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19 May 2011
Mood:  a-ok
Well classes are over and capstone is completed.  Just have to walk and get my diploma.  You can view my capstone at
I got As in all of my classes.  A 4.0 this semester!  My cumulative grade is now 3.9.  I'm graduation summa cum laude.  The baccalaureate ceremony is on the 25th.  I get 3 chords to wear.  One for summa, one for the honors program, and one for Alpha Chi.  I also have a fourth cord I'll be wearing from the National Society of Leadership and Success.  I have graduation rehearsal on Monday the 23rd, and I graduate on Thursday the 26th.

This summer should be good.  I'm going to try and get some things done.  I need to get off my lazy ass though.  I want to fix my site, which I was working on today.  I just have to re-add all the art work I lost, plus some new artwork.  I finished resizing stuff.  It looks a bit better.
I also want to submit my capstone to some festivals.  I have to get applications and fees together.  Poo
Let's see...I have to also work on my demo reel, learn some more about the programs I use, get a job....
Oh and I'm going to be animating a game! That should be fun.

I'm getting a colonoscopy...not fun.  I have a lot wrong with my insides, so we will see what exactly is wrong with me.
I get my colonoscopy the day before animenext! lol!  That makes it so much fun! Not really...

That's all I feel like typing now.  I will try to update more...but no guarantees.

Posted by Carrie at 1:19 PM EDT
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25 February 2011
I know it's been forever...
Mood:  irritated
Well capstone is going very slow.  I hate is so much.  I am working on keying the last scene.  Then I still have to inbetween and clean up.  Then scan everything and clean it up on the computer.  Then I can finally color it.  I also still have the backgrounds to work on.  My capstone is starting to really piss me off.  I hate the way it's coming out and I am horribly behind my schedule.
My science class is boring.  The students act like they are still in high school.  The talk all the time and interrupt.  The professor just keeps repeating herself.  I should have taken a different class, but I need one more natural science course to graduate.  I guess I can bear with it.  It's not like it's hard.  Our midterm is next week.  It's open book.  We only have 3 chapters to worry about.
Statistics is easy as well.  I still get confused on some problems though, but I think that's a good thing.  It shows I'm actually learning something new. 
Capstone class itself isn't too bad.  Midterm presentations are next week.  I'm not too worried.  I'll just show what I have, make it quick and get it over with.  I have to write an artistic statement for next week too.  I have no idea what to write.  It's horrible.  My artwork isn't just about one topic, it's all over the place.
I've really had no time for anything else but school.  I went out on Valentine's Day at least.  My boyfriend took me to a delicious Japanese restaurant.  It was very good.  I'm hungry now...going to find food.  Then back to sulking over all my work.

Posted by Carrie at 3:59 PM EST
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23 January 2011
Mood:  sad
Well classes started last Thursday.  I had integrated science class and statistics class.  Integrated science seems easy, like really easy.  It's really basic.  We spent the first class learning the metric system.  I was surprised at how many people did not know anything about measuring in the metric system.  They didn't know a meter stick was a meter long...or which side of the metric stick was the English side or the metric side.  I guess I learned well in high school, or they didn't learn well?  I don't know.  I should have taken a different class, but this natural science course fit best into my schedule.  Well this class should be ok.  I have to do a lab report every week and there's one 1000 word research paper.  There's also a midterm and a final.  It should be fine though.
Statistics class seems like it will be ok.  I just have to do homework and take tests.  That is usually not a problem.
I haven't had my capstone class yet.  I have it Wednesday.  I have to do a presentation of my capstone idea to the freshmen class.  It shouldn't be a problem.  I didn't work on my capstone at all during break.  I feel horrible.  I tried to work on a background today, but I hate how it's turning out.  I don't think my capstone is going to be any good.  I'm going to hate it.  I wish I was a better artist.  I should have chose a different major.  I hope I can do this.

Posted by Carrie at 7:42 PM EST
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15 January 2011
Mood:  happy

The time between each blog is getting longer.  Sorry about that.  I guess it shows the lazy side of my personality.  I need to figure out how to fix that.

I'm in California right now.  I'm staying at the Grand Californian hotel in Disney.  I love Disney sooo much.  We arrived on Tuesday and we are leaving tomorrow.  Last night my mom and I went to a taping of Two and a Half Men.  We had VIP tickets :)  We got to tour the Warner Brothers Studio lot.  Richard was our guide.  He was very nice and he knew a lot even though he didn't work there.  He was a friend of Jon Cryer, who we got to meet and take pictures with.  During the tour we got to see some other shows being filmed.  The first one was The Mentalist.  They were filming in a make shift bar on the set...some girl was getting pushed to the floor or something.  One of the workers came over to see who we were.  He was about the same age as me and he started talking to us and then he went back to work.  The next show we saw filming was Chuck.  Then we went to the stage were Two and a Half Men was being taped.  It was a very funny show and we got to go on the set.  We were in Charlie's living room and on the balcony.  We got our pictures taken in different spots and then with Jon.  It was a lot of fun!

Disney and California Adventure have been fun as well.  I don't really want to go home tomorrow, but I have to.  I haven't started working on capstone yet >.<  I'm really behind.  I hope I can get to work on it soon.

I've been really tired lately.  Maybe it's the slight time change here?  Maybe...



Posted by Carrie at 10:26 PM EST
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1 January 2011
Happy New Year!!! It's 2011!!!
Mood:  happy
Sorry its been so long.  Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!  Wow it's 2011 already.  I can't believe it.  This is the year I do capstone, graduate, and start looking for a job in the real world.  Now to fill you all in on what happened the past few weeks.

I got all my grades for last semester.  Straight As!  I'm so happy.  Another year on the Dean's List.

I saw the tree in the city with my boyfriend, sister, and dad.  It was a lot of fun.  We tried to see Santa at Macy's as well, but there was a 3 hour wait, so we said heck no and left.

I got so many great gifts for Christmas!  I know Christmas isn't supposed to be about presents, but I really like them.  Now to brag about my wonderful gifts!
My boyfriend got me a pink cover for my Wii balance board, a box of Godiva, cupcake bath fizzies, and a pretty heart locket from Shanalogic (my favvvvvv place to shop for cute accessories).
My fabulous friend got me lotsssss of lush bath bombs and bubble bars!  I love lush!  She's the best!  She also got me magic unicorn gum.  It's cool!
My sister got me some Shanalogic stuff, a belt and a necklace!  And her fiance got me 7 pounds of rainbow many....but there's only about 3 pounds left.
Santa got me a lot of games this year.  For my Wii I got, Guitar Hero 5 with a guitar and the Aerosmith one, Fragile Dreams, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Galaxy 2, and Epic Mickey Collector's edition.  For my DS I got Golden Sun, Art Academy, and Scribblenauts.  I also got My Neighbor Totoro on DVD, two books - Vampire Knight fanbook and Songs to Make You Smile, some bath stuff, lotions, a Rudolph that grows, an orange, a Tangled ornament, a bunny pin, penguin socks, a Chilly Willy hat, winter gloves, a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card, and some chocolates.
My cousin's doggie got me a cute tote bad that says, "Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease."  My aunt Tina got me a really nice bag with my name on it.  I love it!  I'm going to use it when I got back and forth to see my boyfriend in the city since it will hold everything I need to bring.  My aunt Nancy made me a cute blue scarf!  It's all furry and pretty! 
Well that's everything I'm going to brag topic...

For New Years, my sister, her fiance, my friend, her boy, my boyfriend and I stayed at a hotel.  We watched the Dick Clark New Year's special and had some snacks and drinks.  It was a lot of fun and the snacks were yummy.  I'm staying another night at the hotel tonight.  I love hotels!  They are so much fun!

When I get home tomorrow I have to start working on my capstone.  I've been slacking off because I got distracted by all my wonderful Christmas gifts.  I have to get the introduction done so I can be at a good place when the semester starts.  I have to keep to my schedule. 

Wednesday is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend.  I'm going to his place and we will probably go out to dinner.  I can't wait!

Posted by Carrie at 10:08 PM EST
Updated: 1 January 2011 10:10 PM EST
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17 December 2010
One Week Until Christmas Eve!
Mood:  cool
Sorry it's been a while.  The end of the semester sure was busy and I'm still tired from everything.

My classes all ended well.  I had my presentation in Life Drawing for Motion and everyone liked my self portraits.  Someone said that the drawings seemed to portray me as a bit rebellious and as if I did not care what others thought about me.  That may be a bit true.  The other projects were good as well.  One student made characters from rock, paper, and scissors.  She made up the world they live in, government type structures, and warriors for each.  It was cool.

My number theory test went a lot better then I expected.  I studied so much that I had practically every definition memorized.  The good thing was that the definitions I was iffy about, weren't on the test!  I really lucked out.  The calculations went well too.  I knew hat I was doing.  I think I got an A.  The final grade isn't online yet.

Pre-capstone class also ended well.  We got free bagels with cream cheese!  I was so happy to eat a delicious bagel.  It made my jaw hurt though, silly TMJ disorder.  But anyway, I presented my animatic, people liked my story, and that was it.  Now I have to work on the backgrounds and finish the introduction sequence before next semester begins.

Next semester I have only three classes.  They are capstone, integrated science, and statistics.  I also have Monday and Fridays off.  More time to do capstone!  I have so much work to do for capstone :(

I have to add the descriptions of my art work to my site.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

Christmas is soon!  I can't wait.  I decorated the other house with my sister a bit today.

I'm going to the city tomorrow to see my boyfriend!  I haven't seen him for a few weeks because of school.  I was so busy.  I hope it's not too crowded trying to get there.

Today's Fortune Cooke:
In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.  Lucky Numbers:  55, 15, 52, 10, 51, 38.

I guess as long as you do your best and try as hard as you can, even if you fail you still did good?  i don't know.  Just do the best you can.  The lucky numbers contain three numbers in the fifties.  Wow.

Posted by Carrie at 6:04 PM EST
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11 December 2010
Mood:  down
Ah, it's been a while. I finished my flash project, so I'm officially done with that class.  You may have noticed my site.  It's all flashy now!  Let me know what you think!  All comments and critiques are gladly accepted.  I will be adding descriptions to my artwork soon as well as a downloadable version of my resume.  If anyone else as any other ideas of what I might need to add let me know.  I've already had one suggestion on the size.  That person didn't like the fact that he had to scroll for a flash site.   Personally, I like scrolling.  For me, I think the header may be too big, I don't know. 

Well only one week of school left.  Well, not a whole week.  Monday I have Number Theory, it's just basically a review class before the final on Wednesday.  I hope I do well.  I've been studying a bit here and there.  I have a lot left to memorize and learn, though.

Tuesday is my life drawing for motion final class.  I have to present my paper on identity and show some self portraits I drew.  They came out scary, I may do more, but it all depends on how my other work goes.

No more sociology!  I am officially done with that class, since I'm exempt from the final.  Yay!

Pre-capstone final is Thursday.  I have a presentation for this class as well.  I'm trying to get together a decent animatic with nice backgrounds.  The backgrounds have been a lot of trouble for me.  They still are.  Hopefully I can get this done.  It's really been stressing me out.  But at least Thursday the professor is bringing in bagels for everyone!  I can't wait for a bagel. I just don't want to present.

Speaking of capstone, I have a lot of work to do over break.  I have to finish the backgrounds and the introduction animation.  That's my goal.  I've set up a production schedule of what I have to do in order to be finished by the end of class next semester.  It's a lot of work and I hope I can keep to my schedule.  Maybe I can even get ahead of schedule.  That would be nice. I have to work my ass off to make it happen though.

Lots of work to do tomorrow!  I want a nap.

Posted by Carrie at 9:56 PM EST
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6 December 2010
Last Week of Classes...Then Finals...
Mood:  not sure
I finished my essay!  I also got together 10 drawings for my final critique tomorrow.  I hope it goes well.  All I have left is the self portrait assignment for next Tuesday.
Flash class was a bit boring today.  I couldn't work on my project because I forgot to save it for CS4.  I have CS5, so it automatically saves for that version.  So I couldn't open my file in class.  Four hours of getting no work done was not fun for me.  I ended up helping another student finish his portfolio and put it on a cd to hand it.  I then attempted to study for number theory, but I didn't get through the whole stack of flash cards.
Speaking of Number Theory, I have one and a half assignments left to do.  I plan on doing them tomorrow.  My professor put the study guide for the final up.  We have 30 definitions/theorems to memorize and 5 problems to know how to compute.  The problems should be ok after I practice a few, but I have a hard time with the memorization.  She wants us to write the exact wording she gives us.  I have a hard time doing this.  I usually learn the material, and write definitions based on what I know.  This way it is less memorizing and more learning.  Unfortunately, I can't do that here.  So I have lots of studying to do.
I guess I'll start working on my capstone as soon as I finish everything else.  Hopefully I force myself to work on it soon.

Posted by Carrie at 10:17 PM EST
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4 December 2010
Go Green Knight!!!
Mood:  happy
This morning was ok.  I got up at around 10ish and I played a few facebook games.  Then I opened up my portfolio site on flash.  And you know what I did?  I fixed my scripting issues!  All on my own!  I am very happy about that.
However, as 1pm came tummy was in a lot of pain.  I ended up in a cold sweat and feeling very sick.  I tried to lay down and rest, but I couldn't because of the pain.  I ended up vomiting.  It was horrible.  I felt like crap.  I was eventually able to get some rest.  I woke back up at 4pm and felt better, but not 100%.
I still ended up going to Medieval Times.  Once i got some food in me I felt much better.  I was in the Green Knight's section.  He was the evil knight.  He ended up losing.  It was sad :(.  I was waving my flag for him and cheering, but he still lost.  He was cute, too.  Oh well.  But at least I got assigned to the evil knight.  I like rooting for the bad side sometimes.  It's fun.
The food there was good too.  They gave me half a chicken!  I couldn't finish it, but they gave me a container so I could take it home.  My first experience at Medieval Times was a lot of fun.  Maybe one day I'll get to go back.

Well I didn't get to work on my essay like I wanted to.  At least I figured out my flash issue though before I got sick.  I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and Monday.  Hopefully, I don't get sick again!

Posted by Carrie at 10:48 PM EST
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3 December 2010
End of another week
Mood:  not sure
Yesterday was kind of a bad day for me.  I just didn't feel up to much.  Right when I got to my precapstone class, I just wanted to go home.  I think stress is getting to me.  I have so much to do in so little time.  I have hardly touched my capstone project.  I tried coloring in the backgrounds and i hate how it's turning out.  I wish I could do backgrounds, but I'm just not good at it.

I had Number Theory class today.  We learned abot Riemann and zeta and xi and I'm all confused.  But, that's ok, I'll understand it eventually.  I have one more problem on the homework I have to do for Monday.  The professor is also putting up the study guide this weekend for the final.  I have to make flash cards as soon as it goes up.  I really need to study.

On good news, in Sociology class on Thursday I learned that I was exempt from the final.  Since my scores were over 90 for both my previous tests, I don't have to take the final.  So that means I'm done with sociology.  I just have the two classes left to attend, but no more work to do and no more studying!  One less class to worry about!  Hopefully this will alleviate my stress a bit.

My portfolio is coming along nicely.  I've added a lot of content to it and it really looks nice.  I can't wait to be finished so I can upload it.  I have to work on what to say for my bio page though.  I have no idea what to put.  I also still need to find out how to fix the scripting issue I'm having with the bird.  I really need to talk with my professor on Monday about it.  I also have to make more content buttons because I found a bunch of art I want to add.  Lots of work left to do!

I'm going to start my drawing essay tomorrow.  I want to get it at least half way done, and then I can do the rest Sunday and edit anything I need to on Monday.

Tomorrow I'm also going to Medieval Times for the first time!  My sister has gotten to go a lot.  She had a lot of friends who have had birthday parties there, and she goes with her fiancée once in a while as well.  I'm excited!  I hope it will be fun!

Posted by Carrie at 10:49 PM EST
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