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Core Control

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Version 2.0

Online Help for Windows 95/98/ME

Last updated 1/18/03

The Installation/Setup

Before you install Core Control make sure you have a Windows 95/98/ME system boot disk for your computer.

Go to Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs/Startup Tab to create a boot disk.

Installation of Core Control (Follow the steps below in order of appearance):

  1. Boot into Windows
  2. Execute the Core Control (ccv1.5_9xsetup.exe) installation program. Once the installation completes you must restart the computer.
  3. At the Windows login screen, type in your current Windows username and also a Windows password. If you are prompted to keep the new User Profile settings, select Yes.
  4. Re-confirm the Windows password
  5. Click OK to login to Windows
  6. Double Click on the Core Control icon (system tray)
  7. Click the button labeled Core to login to Core Control (there’s no password by default)
  8. Type in your current windows username into the Administrator’s textbox field
  9. Add a checkmark to secure your Administrator account

* Note

You can assign a Windows password to any other existing Windows User Profile. Click the Manage User Profiles button to set a password for each existing user. Furnish the new Windows password to the respective user. Alternatively, the existing user can create their own Windows password when they login (for the first time) to his/her own Windows User Profile.

* What’s been changed on my computer

  • If you have the AutoAdminLogon tweak active it will be disabled during the Core Control installation. You can still use AutoAdminLogon in tandem with Core Control.
  • All current Windows password files will be deleted from the computer. This ensures that the Required Setup runs smoothly.
  • All Core Control files will be installed into the c:\Program Files\Core Control directory

The Uninstall Process

To maintain the integrity of Core Control, an uninstaller is not included in the installation. You as Administrator, must follow the steps outlined below to successfully uninstall Core Control from the computer and all existing Windows User Profiles.

To uninstall Core Control from the computer you must:

  1. Login to Core Control
  2. Move to Options on the menu/Run on Startup
  3. Remove the checkmark from the Core Control submenu option
  4. minimize Core Control to the system tray
  5. Reboot the computer. (Core Control must not be active when uninstalling).
  6. Login to your Windows User Profile.
  7. Move to the C:\Program Files\Core Control folder.
  8. Execute the ccupc.exe file (This is the Core Control User Profile Cleaner).
  9. Click on the button labeled Clean to uninstall Core Control.

If you have any other existing Windows User Profiles you must:

  1. Login to the applicable Windows User Profile
  2. Move to the C:\Program Files\Core Control folder.
  3. Execute the ccupc.exe file
  4. Click on the button labeled Clean to remove all restrictions from the user.

Complete the same steps for all remaining Windows User Profiles. When you have "Cleaned" the last User Profile, you should:

Delete the Core Control folder entirely.

Administrator Tip

If a user will no longer be using his/her User Profile you can delete it instead of using the cleaner.

  1. Move to Control Panel/Users Applet
  2. Click (highlight) the User Profile that will be deleted
  3. Click the Delete button and delete the User Profile


You as Administrator, must run the Cleaner at least once to uninstall the Core Control engine.

  • Why must I use this cleaner? Why wasn't an uninstaller created?

Since Core Control restrictions are primarily on a per user basis, the uninstaller would not be able to remove all restrictions from all User Profiles simultaneously. It would only remove the restrictions from the current logged in user.

The End

Well… Here we are!

I hope you enjoy Administrating Core Control and the users of your computer.

Please send any feedback/suggestions to my email address at:

Thank you

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