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Congratulations to Christian for winning the European Title

November 4, 2001 the world lost a wonderful lady as Helen Hart past away at the age of 76. My condolences go out to Stu Hart, Bret Hart and the whole Hart family. Please go check out Helen Hart "The Queen of Hearts

Welcome to my page dedicated to the most talented wrestler around today...Christian. Christian is a tremendous athlete who is very exciting to watch. He works hard but unfortunately he doesn't get the credit that he deserves because his tag team partner's seem to receive all the credit but he is just as good maybe even better than they are. I hope you enjoy my webpage.



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Real Name: William Jason Reso
Birthday: November 30, 1973
Born: Kitchener, Ontario
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210
Eyes: Blue eyes
Hair: Blonde
Likes: Alternative music, hockey, weight training, and travel
Favorite Show: Friends
Favorite Bands: Stone Temple Pilots and Lenny Kravitz
Happiest Time In His Life: The day the WWF offered him a contract
Tattoo: He has a tattoo of a bulldog on his left arm
Childhood Career Aspirations: Pro Wrestler or Pro Hockey Player
First Thing He Bought with His First WWF Paycheck: Fossil Watch
First Thing He Bought His Mom: A Truck
Marital Status:Engaged but will be married May 25th
Previous Aliases: Christian Cage
Nickname: The Canadian Rage
Tag Teams: Teamed with Edge (Adam Copeland)

Previous Teams:
The Brood with Edge and Gangrel
The Ministry of Darkness
Suicides Blondes with Sexton Hardcastle (Adam Copeland)
High Impact with Adam Copeland

Titles Held:
WWF Light Heavyweight Champions (Defeated Taka Michinoku, October 18, 1998)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz in a Ladder match, April 2, 2000)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated The Hardy Boyz, T&A, and Too Cool in a Four Corners Elimination Match, June 25, 2000)
WWF World Tag Team Titles as Los Conquistadores (Defeated The Hardy Boyz, October 22, 2000)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated RTC, Dudley Boyz & Roaddogg & K-quick in a Four Corners Match, December 10, 2000)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated The Undertaker & The Rock, December 21, 2000)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated The Hardy Boyz, March 19. 2001)
WWF World Tag Team Titles with Edge (Defeated The Hardy Boyz & Dudley Boyz in a Triangle Ladder Match, April 1, 2001)
WWF Intercontinental Title (Defeated Edge, September 23, 2001)
WWF European Title (Defeated Bradshaw, October 30, 2001)
PCW World Champion (Deafeated "Latin Dragon" Juilo Sanchez)
ECWA World Champion (Defeated Glen Osbourne, July 18, 1998) and won title also on October 10, 1998
Finishing Move: The Unprettier
PWI 500 Rankings: 1997-268, 1998-80, 1999-90. 2000-57, 2001-29.

Jason and Adam met in the fifth grade when Jason was the new kid in school. Adam was intrigued by Jason as Jason was in possession of actual Ninja Stars. Adam talked to him about it, and they became friends and have been close friends ever since. Both Jason and Adam loved wrestling growning up, they would wrestle in their backyard and talk about one day become the tag team champions.
Adam began his training first and soon with the encouragement of Adam, Jason began his training at Sully's Gym in 1994 and was trained by Ron Hutchison. He made his wrestling debut in June 7, 1995 against Zakk Wylde and the match went to a draw. With the help of Adam he entered the WWF Training Camp in 1998. Once in the camp he impressed everyone with his talents and he soon made his WWF debut on September 27, 1998, showing up during a match between Edge and the late great Owen Hart, thus distracting Edge causing Owen Hart to capture the victory. Soon after he appeared, it was discovered that Christian is the younger brother of Edge.
Christian soon joined with Edge's rival Gangrel and in his first match on October 18, 1998 at the WWF's Pay-Per-View, Judgement Day he captured his first WWF title; The Light Heavyweight Championship. With in a few weeks Edge joined with them and they formed The Brood. Months later they joined the Ministry of Darkness but that alliance did not last long as they split from the group. By the end of July 1999 Gangrel had split up the Brood and was on his own, while Christian and Edge remained together. During the last 2 years Christian and Edge have enjoyed the most successful run as a tag team, holding the Tag Teams Titles 7 times. In September 2001 Christian turned his back on Edge. Leaving him and Edge to find success on their own.

On October 17, 1999 at the WWF's PPV No Mercy Jason participated in one of the greatest matches in wrestling history. He along with Edge took on the Hardy Boyz in the first every tag team ladder match. This match was voted match of the year by many. This match helped establish all four men as stars in the business.

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On July 2, 1999 I had the honor of meeting Christian, Edge and Gangrel. They were all extremely nice and nothing at all like the characters that they portray. For me meeting Christian was the ultimate, he was so sweet and nice, I even received a complement from him which made me extremely happy. Below is one of the many pictures that I took of the guys, but this one is my favorite of all the pictures that I took. This was after the autograph session and the guys were pick a winner for a contest. I called out to him, the first time he didn't hear me but the second time he did and provided me with that great smile. A few weeks later my very good friend Stephanie met them and got this picture signed for me.

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A very good picture taken by my friend Stephanie.

In my opinion this is the best picture of Christian, he looks so amazing:

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A note from a friend-Check out a new band called The Deadlights. They are an awesome band. I had the opportunity to see them live when they opened up for Type O Negative March 14, 2000 in NYC. The new album by the Deadlights rocks. Check out their Official website and don't forget to check them out at Ozzfest!! Thanks--Stephanie

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