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First love

I'm hurting inside
theres nothing anybody can do
to make it alright
cause they're not you

I wish you didn't have to go
cause i miss you so much
and i want you to know
that our love was enough

Maybe if we had been better lovers
so that we wouldn't need to leave
we'd still be together
cause baby, you're the one i need

first love will never go away
in my memories you'll always stay
no matter what the time of day
you just pop into my head and stay

first love reminding me of the time we shared
When you still loved me and i still cared
all those times that you were there
when i was the one that you wanted dear

Baby, can't you just see
that no matter what happens to us
even if we aren't meant to be,
you're the one i"ll always love...

"true love is like a ghost which every one talks about and few have seen..."

"Love starts from the heart, not the eye..."

"you may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever..."

it hurts to love someone and not be loved in return
but what is more painful,
is to love someone,
and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel...

written with a pen
sealed with a kiss
if you love me
please answer this
do you love me
or do you not
you told me once
but i forgot
so tell me now
and tell me tru
so i kan say "i love you"
of all the guys
i've ever met
yur the one
i'll never forget
and if i die
before you do
i'll go to heaven
and wait for you
and if yur not there
on judgment day
i'll know you went
the other way
i'll give the angels
back their wings
and risk the lost
of everything
just to prove
my love is tru
i'll got to hell
just to be with you

"HOw CaN i?"

hOw cAN i teLL yOU thAT i LOVe yOu?
whEN yoU hAVe hER tO sAy thOSE wORDs...
hOW cAN i sHow yOu my fEeLings?
wHEn i'M afRaiD of gEttiNg hURt...
hOw cAN i evEr LOve aGaiN,
wHEn yOU've stOLen my heARt...
HOW cAn i bE haPpY,
wHen WEre sO fAR apARt..
hOW cAN i cOntinUe LiviNG,
wHEn yOU WERe my rEAsOn...
hOW cAn i waIt fOr yOUr LOVe,
wHEn yOu dOn't haVe eNOUgh

"i wAS wRonG"

i diDnT tHiNk thAt yOu wEre tHE onE
thAT i eVer wOULD wAnt
yOU tOLD mEeH thAT yOu LoVe mEeh
i tOok iT aS a jOkE ANd coULdnT sEe
tHoT i wAsnT eVEn nEAR LoVinG yOu
uNtiL thE dAY yOU LEt gO aNd LeFt mEeh bLuE
i tHiNk anD tHinK bUT mOStLy i REgREt
nEvEr thoT iTíLL enD yEt
yOu diDnt eVeN sAY tHE bYe
aNd Let oTHErS sEe teArS iN mY eYeZ
mY teARS wEre dRipPinG
wHiLe mY hEArt wAs riPPinG
i wAS tRyinG tO sHOW a sMiLe
tHo yOu wEre aS fAR aS a tHouSaND miLes
yOu LoOkEd sO piSsED
bUT aLL i reALLy nEedED wAs a gEntLe kiSs
eACH dAy thE pAiN iS gAiNinG
anD thE sKieS oF miNe sEemEd tO bE rAiniNG
i prAy eVERy siNgLe niGht
thAT yOUíLL coME bACk AND hOLD mEeh tiGHt
anD LEt yOu kNoW hoW muCh i LoVE yOu
i wAS wRonG toO

"aS LonG aS fEreVEr"

aS LonG aS feReVEr
iíLL sTAy bY yOur siDe
iíLL bE yOur cOMpAniOn
yOur fRiEnD anD yOur gUidE
aS LoNG aS i LiVE
aNd aS LonG aS yOu cARe
iíLL dO aNitHiNg
iíLl gO aNiwHEre
iíLL bRinG yOu sUnsHiNe
iíLL cOmfORt yOuR fEar
iíLL gAthEr uP rAinBoWs
tO chAse aLL yOuR tEARS
aS LoNG aS fEreVEr
mY LoVE wiLL bE tRuE
aND aS LonG aS i LiVe

thEreís ONLeE yOu"

aS i wAs wALkinG dOWn tHE stReEt
i thoT i heARd tHE eCho
oF yOuR vOiCe iN thE winD
bUt i gUESs iT wAs ONLy mEeh
mY minD pLayinG tRiCkS oN mEeh AGAiN
iíVe nEvEr knOWn sOMeonE
wiF sUch a bEauTiFUL fAcE
aNd tHErEís nO oNE iN tHiS wErLD
thAt wiLL eVEr tAKe yOur pLAyCe
anD thEreíS oNLeE yOu iN mY heArt
yOUíRe the oNLeE oNe iN mY sOuL
thEreíS oNLee yOu iN mY miND
aND sTaYinG wiF yOu iS mY gOaL
i cAníT mAKe iT thRu tHE dAY
iF i dONt heAR yOuR vOicE
anD i cANt mAke iT tHru thE niGHt
bUT i gUeSs i dOnt hAF a CHoiCE
i doNT kNOW WhAt iT iS
thAT iS wRonG wiF mEeH
bUDt i hOPe mY LoVE iS sOmetHinG
thAT yOu cAn reALLy sEe

As the lips that once told me they loved me
Claimed to love me no more
I wonder how to stop the tears
That flowed so freely to the floor
As the eyes that once
Held a look so warm with care
I wonder if there was a time
When there was a time
Those eyes really did care
As the arms that once
Held and comforted me
How it just pushed me away
I wonder why my time was through
And why I could not stay

thE heARt hAs iTS reAsOn wHiCh reAsON dOES noT kNoE.

tHE wORsT pRiSoN wOuLD bE a cLoSEd hEArt.

gRAviTy cAnNot bE hELd rEsPOnsiBLe fEr twO pEEpLe fALLiNG iN LovE.

i cANNOt sHOw yOu I LoVE yOu. timE wiLL sHow yOU i LoVE yOu.

tO fALL iN LoVE, iT tAkES tWO hEaRTS LiKE yOu aNd MeEh, tO maKE iT becomE A reALiTy

thE oNLEe anGeLs aRe tHOsE wHO stAndS bESidE yOu.

EvErY mAn iS AfrAid oF SoMeThiNg... ThAt's When u Know hE LoVes U... When HE's AfrAiD oF LoSiNg U...

NeVER Say GooDbYe WhEn u StiLL waNt To TrY, NeVeR GiVe Up WhEn u StiLL FeEL U CaN TAKe it, NeVeR Say U DoNnnt' LoVe ThAt PeRsOn AnyMoRe WhEn U Can't LEt Go...

TrUe LoVe DoEsN't HaVe a HaPpY EnDinG. True LoVe DoesN't HaVe An ENDiNg...

LoVe CauSe pain*LoVe CuReS pain*AnD LoVe iS a Pain.

EvERY STeP i ToOk SiNcE thE mOmEnt i coULD WALk WAs a SteP toWarDs finDiNg YOu.

HuRt Me oNcE sHaMe On U.. HuRt Me tWiCe sHaMe On Me.

iT hurtS TO LOve sOmeOne AnD nOT be LOveD in reTurn, buT whAT is mOre pAinfuL is TO LOve sOmeOne AnD never finD The cOurAge TO LeT ThAT persOn knOw hOw yOu feeL

giving sOmeOne ALL yOur LOve is never An AssurAnce ThAT They wiLL LOve yOu bAck, DO nOT expecT LOve in reTurn, jusT wAiT fOr iT TO grOw in Their heArTs buT if iT DOes nOT, be cOnTenT ThAT iT grew in yOurs

if i DOnT sAy i LOve yOu OfTen iT DOesnT mAke iT Less True, i LOve yOu sO much, wOrDs cAnT express iT

Life is TOO shOrT TO TALk AbOuT LOve, jux feeL iT

if yOu Ask me AbOuT LOve, i cAnT Answer yOu, buT if yOu Ask me whO i LOve, The Answer is yOu

iT TAkes A TriLLiOn Tiny snOw fLAkes TO mAke A bLAnkeT Of snOw, iT TAkes A miLLiOn Tiny sTArs TO LighT up The DArkesT sky, buT iT OnLy TAkes One simpLe kiss TO mAke me fALL fOr yOu

ThE LOve in uR hEaRt WasN't Put ThEre To StaY LoVe iSn't...Love UntiL U giVe iT AwaY

*Big HuG!*

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever.. If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..If Yur askin what I value the Answer is U.. if Yur askin if I love U the answer is I do.

i think that the word love is used to substitute for the word that you can't find to tell the other person how you feel, because you just have really deep feelings for him/her

-im sorry if I madE u cry. Im sorry if tearS fell frum yOur eyeS, for that`s noT at aLl wati intened to do, but juSt remember---for every tear that faLls frum your eyeS, two teaRs falL fum mine-

[Plan On Forever]

I have planned on my life, to the last detail with a story book romance to fill my days..but the funny thing about answered they came to you in unexpected could I plan on forever? When I never planned on you..someone to fall for to live for let's plan forever..and watch all our dreams come're what I live for who I can give forever destiny is you cause you dance with me, and earth stood heart can't quite believe how right this seems..when you're in my arm the truth of us is better than the best of all my dreams..sometimes the one you're right for is standing too close to see...but u saw the light and never gave up on me.

"i wish i could read your mind and hear your thoughts as you see me, so that i could just figure out if you wanted me as much I wanted you or not..."

some have a lifetime if only you could... love me like i needed to be loved hold me like there is no tomorrow kiss me like your existence depended on it hold my hand like i might disappear otherwise dance with me like we are alone in our own world walk with me like my very own shadow smile at me like you just canít help it look at me like iím the most precious thing in the whole world if only you cud make your journey and enter my realm... my world would be complete...

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