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Slashaliciously Good
- The continuing saga of Billy and Chuck -

SmackDown 10/17/02

Tonight, Chuck faced the powerful Brock Lesnar, all on his own since Billy is now out injured.
Chuck also had completely dark hair this week, all the blonde gone.

It was a powerful struggle, with Chuck holding his own for most of the match,
but in the end, the rookie champion came out on top.


SmackDown 10/10/02

Tonight, Billy took on D-von in singles competition,
escorted to the ring by Chuck, of course.

Billy ditches the red trunks this week for a pretty sky blue pair.
D-von goes right after Billy's pretty face.


D-von hoists Billy up over his shoulder.


D-von grabs the shorts and puts Billy where he wants him.
Billy's cute white boots fly up in the air as he struggles to escape.


Billy pumps up to take D-von down!


D-von goes head first into the turnbuckle.
Billy rolls him up, and it's over! The bleached babe comes out on top, once again.


SmackDown 10/3/02

Tonight, Steph began a tournament for the brand new SD tag team title!
In the first round of the tournament, Billy & Chuck took on D-von and a surprise partner; Ron Simmons!

Billy sends D-von flying into his own partner!


Billy takes charge of D-von.


Billy tosses D-von over his shoulder with ease.
Eat mat, D-von!


A yellow-shorts clad Billy backs Ron into the corner and wails on him.


Through devious means, D-von manages to get Billy on the mat,
pinning him for the 1-2-3 and advancing in the tournament.


SmackDown 9/26/02

In an effort to show show "macho" and not gay they are,
B&C judge a swimsuit competition between Torrie and Nida.
Nice try guys. Really.


Billy gets his hands on Noble and slams him down onto his back.


Noble flies down onto Chuck.


As soon as Chuck can get his head between Tajiri's legs,
Billy finishes him off with the Code Red!


Unforgiven PPV 9/22/02

Steph gives B&C a pre-match pep talk,
telling them she knows they'll beat Rosie and Jamal tonight.


Chuck: "What do we do without Rico??? I'm lost!"


Chuck artfully dogdes an Island boy's attempt to squash him.


The Island boys scrape out a victory, much to Rico and Eric's delight.


SmackDown 9/19/02

Steph welcomes B&C to the ring, calling the "the greatest tag team of all time",
and announcing that they will face Rosie & Jamal at Unforgiven this Sunday!
Billy tells Steph that after the PPV, he could either go solo or stick with Chuck;
Chuck clarifies what he means, "So what you're saying is, you go both ways; it's ok, you can go both ways."
Billy says he knows how excited Chuck is to go the PPV and beat Rosie & Jamal!
And if Eric Bischoff as a problem with that, Billy's got two words for him!
But, before the crowd can yell "Suck it!", Kurt Angle's music plays!


Kurt tells the three they're an embarrassment! He challenges them to a match tonight.
He even lets B&C pick his tag partner...they select Kurt's Unforgiven opponent, Chris Benoit!
Kurt tells Steph that's a hard one to swallow,
but he'll still be the one to throw Billy or Chuck's legs up over their head and get on top of them tonight!


Chuck slams Kurt onto the mat, showing him who's on top here!


Billy and Kurt are both laid out on the mat, ready and waiting!


Kurt locked the Ankle Lock on Chuck,
but just as Chuck was about to tap out, Benoit hit his own partner and broke the hold!
Benoit then slapped on the crossface, wanting the win for himself.


Benoit attempted to make Chuck tap out, Chuck wasn't about to give up!
He escaped and pinned Benoit for the win,
Benoit and Kurt continued to brawl after B&C left the ring.


SmackDown 9/12/02

Rico comes out first, appalled with how much his setup has been butchered!
Then Stephanie comes out, to be the witness for he ceremony. An aging Justice of the Peace is already in the ring.
Next, the wedding singers start on "It's Raining Men", an out come the grooms!
B&C are all smiling as they take their places and say their vows!


Chuck tells Billy that he's captured his heart,
to which Billy replies, "Dayam that was corny!", going on to say that that's what makes Chuck to special.
He says that he's happy to make Chuck his tag team partner, permanently, and slip a ring onto his finger.


The Justice asks for any objections, and out comes...the Godfather?
He reveals that B&C used to love the ladies, although Chuck wasn't too picky.
He demands to know what's going on!
Rico, furious, insists the Godfather vacate the arena immediately!
B&C seem reluctant to go on, but Rico tells the Justice to continue to skip to the end!


When the Justice asks them "Do you?", both B&C say yes, although Rico has to encourage them to do it.
But just as they're about to be pronounced husband and husband, Chuck stops the ceremony!
Chuck asks Rico what he's doing, and Billy reveals that this was just supposed to be a publicity stunt,
 and wan't supposed to go this far!
Billy says that they're not gay, although if he were, he probably would marry Chuck!
Rico screams that he set this all up, and he knew B&C would back out at the last minute!


Suddenly the Justice of the Peace utters the words...THREE MINUTES!
He rips off his mask, and it's Eric Bischoff!!
Bischoff calls the Island Boys into the ring, who throw B&C out and grab Steph!
Rico holds Steph for the Island Boys to slam her, then the SD locker room runs out to save her!


SmackDown 9/5/02

Unbelievable as it may sound,
tonight may have actually topped the Posedown!!!!

Billy takes on Rey Mysterio, with Chuck and Rico at ringside


Billy gets Rey on his knees in the corner.


Billy holds Rey tightly against his chest.


Rey thought to take advantage while Billy was bent over the ropes,
but Chuck catches him and prevents the 619!


After the match, Rico grabs a mic, telling Billy that despite his loss,
this night will be the best of his, his life!


Rico turns to Chuck, telling him "Now's the time!"


Rico tells Chuck to reach deep, deep into his tights and "Find the love"!


Chuck pulls out....A RING!!!
He sinks to one knee at Rico's urging, telling Billy,
"Billy, I know we've been partners in the ring for a long time now, and uh, I was just wondering...
I want you to be my partner for life."


Billy is shocked! He can't believe Chuck just proposed to him!


Rico pressed Billy for an answer, and Billy replies....."YES!!!"
The three ecstatic men hug in the middle of the ring!


Mark Henry stops on the way to his match to congratulate the newly engaged pair.


D-von protests Billy and Chuck's engagement, saying adamantly that it's wrong!
Steph tells him where to shove it,
informing him that she's granted B&C's request to have their commitment ceremony
next week on Smackdown, in that very ring!


Funaki asks Rico for a comment on B&C's engagement.
Rico assures him that their commitment ceremony next week
will be something no one will ever forget!
He also reveals that he will be standing up for Chuck, and will be Billy's best man!


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