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Pewter City Gym - Brock

Brock's Gym
Brock still uses Rock Pokemon but just to make it a little more interesting he has added a few Rock/Water combinations for you to struggle with. But don't worry, Hydro Pump can still take them out with no problem. If not, a good Grass attack should do nicely.

And for the other Pokemon: Water attacks.

Brock will give you his Boulder Badge after you defeat him which will make your Pokemon even stronger. Now head East towards Mt. Moon.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Graveler 41 1176
Rhyhorn 41 1185
Omastar 42 1791
Onix 44 1017
Kabutops 42 1809
Prize: $4200


Rainbow or Silver Wing
Depending on which version you're playing, talk to this old guy in Pewter City before you leave. He'll give you the Silver Wing (in Gold) which will allow you to catch Lugia. Or the Rainbow Wing (in Silver) which will allow you to catch Ho-oh.


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