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The Medicine

The medicine of Numbat is Preparedness and Gathering. Numbat is always prepared to stick his long tongue into termite wood in search of his food. He is prepared to forage for food at any time of the day, not being overly concerned about the possibility of the open forest floor leaving him easy prey to predators. The calm little Numbat gathers leaves to make himself a bed in the nearest hollow log when it is time to rest.

The Shadow Side

You are talking the truth of others without assessing whether it is your truth or not. Be careful what you gather to yourself

The Crystal - Amazonite

Amazonite brings in the white light to soothe away your worries and fears.

The Message

If Numbat has leaped around you, you are obviously prepared to talk your talk and walk your walk. You are not afraid to say “Hey, this is who I am, this is what I believe. This is what makes me happy”. Just a word of caution though, in your relentless gathering of truth, be open to the answers you may receive and be prepared for the work you will be called on to do, in order to nourish yourself fully.


I discern my own truth.

Numbat has a message for you

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