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US Flag line Me in uniform
I retired from the US Army 1 June 2002 as a Career Counselor.
CLICK HERE to see how I combined Army job and riding my scooter before I retired.
I have had the opportunity to experience most of Europe before the Iron Curtain came crumbling down. I also was able to expand my exploits during my last tour in Europe.
Now I'm an Army civilian. For almost 5 years I worked as a towtruck driver and automotive maintenance instructor for the Morale Welfare and Recreation Auto Skills Center in Bamberg, Germany.

As of November 2007 I work for the US Army Corps of Engineers at a Flood Damage Reduction (FDR) project in Pennsylvania. The civilian name would be dam and lakes.
I do all my web page editing in plain html text with no help from any kind of editor programs, thus explaining the basic look of my pages. I am completely self taught, and like the challenge of figuring things out, but will readily accept programming or format ideas if you'll take time to send them to me.
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