, he could match Billy and Chuck’s gold ensemble for their six-man match on SmackDown! Rico told Torrie that the geisha outfit she was wearing was definitely not working for her. He said her forehead was also way too high, so he pulled out another headband for her, but Tajiri yanked the headband out of Rico’s hand and decided to try it on himself. Rico, Billy and Chuck both thought it looked "fabulous" on Tajiri.

The six-man tag-team match was next, with Al Snow, Maven and Billy Kidman taking on Billy, Chuck and Tajiri, who were accompanied to the ring with Rico and Torrie. Billy started off the match hot and hit a Fame-Asser on Maven early, but Snow interrupted the ref’s count. Outside the ring, Rico continued to boss around Torrie, which prompted the blonde bomeshell to slap the stylist across the face. Back in the ring, Snow and Maven were punishing Billy & Chuck until they both ultimately pulled off the shorts of Billy & Chuck, revealing that the two were wearing thongs! As Maven and Snow chased the duo to the back, Rico tried to attack the two, but Torrie ran up behind the stylist and pulled down his pants as well, unveiling yet another thong! Back in the ring, Tajiri and Kidman were going at it when Kidman hit a facebuster on the Cruiserweight Champion. Kidman then nailed Tajiri with a Shooting Star Press to pick up the victory for his team. After the match, Maven and Snow put on Billy & Chuck’s shorts and started mocking the duo in the ring!

Backlash results

 Tag Team Championship: Billy and Chuck defeat Al Snow and Maven
 Billy pinned Maven

 Billy, Chuck and Rico arrived at the ring for the tag match against Tough Enough trainer Al Snow and his protégé, Maven. The match got started in a hurry, as Billy and Chuck met stiff clotheslines from their opponents. But from their, the champs beat up on Maven.

 Billy and Chuck maintained control of the match. But a drop toe hold from Al Snow caused Chuck to fall between his partner's legs. Rico tried to help out, but his spinning heel kick took down Billy. Maven caught Chuck with a crossbody but
 couldn't get the pin. But it wouldn't be enough as Chuck kicked Maven square on the jaw and Billy covered the young superstar for the win.

SmackDown 4/18/02

The show opened with a six-man match-up, as Rikishi, Al Snow and Maven took on Albert and the Tag Team Champions -- Billy & Chuck. The champs were accompanied to ringside by their stylist, Rico. Rikishi soon dragged Rico into the ring and gave Rico and Chuck an avalanche. He was then going to give the duo a Stink Face, until Albert met Rikishi with a vicious kick. Shortly thereafter, Rico assaulted Snow with a spinning heel kick, but Maven went up top and hit a flying bodypress onto Chuck for the win!

SmackDown 4/4/02

Tonight Billy and Chuck took on the "Zoo Crew", Albert and Scotty.  The champs were accompanied to ringside by their stylist, Rico. Scotty seemed to have the pinfall and the win, but the ref was distracted by Albert and Chuck fighting on the outside. With the ref distracted, Rico hit a spinkick on Scotty, and Billy pinned him to retain the titles.

SmackDown 3/28/02

Billy & Chuck (SmackDown!) defended the Tag Championship against the Dudleys. The champs were accompanied to ringside by their stylist, Rico. The Dudleys had an extra spring in their step, desperate to remain a team. Rico interfered in the bout on several occasions, and when the Dudleys seemed to have the match won with the Dudley Device, Rico distracted the referee. D-Von chased Rico up the ramp, and Billy hit the Fame-asser on Bubba Ray for the pinfall and the victory, ending the Dudleys' run as a team!

After the bout, Billy choked Bubba, until D-Von ran back down. The teams duked it out, and the Dudleys gave Chuck the 3-D. Then, the brothers gave Billy the "Wassup!" headbutt! Bubba then told his brother to get the table! The brothers gave Billy a 3-D through the table -- one last broken table for old time's sake!

RAW 3/25/02 - The Roster Split

With the ninth pick of the draft (his 5th pick), Vince chose the Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck along with their stylist, Rico!

Team Xtreme arrived at the ring for Jeff Hardy's singles match against Billy, who was accompanied by Chuck and Rico. Jeff took down Billy early with a hurricane DDT and went for the Swanton Bomb. But Chuck managed to distract Jeff long enough for Billy to recover and avoid the move. It went for not, though, as Jeff hit the finisher moments later and won the match!

SmackDown 3/21/02

Billy and Chuck talked backstage, and Chuck questioned whether hiring "Rico" as their stylist was a good idea. Billy said Rico was the best there is. Suddenly, Rico came in and said their headbands were crooked, and their color scheme was passe! He said he would give the men full makeovers after they defeated the Hardy Boyz. Rico left, and Billy said he was tough, but knew his stuff. Chuck asked if their color scheme was really passe!

The Tag Team Championship was on the line next, as the Hardy Boyz challenged Billy and Chuck, who were accompanied to ringside by Rico. Before long, Rico hung Matt out on the top rope, and Matt walked right into the Fame-asser. Billy then pinned Matt for a successful title defense, thanks to Rico!

RAW 3/18/02

The Tag Team Championship was on the line as the Dudley Boyz -- accompanied by Stacy Keibler -- challenged Billy & Chuck. Bubba's eye was a mess, after being injured in the Fatal Fourway at WrestleMania. The Dudleys hit the "Wassap!" on Billy, but only scored a two-count. Stacy got on the apron and tried to distract Billy with her assets, but he wasn't interested! Stacy then came in the ring and hit Billy across the back of the head with the Tag Team Championship! The Dudleys then hit 3-D, but the referee called for the bell on the DQ! Angry that they lost their shot at the Tag Team Championship, Bubba screamed at Stacy to never let it happen again. Stacy tried to walk out on them, but Bubba grabbed her and told D-Von to get the table! Bubba talked smack to Stacy as D-Von set up the table, and then Bubba drove Stacy right through the table!

WrestleMania X8  (March 17, 2002)

Billy & Chuck won the Tag Team Elimination Match


 The Dudley Boyz arrived at the ring for the Four Corners Tag Team Elimination match as Saliva played their entrance music live. The Dudleys' entrance theme is included on their new album Forceable Entry, available in stores on March 26.

 The APA, Dudley Boyz and Billy & Chuck followed and the match began. The action began in a flurry. Under the rules of the match, anyone could tag in any other competitor at any time. The match began with Bradshaw clashing with Chuck. Faarooq tagged in and continued to pound on Chuck. Billy came in to help once the ref got distracted. Billy went for the Fame-Asser shortly after but met a giant powerslam from Faarooq.

 Bradshaw slammed Billy Gunn with a monstrous Clothesline From Hell, but he then turned directly into a 3D and was eliminated by D-Von. The Hardy Boyz then get busy in the ring while the Dudleys set up tables outside. Jeff managed to his the Whisper in the wind on D-Von, ten Stacy tried to distract the Hardys with her figure. But Jeff came up behind her, smacked her on the ass, whipped her around for a kiss then shoved her off the ring apron!

 Bubba Ray controlled Jeff from there. He flipped Jeff several feet in the air, sending him crashing to the mat. The Dudleys took turns beating up Jeff. Bubba stomped the high flyer in the corner, but was knocked out of the ring by Matt. Jeff managed to mount a comeback by reversing a DDT from D-Von and giving the Dudley a neckbreaker. Matt and Bubba Ray tagged in and Matt cleaned house. Bubba tried to land a flying elbow, but Matt avoided the move and landed a leg drop off the middle turnbuckle. D-Von tried to hit the Whassup head butt, but Billy pushed him off the turnbuckle and through the table on the outside! Matt scored a Twist of Fate followed by Jeff's Swanton Bomb on Bubba Ray and eliminated the Dudleys!

 Billy came in and the two remaining tag teams brawled. Jeff landed another Swanton on Chuck, but Billy hit the Fame-Ass-er on the Hardy! Chuck rolled over to attempt a pin, but Jeff kicked out! It didn't matter, though, because Chuck dropped Jeff then rolled up his Hardy and retained the Tag Titles!

SmackDown 3/14/02

Billy, Jeff Hardy, Bubba Ray Dudley and Bradshaw battled it out in a Fatal Fourway Match, just three days before their respective teams get in the ring at WrestleMania for Billy & Chuck's Tag Team Championship! Chuck, Matt Hardy, Lita, D-Von Dudley, Stacy Keibler and Faarooq were all at ringside for this unlikely bout. At one point, Bradshaw held Billy, as Jeff Hardy did the "Wassup!" headbutt from the top rope! Billy hit the fame-asser on Bradshaw.

Moments later, Jeff went for a Swanton Bomb on Billy, but Chuck pulled Billy from the ring, and Jeff missed. As the superstars brawled outside the ring, Billy hit the "One and Only" on Jeff and picked up the pinfall with his feet on the ropes! After the bout, Lita hit Billy with a top-rope Litacanrana, and Stacy then attacked Lita, and the two women went at it! As Billy & Chuck headed back to the locker room, the other six superstars brawled it out in the ring!

RAW 3/11/02

In catering, DDP was talking to a stagehand, and was approached by a smiling Christian, who said positivity just wasn't working for him. The two practiced smiling. They were then approached by Billy & Chuck, who said they shouldn't be smiling at each other. Billy called the men losers, and Christian said he wasn't a loser, and would prove it. Christian said he couldn't think of a better opponent than Billy, who he called "precious." Billy said he would see Christian in the ring, and Chuck jokingly asked if Christian would throw a tantrum if he lost. DDP said he knew Christian would win tonight, and that's a good thing.

Billy was seconded to the ring by his Tag Team Championship partner, Chuck, as he met Christian. Christian, who was looking to get back on the winning track in the bout, was accompanied to ringside by his inspirational partner, European Champion DDP, who joined J.R. and Jerry Lawler for color commentary. Billy dominated the early part of the bout, but Christian moved when Billy went for the fame-asser. Outside the ring, Christian threw a temper tantrum, and DDP went over to calm him down. As the ref got DDP away from Christian, Chuck blindsided Christian. Back in the ring, Billy hit a fame-asser on Christian, but DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on Billy and Christian pinned Billy to finally win a match!

SmackDown 2/28/02

After the barroom brawl on RAW, Bradshaw and Faarooq opted to use their guaranteed
WrestleMania tag team title shot on SmackDown! against Billy and Chuck.

Faarooq and Bradshaw had full control of the match early, obviously wanting revenge on the duo
after their bar-room brawl the foursome had on RAW. With Billy and Bradshaw going at it on the
outside, Faarooq hit a spinebuster on Chuck and began berating him when Billy re-entered the
ring and hit a Fame-Asser on Faarooq! Billy then placed Chuck on top of the former Florida State
star for the 1-2-3 win!

RAW 2/25/02

The first match of the evening put the Tag Team Championship on the line with Billy and Chuck defending against the Hardy Boyz, who were accompanied to the ring by Lita. The Hardys dropped Chuck early on with a double suplex, but Matt was thwarted on a Twist of Fate attempt and the champs took over. Chuck dominated Matt for several minutes, but Jeff tagged back in and cleaned house. Team Xtreme hooked up to nail the Poetry in Motion on Billy, but then their luck changed. Chuck knocked Jeff off the top rope when he went for a Swanton. Lita helped momentum shift again as she nailed Billy with a Litacanranna. But Chuck interfered and leveled Jeff with a superkick and Billy draped his arm over Jeff to successfully defend the titles!

Later, the APA arrived at the Friendly Tap (which they receive an invitation to visit, offering free beer) and found a sign promoting Men’s Night at the bar. They shrugged off the sign and went in and ordered some beers. Faarooq jaw’s dropped and he pointed out pairs of men dancing and hugging all over the place! One man dressed in drag asked Bradshaw to dance. “Come on cowboy!” he begged. Bradshaw stammered out his shock and tried to pan off the advance on Faarooq, who also declined! Suddenly, Billy and Chuck smashed into the APA and cracked bottles and pool cues over their heads before fleeing!

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