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Stew Albert is dead.
The peace movement loses another one of the greats!

AMERICA. - by Marco. A tribute to Allen Ginsberg.

America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
America I misplaced a 720K floppy, mine. Can't find it.
Will it turn up? Hopingly.
March 13, 1997.I definitely can't stand my own mind.
America when will we rid ourselves of all violence and
Naked agression?
Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb.
I feel shitty, leave me alone.
I'm like a wound with legs.
I'll write the rest of this borrowing heavily
When I'm good and readily.
America when will we be free?
When will you take off your clothes?
When will you stop eating people?
America why are your libraries full of fears?
America when will you send food unconditionally to everybody?
I'm sick of your insane demands.
When can I go somewhere and buy something with my looks?
There must be some other way to live than this.
You are machinery America. Nothing more.
Ginsberg is dead and I steal his posies gladly.
Ring around your holier-than thous. I spit on your Tupperware coffin.
Are you being sinister or is this some form of practical joke?

Well, Til Eulenspiegel doesn't like it so
Knock it off America.
When will cops smile and say "have a nice day?"
Let me make my point for peat's sake.
Hummous. Sprouts. Beans, Kurdistanis and whey.
No way.
America, you're silly. I think you're chronologically 12.
Psychosis, America you'll choke on your own Exxon mine.
America I miss Abbie Hoffman. Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day.
Peter Maurin and Mitch Schneider.
Free Leonard Peltier he keeps embarrassing me.
As do Mumia Abu Jamal.
I'm proud to be America? I'm horny for justice America.
I haven't seen democracy in my lifetime.

America I used to be an anarchist when I was young and stupid.
Now I'm balding and cynical and horny for nonviolent revolution.
If I knew how to overthrow your sorry ass conflict-oriented International
Insecurity State without tanks and squadrons I'd've done it a decade ago.
I'm proud to be an American just as I'm proud to be an anarchist.
America my mind is made up of LSD, potassium, salt, fibroptics, silocon and seminary school.
America I'm a jew and I'm a Christian but your jews for jesus movement Pisses me off.

America I still haven't told you what you did to me when I came back from The Persian Gulf.
I'm sick of your dumb smartbombs and your news blackouts and your
dead civilians by the Chinook-130-load
I'm addressing you, you fagbashing homophobe.
Are you going to let your emotional life be run by Turner Network Television?

Oh I see, America, your new boyfriend is Bill Gates.
I'm obsessed by Bill Gates. I want to lick his DOS.
It occurs to me that I am Bill Gates.
I am talking to myself again. I do that.
America how can I write anything but this shit when you
still hold your Itchy Finger on a Plutonium 239 trigger?
America I know the Unabomber.
He used to log onto my BBS.
America Captain Crunch is a little weird but he's really a nice guy.
Leave him alone and stop eavesdropping on his emails to me.
America you are guilty of wirefraud.
How do I press charges against America?
You'll just have me killed or something.
Or worse, waste taxpayers
Dollars following me 3 Ford LTD's deep.
America go ahead and put Taco Bell on the Rio Grande.
America when I was 10 my mother and father brought me to hippy church
Be Ins and I had sex with teenage girls.
Don't knock my mother and father
They are the best Republicans you've got.
America you don't really want any more wars.
Stop stockpiling diseases.
America we're one antibiotic away from mass oblivian.
Cut it out with the Bovine Growth Hormones
and the pig enzymes in cheddar

America this is quite serious.
There are lots of people who are way too
Fat and way too thin and they can't
Help themselves because they watch
Too much David Letterman and Thighmaster commercials.
America am I right?
Are we going to wipe ourselves out in 2003?
Will we take all of the beautiful innocent animals with us?
Have we lost all our topsoil like Rome?

America I await Vatican III in 3D.

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You know "howl" has been banned from all
airwaves during daytime all over the US
ever since it's publication, right?