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Monstrum Horrendum started out in 2002 as a collaboration between Leonie O'Moore and Andy Smith.

Leonie continued on with the project, beginning with a small black and white comic book. (Vol.1 - out of print)

After issue 2 (2004), Monstrum went online, with short full colour adventures as well as short strips in other comics/zines/magazines
(including 'Comics International magazine').

The crew then made a come back in 2009 with full colour longer format adventures. (Vol.2 - read them online here.)

Reviews of the books can be found here.

Here's a look at how the characters have changed over the years (2002 - 2008):

Read the books here.

For Monstrum news, updates and 'Making of' features,
and look under the Monstrum Horrendum tag (located in the tag cloud at the bottom of the page.)