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Christian Metal Resources!

Christian Metal is my favorite type of music. I like all types in the sub-genres of Metal, and all are represented in the following links. The first Christain band that I heard of and saw in concert was Andrus Blackwood & Company in 1984 when I was seven. I learned of other groups such as White Heart, Petra, Russ Taff, and DeGarmo & Key through elementary school, but I always wanted to listen to something louder, faster, and "harder." Finally in junior high I discovered Whitecross, Holy Soldier, and One Bad Pig, and I was sold on Christian Metal. In high school, my cross country teammates were all llistening to Metallica and Pantera, and I wanted to find Christian alternatives, so I got into bands like Betrayal, Vengeance Rising, Detritus, The Crucified, Believer, and Tourniquet.

I have seen many of my favorite bands in concert, such Living Sacrifice, the Galactic Cowboys, King's X, and Extol. I love the urgency of Christian Metal as it combines the hard and heavy with the beautiful and proclaims Christ's love with the musical intensity that I enjoy.

This page is a compillation of my most-frequented Internet sites and the best resources that I have found for my passion of learning about and collecting Christian Metal! I put them together because the favorites list on my browser was getting too long, and I hope you will find them useful and informative.

My favorite Christian Metal sites--the Creme of the Crop!

If you only visit four sites from this page, these are your best information sources on Christian Metal past and present. The state-of-the-art online source for Christian metal--new, used, indie, and import--with sound samples for most CDs.
DEAD The best Christian Extreme Metal e-zine with hundreds of reviews and tons of information.
The Hard Music Authority. Six issues with free sampler CDs for only $15 per year!
Intense Radio A huge site focusing on the Metal scene of yesterday and today, with constant news updates and hundreds of reviews. Highly recommended!

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