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What on Earth??????

(Many more samples added on May 03, 2003)

I, Sunil Oberoi, was the hapless examiner for an exam to appoint sub-division level officers for a certain department of the state government sometime in late 2000. I bring you some gems from the answer scripts that I had the misfortune of correcting. After going through these if you wonder why these worthies got any marks at all, it is because of my generous nature, and also because if I didn't give any marks there would be no appointments, which would lead to a vacuum, which would in turn lead to a bureaucratic grid / system collapse (not such a bad idea, many would say). Lest you charge me with aiding and abetting this murderous assault on the English language, let me tell you that after I had gone through the first two answer scripts, I was brain-dead. So fasten your seat belts and read on:

[I have retained all errors, including spelling mistakes]

Natural Calamities     Cricket Scandal     Democracy     Carnivores     Sentences



# There is so many forms of calamities in nature. It also caused severaly by directing the invissible hand.  That is called nature. There are various kinds of natural calamities not only in India but also over through the world. The air pollussion, sound polloution, the earth queak, the earth irrossion, the cyclone, the water pollussion. So, if we will not be carefull for the protection of the victory of the calamity the civilization will ruined in no more. As for example the cyclone of Orissa had caused vast loss.

# Indian calmities are veries then one plase to another plase. Westbengal & Bihar clamities are not same. Westbengal clamities is rice, sugar, Tea & others. So Bihars clamities is whith are main agriculture land. Indian clamities diffant are other stats.

# Calamities is very use ful of the caltivation. All the crops caltivation depent rain. The farmer is very unhappy when the pady lapan if the ran has been not come. They could not caltivated pady, or another crops.



# Now-a-time, Indian Cricked is very bat secution by the some cricked player, our country very populer to world country by good cricked play. Indian taked world cup by leader of Kapil dev, our proudfull to Indian. Cricked played, Kapil dev is the best boller of world by take 432 wicked, Sunil Gavsakar, take ten hundred run from Internation cricked, Our proudfull, Sochin Tendulkar, Sourav is a best opening gutice in the world. All the time, some on cricked playerd, mach fixing and betting involved: Indian cricked very passetd by matche betting. Cricked Broad cannot save- who man involved get out the Indian Tem.

# In past, we all know that cricket match is interesting, but now a day, we do not watch the good match due to some circumstances, i.e. match fixing. In India every cricketer are adopted with match fixing. In recent, The C.B.I investigate their family income, individual income, to each cricketer. So, we donot see the good cricketer, good match, good field. In future, any cricket will not be participate in Indian team.

# Future of cricket after the recent scandals will be good for comming new players Because they are thinking this matter and they are learn from this happen. In future they are not engage of such incident. We are expecting which the player involve this scandals, They have should give punishment. and in future they are not do such things. We hope cricket team & play will be develop and fair day by day.

# It is a great pity to such a bad scandals in cricket. Million of spectators to get joy to see the cricket tournament or match. If such scandel is going on. The future of cricket is in a dull. Though the income tax officers to chese up the cricketer for serutinize the truthfullness. of the facts. If there is a certain leak in the team. then the cricketer, they fallen in darkness. We hope, It is a removr & the cricketer will be played in good swimuing in future. We hope the Cricket Control Board would take necessary step for progress of cricket in future. This scandals is temporary. not permanent.

# The cricket mach will arrive a good position in future. Becouse, the player attend to cricket team. They hard and sold try to win the very match. They are trended and they give hard labour in his pratich.

# Indian cricket is very Intrest have. But recent cricket Board and cricket Player all time goat up match playing for all contry of mid attcked. This is all lime parolol line start then fulure is very bad. All man mind omit in the cricket play I do not want that All Worlol Bassie cricket today omite. there are cricked Board is a very carefuly in the India.



# All the time India is the more democracy country. There are no own capital, no helth, no Agriculture. All the through day today wear is allways invited. Many people and party in this India Govt. There are no Education. allways khan and mader are nato the manlife.

# In 1947 we took the independence from British government. It is true we got freedom and there is no slavery system in our country. But freedom, democracy and socialism are interrelated. I think our democracy is not used we properly but it is necessary to make a country healthy and wealthy democracy will be must. Behind this democracy we got wright to do any legal work or consume any legal judge etc. But if we follow the bad effect of democracy we look there is nothing information about any demonstration which will cost very very in healthy in our life. In our country it is absolute misguide by some persons who are actually took us backward position in the world. So I think to protect and use the democracy properly at first need our education properly then the others. There will be develop our country if we obey our democracy properly.

# India is a democracy country in the world. The democracy of India is run away from our greatest leader of Mahatma Gandhi. Everybody of the citizen of India. The democracy are equal. These rights are written in our constitutions. Our constitutions are very appreciated under our leader of constitution Mr. BR Ambedkar. We are product for him.

# India is a great land of world. My native land of India. 1947, 15th Augst independs day of India. 1950, 26th January Constitional day. Sovergin Political democracy. 18 year man vote gives the MP, MLA and tri-star panchayat elected. Five years after vote gives for man. All men Need for vote. Democracy Preservation all liability for Indian. Present day All India 100 croes of man lived. Democracy in India all men give us lectures. This all men feuturs gives and work for political right. This Indian needed for equal right of Five Fundementa things (i) Food (ii) cloths (iii) house (iv) education, and (v) health. Now days in India, all state stand right, war, because the polytical ledar all in all like. Do or die the catch the chair. Every Five years  Results for the people of the people on the people. Five years after goes for the general man. Do think for elected man. Indian is best democracy of all world. Independent means independ for any man all others man. Man is not impossible well educated and intellectual man for perfection. Man is not mighty object all welth for enjoy for any man. Ao all men enjoy all equal welth. Of course need for student, teacher, all intelligence man. Like qui is not war. One man is not one post for the full lifes of Indian, Working Period for five years for Democracy Preservation.

# We are not free before the democracy. When we aceheved the democracy it is the same of hers democracy. We are Indian and live in this country. this spech is colled we are seeing to proud. Recently the political lidar of our country-----and commented many other words to the people. But our oldest political leader mathma Gandhi is called about the Indian people which is true. Finally I called our democracy is wrong for our people.



# who eat grass.
# Mahatma Gandhi is a carnivore. 


Affect: It is Affected Area.
# Affect: I am affectionately lover of actor Uttam Kumar.
# Effect: Life is Effect.
# Carrer: is not a rank of possision.
# Carrie: is the rank of possision.
# Career: It is the public career vickls.
# Career: Lory goods Carrer.
# Career: He is career her bag.
# Carrier: A man always justified his Carrier.
# Carrier: Carrier all men is life.
# Carrier: My carrier is good.
# Stationary: is the cosmotice goods. or intertenent laxary goods.
# Stationery: is not cosmotic goods.

# Stationary: There is bag lying on the station. The station master will take the stationary action.

# Stationary: Is a platform there many men and goods stock.
# Stationery: He lives near in a stationery house.


There is lots more to come, if you can stomach it!

PS: If you think these are isolated examples, you are mistaken. This was the general trend.