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Theosis Organizational Consulting and Training

P. O. Box 5207, Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Theosis Can Help
Your Organizational Needs

Organizational Transformation Through Creative Problem Solving

Currently Offering These Services:

Human Resources Development and Training

Business and Technical Writing and Editing

THEOSIS is an ideal to be reached in organizational and individual development. This means using current and cutting edge information and techniques, but also includes the time tested application of common sense with sensitivity, creativity and vision.

Let our organizational development experience be a light on your path to success. THEOSIS can help at all phases of development with reasonable rates. Accepting short term assignments and engagements.

John-Brian Paprock
Consultant and Trainer

John-Brian Paprock has worked for organizational transformation through creative problem solving, program and policy development, strategic planning, and teambuilding. He is the founding president and chapter coordinator for the Madison Region Chapter of the World Future Society.With over twenty years of working with a variety organizations and groups, he knows the dynamics and power of progress as well as its pitfalls and traps.

John-Brian is a talented speaker, human resource developer and trainer. He is a professional member of the American Society for Training and Development. John-Brian is experienced and certified in addressing legal issues in human resource management, especially protected classes and non-profit administration. In addition, he is a certified professional counselor. John-Brian continues to serve the community in improving race relations and intercultural dialogue.

John-Brian is a published author, journalist, photographer and artist. He is certified with competencies in business and technical writing. He is planning a combined media (art and photgraphy) show at Alfon's Gallery in Milwaukee in the Fall of 2003.

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Theosis Organizational Consulting and Training
P. O. Box 5207
Madison, Wisconsin 53705


World Future Society - Madison Region Chapter

American Society for Training and Development

ASTD - South Central Wisconsin Chapter

Madison Area Business Consultants

Madison Area Quality Improvement Network

Mediation Ministries
Forrest S. Clark, D.Min.

Inroads Ministry
John-Brian's part-time ministry

SPIRIT WORK: Psychology and Spirituality in the Workplace
"For Spiritual Workers and Those Who Love Them" (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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