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!!Matt's Avernum Power Website!!

13/01/03 You guessed it, she dumped me. I now have a new member helping me, Drakken. he has already added a bit to the F.A.Q which is coming along nicely.I don't know the link to it, but my page will probably using flash soon, thanks to my sister's boyfriend Gordan, so if your browser doesn't have flash, start downloading. You can check out one of his sites, not really made yet at Also, I now have a guestbook, look at the left frame for info.
!!Matty D!!

11/01/03 I added part of the Troglodyte/Giant quest today. By the way, I have a girlfriend!!!! I know that isn't relevant to Avernum but she is soooooooooo hot and all mine!!
!!Matty D!!

5/01/03 I added text versions today. The Walkthrough and the F.A.Q.

2/01/03 Happy new year. This year seems to have flown so fast for me but I hope you had a slow year so you could enjoy playing Avernum. Today I have added a F.A.Q incase you get stuck. I havn't put much on it but I'm slowly combing through all of the topics in the spiderweb board.
!!Matty D!!

26/12/02 Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all had a fab Christmas and got Avernum 3 if you didn't already have it. Today I updated the index, it now has buttons! Remember, if you are willing to help me with the walkthrough, !!Email Matt!!

!!Matty D!!

23/12/02(I'm Australian so don't worry if the formats of the date seem wrong)
Edited the whole layout of the page today (my fingers hurt, typing for hours). If you didn't notice, I added Guhbar's Pit but it is in the middle of everything, cluttered away somewhere, so look for that.

!!Matty D!!

!!Email Matt!! .
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