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The WWF's own Slashaliciously good
Billy & Chuck

SmackDown 2/21/02

Billy and Chuck are looking great for their Tag Team Title shot!


The APA scope out their possible competition for WrestleMania X8.


Billy takes down Tazz with a vengeance after Tazz scored a hit on Chuck.


Tazz tries to impress Chuck with his flexibility.


Tazz performs a move which, conveniently, gives him an excuse to get between Chuck's legs.
Tazzmission: Feel up the pretty braided blonde.


Tazz grabs Chuck from behind and holds tight. Aggressive, isn't he?


Billy takes Spike down with the Fame-ass-er.
The position speaks for itself...



Billy and Chuck celebrate their awesome victory!


Billy and Chuck fall onto the mat together to celebrate some more.


Later, in an interview, Billy and Chuck both insist it was the other's skill which lead them to victory.
They're so happy, they're off to celebrate some more!


SmackDown 2/14/02

Billy and Chuck exchange Valentines Day gifts.
Chocolates! Just what they both wanted.

Billy shares that he really cares about a tag team partner.


After watching B&C's exchange, Bradshaw demands to know where his gift is.
In the background, Billy and Chuck share a Valentines hug.


Billy and Chuck bring their chocolates to the ring with them, entwining their limbs to eat a few tender morels.

Later, it's revealed that there are weights in the bottom of the boxes, which cost the APA the match.
Clever boys!


SmackDown 2/7/02

Billy and Chuck were at their absolute best for Bruce's half-birthday show!
The only question now is, how will they ever top Posedown???

The challenge is to see who can capture the most provocative pose.
Let the posing begin!

Torrie and Stacy prepare to lose to Billy and Chuck in Posedown.


The boys go first.

Pose 1: Back to back
The boys share their best ass-ets.


Pose 2: Down in front
The artful kneeling cuddle.


Pose 3: Face to face
Ohhh, if tv screens could melt...
Does this picture even need a caption?


The girls know they've been upstaged, and they're not happy about it!


The girls pose: Down in front
This is supposed to compare to the steamy poses above?


Chuck is not impressed.


Unfortunately, puppies prevail and King proclaims Torrie and Stacy the victors.
But we all know who the real winners are!


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RAW 2/4/02

The prototype of a calendar that will sell millions! And this is the G rated version!


Look how hot we are Chuck!

Torrie and Stacy look on, practically drooling.


It's a challenge made and accepted!
On SmackDown they'll go two-on-two in a posedown!


Billy looks on jealously while Spike buries his head in Chuck's crotch.
Nice boys don't do that, Spike!


Chuck reassures Billy that there's only one man he wants.


RAW 1/28/02

Jazz hears moaning coming from a locker room, walking in on Billy and Chuck stretching.


Ooh, that's the spot Chuck!


Don't forget the groins! Oh that's good!


Later, Chuck goes to Billy for help.


Chuck has to touch Trish to pin her. Ew, girls!


All pictures from or captured by Merc.

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