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APCO "10" Codes

These codes are used by police. Each code represents a phrase.

10-0 Use Caution10-50 Traffic Accident
10-1 Signal Weak10-51 Request Tow Truck
10-2 Signal Good10-52 Request Ambulance
10-3 Stop Transmitting10-53 Roadway Blocked
10-4 Message Received10-54 Livestock on Roadway
10-5 Relay10-55 Intoxicated Driver
10-6 Station is busy10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-7 Out Of Service10-57 Hit and Run Accident
10-8 In Service10-58 Direct Traffic
10-9 Repeat10-59 Escort
10-10 Fight In Progress10-60 Squad In Vicinity
10-11 Animal Problem10-61 Personnel In Vicinity
10-12 Stand By10-62 Reply To Message
10-13 Report Conditions10-63 Prepare to Copy
10-14 Prowler Report10-64 Local Message
10-15 Civil Disturbance10-65 Net Message
10-16 Domestic Problem10-66 Cancel Message
10-17 Meet Complainant10-67 Clear For Net Message
10-18 Urgent10-68 Dispatch Information
10-19 Go To Station10-69 Message Received
10-20 Advise To Location10-70 Fire Alarm
10-21 Phone _______10-71 Advise Nature Of Alarm
10-22 Disregard10-72 Report Progress of Alarm
10-23 Arrived At Scene10-73 Smoke Report
10-24 Assignment Complete10-74 Negative
10-25 Report to ________10-75 In contact with _______
10-26 Detaining Suspect10-76 En route to _______
10-27 Driver's License Information10-77 Estimated Time of Arrival
10-28 Vehicle Registration Information10-78 Request Assistance
10-29 Check Records For Want10-79 Notify Coroner
10-30 Unauthorized Use Of Radio10-80 Pursuit in Progress
10-31 Crime In Progress10-81 Breathalyser Report
10-32 Person With Gun10-82 Reserved Lodgings
10-33 Emergency - All Units Stand By10-83 School Crossing Assignment
10-34 Riot10-84 Estimated Time of Arrival
10-35 Major Crime Alert10-85 Arrival Delayed
10-36 Correct Time10-86 Operator On Duty
10-37 Suspicious Vehicle10-87 Pick Up
10-38 Stop Suspicious Vehicle10-88 Advise Telephone Number
10-39 Respond With Siren and Flashers10-89 Bomb Threat
10-40 Do not use Siren and Flashers10-90 Bank Alarm
10-41 Beginning Shift10-91 Pick Up Subject
10-42 End Shift10-92 Illegally Parked Vehicle
10-43 Information10-93 Blockage
10-44 Permission to Leave10-94 Drag Racing
10-45 Dead Animal10-95 Subject In Custody
10-46 Assist Motorist10-96 Detain Subject
10-47 Emergency Road Repair10-97 Test Signal
10-48 Traffic Control10-98 Prisoner Escape
10-49 Traffic Signal Out10-99 Wanted Or Stolen



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