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My Battle With Eating Disorders

I really do not know when I ended and my eating disorder began. Over time it just sort of inserted itself in my life and made itself at home.

I thought I was fat in 3rd grade (I wasn't..I was the tallest girl in my class so of course I weighed more than all of them too). I restricted a little then (dry toast for breakfast, lettuce and mustard sandwich for lunch and whatever my mom made for dinner). I went on weight watchers when I was 11. One year later I was throwing up my meals. I don't think I got the idea from anyone. I guess I just sort of figured it out. It just all made a strange sick little way.

I remember trying to make myself throw up to get out of going to confirmation class. Then it took over. Instead of doing it just on Tuesdays, I was doing it three times a week. Then daily. I was in the 7th grade.

I was put in the hospital for trying to kill myself. While I was there the nurses discovered what I was doing and I was diagnosed with bulimia. That was the start of about 20 hospitalizations for my eating disorders.

I took my first laxative when I was 10, first diet pill when I was 12, first diuretic when I was 14, first drink of ipecac when I was 18 (threw up blood), And I had my first mild heart attack when I was 19 (took 20 Dexatrim).

I got to my lowest weight when I was 15. I was in a residential treatment center and decided to cut back a little on food. Well, a little became a lot. I lost weight but still thought I was massive. I thought being thin would make me happy. Being thin made me sick, dizzy, depressed, scared, and suicidal.

I tried to get better in the hospitals but every time I found one that was helping, the insurance (Aetna at first and then Blue Cross/Blue Shild of Wisconsin) would stop paying and I would have to leave. I thought it was because I was not sick enough so I would starve even more.

I have lost so much to this eating disorder: Health, trust, money, college, friends, respect, sanity, zest for life, hope, morals. Yet I continue to let this control me.

What have I gained from anorexia and bulimia? Fear, kidney problems, liver damage, weakened heart, medical bills that I probably will never finish paying off, depression and pain. Is it worth it? NO! Can I stop? No.

To give you an idea of what goes through my head on a daily basis, here is a journal entry I wrote when I was at one of my lowest points (lowest weight and lowest mindset):

I want a life. I want to be happy. I want to beat this monster. But I also want to disappear. It is like fighting against ten thousand giants. I just want to give up. It is scarey. I want to save the world but I can't even save myself. I feel like a massive burden and that I take up too much space. I feel that I do not deserve a fraction on an inch of the ground I stand on....that by me being here I am hindering other people from moving on and becoming what they can be.

I am sure many people can relate to this. I hope that you do not give up. Maybe we can help each other fight.

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