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"Pluralism will always demand that we share our particular understanding of religion with one another. If done in sympathy and respect for the integrity of the other, such sharing can result in spiritual growth and enrichment for all.  "
- Rev. Harold Coward
"Interfaith vision is in tune with the character of the emerging post-modern global society. Indeed it offers the hope of a world civilization based on spiritual values.  "
- Marcus Braybrooke

An International Society of Interfaith Ambassadors

Are you already an interfaith ambassador? Have you had to explain your beliefs more than once in less than a paragraph? Do you belong to a faith community and want dialogue effectively with others? Do you participate in ecumenical or multifaith dialogue groups or events? You may already be an Interfaith Ambassador.

Join the growing international network of those committed to inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue. Members come from many different traditions. Members are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Buddhist, Wiccan, and other faith traditions.   


Inquiries for the Society may also be sent:
c/o Inroads Interfaith Ministry P.O. Box 5207, Madison, Wisconsin 53705 USA

ISIA is an international network of those committed to inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue for support and related information.

The Society is still at the beginning of organization and is still developing its mission. One major part of its mission is the certification of Interfaith Ambassadors. The Society includes all certified Interfaith Ambassadors to date and those that have assisted in the development of the certification program as well as other pioneers who have joined the Society as members (see above on how to join).

We are unique in that we are calling for individuals to distinguish themselves as ambassadors; not proselytizers nor seekers.

From the preface of the Workbook for Interfaith Ambassadors(developed for Interfaith Ambassador Certification):
“...individuals [that] effectively interact with our increasingly pluralistic society without losing their own religious or cultural identity. They will be called Interfaith Ambassadors.”

No specific religious faith tradition is required. No specific location is required either. There are members of the Society from coast to coast and overseas - and growing.

Interfaith Ambassadors are empowered to effectively work with those of different belief systems. One element of religious and spiritual development that has been missing was empowering individuals to be effective representatives of their own faiths - without having to be clergy. Part of the inspiration for Interfaith Ambassadors is the United Religions Initiative, which is working to develop a "United Nations" model platform for the world's religions.

There is a lot of work for Interfaith Ambassadors in our current age. For example, in any urban area, there may be a need to bring people of different faiths together for dialogue or service, to assist those less fortunate or to prevent violence and misunderstanding. There may be a small interfaith group that needs to reach out to minority faith traditions that are increasing throughout North America. There are increasing global issues that may have local impacts and require diverse people to be able to cooperate.

In addition, one of the goals of Interfaith Ambassadors is to be true and honest about the problems that pluralism presents, having the willingness and ability to work toward solutions.

Some people have the skills and abilities and experiences - these are already Interfaith Ambassadors. Most clergy have been trained and, in a sense, are already “ambassadors” of their faith, but many clergy could be trained better.

There are many others that would like to be more effective and comfortable in our pluralistic society. For these, Rev. John-Brian Paprock developed the Interfaith Ambassador Certification Program , which pre-dates the formation of the society.

Since we are only at the beginning, there is much to be discovered about how much an Interfaith Ambassador can do.

"What we have needed all along are trained ambassadors from one faith to the others to avert the problems of ignorance and fear that make good people afraid of others and not-so-good people act in violence against fictitious enemies." ~ Rev. John-Brian Paprock, founder of ISIA

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Prayer of Interfaith Ambassadors

O Supreme and Beneficent Power by whatever Name Thou art known guide us in our work.

We pray that we may become instruments of constructive good in Thy hands. 

Help us to be honest representatives of our own faith and traditions.

Grant us the willingness and ability to speak the Truths given to us and the courage to hear the Truths given to others. 

Deepen our own faith and conviction with the Truth. 

Gladden our hearts to celebrate the diversity of all who wish to live in harmony and goodness. 

At this moment we join our mental and our spiritual forces with those of all Thy Servants and Thy Holy Ones who labor in Thy Name in Thy heavenly mansions to bring peace, harmony and health to the world.  


Written by Fr. John-Brian Paprock for Interfaith Ambassadors everywhere.


Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock, the founder of the Society, has developed an Interfaith Ambassador Certification program that is available in different formats including through the internet. 

Interfaith Ambassador Certification Program

Local Article on Interfaith Ambassador Program

Midwest Certification Classes

On-line Correspondence Course 

A Workbook for Interfaith Ambassadors


Inroads Interfaith Ministry