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My Glide

Recent Pictures of the Big Red Moped
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The Big Red Moped The Big Red MopedThe Big Red Moped

Official HD pic of my bike, click to enlarge

This is my bike. Currently it is the only It was the first one registered in European.
(Update 98/09/20.. while driving through the Odenwald I saw a Black Road Glide with a Tourpak and U.S. Plates)
You see Harley Davidson did not sell 1998 or 1999 FLTR's outside North America. And since I am in the US Army I was able to purchase it and have it shipped to Germany.
Taking delivery, click to enlarge

I took delivery at "Erich Kraft Harley Davidson" just outside Ludwigshafen Germany (That is 50 miles south of Frankfurt for the geographically challenged) on Thursday 6 August 1998. Monday saw the 500 mile service getting completed and by the end of the following weekend I had 1500 miles down.
I cannot rant enough about how this bike rides and handles, and if you are interested in a Road Glide, drop me an E-Mail and I will rant away.

Well it is July 2004 and I have put 38,000 miles on the old girl and am still "IN LOVE"

Repairs so far:
Rocker box gaskets, both twice until I put "James Gaskets" in, so far so good
Right speaker, twice under warrantee, then put Kenwoods in, great since then
Speedo cable
37,000 miles and had to replace intake manifold gaskets
51,000 miles need to fix base gaskets but want to see if they will last through the season.
AND THAT'S IT SO FAR (knocking on wood) For those of you who would call it "Not a real bike" or "Geezer Glide" I will para-phrase Phantom:

"Softtails and Sporties are like 18 year olds in bed, wham, bam wild and hard. Quick rides that are fun for awhile. A Road Glide is like a mature woman who knows it all, and can keep you interested and happy all night long, while still being able to hold a converstation" (or something like that)

28 June 2006 Well almost 8 years to the date and I found a 2005 leftover FLTRI. New Car Sales offered a nice discount on her so Hopefully by this time in July I will be showing her the sights in Europe. Plans are to try and keep The Big Red Moped also.

Me and the Big Red Moped at AEDST '99 Me and the Big Red Moped at Me and the Big Red Moped at AEDST '99 on the move


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