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ssg1.gif (188 bytes) Site Surfer is a full featured Web Browser program designed for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Operating Systems

Its featured benefits are:

       Resolves web addresses quickly

       Large Web Browser window

       5 one-click Speed Site buttons

       Enhanced Favorites Management

       Instant access to Favorites

       Administrator password (optional) function

       Auto Startup option (current user or all users)

       Auto Connect

       Auto Disconnect (closes parent and all child windows simultaneously)

       New Window selection (minimum, normal or maximized)

       http://www.  prefill in the Address Bar

       Countdown Timer with four “triggers” to select from

       Instant access to the current default email program (9x systems)

       Date/Time display

       Font sizing

       Disable Downloads

       Optimize Internet speed option

       Modem speaker on/off mode

       Proxy configuration

       Disable/Enable Address bar

       Access to the Hard drive, Run box, Find Dialog window and Dos

       Instant access to notepad, and calculator

       Personal information text file

       Menu customization

       View Source

 And much more…