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The Madonna Ministry as I see it.

Rev Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD

To me the clue to The Madonna Ministry-Australasia is this.

CLUE=Compassion , Love , Understanding , Empathy

C = Compassion
L = Love (unconditional)
U = Understanding
E = Empathy

Acceptance -v- Forgiveness

Working with Acceptance instead of Forgiveness

The reason that I am so excited about this practice is that changes happen AUTOMATICALLY!

It astounded me! My lesson was that when I TRY I don't DO.

Forgiveness to me is a judgment. To be able to forgive obviously we have judged someone to be wrong in the first place.

Forgiveness will keep you hooked, where as acceptance will unhook you and release you and set you free.

FORGIVENESS is GOOD for the one Forgiving , not always for the one being Forgiven , and ACCEPTANCE is GOOD for ALL concerned .

So ACCEPTANCE does not mean to stagnate, but to LOVE yourself and others unconditonally, and don't TRY to change, just be.

All you have to do is register how you are now, SEE YOUSELF and others with total UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and the improvement comes as a surprise.


Really, you'll love the results! It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Or is sliced bread the greatest thing since this practice?)

Acceptance: from the dictionary.

1. The willingness to receive
2. an affirmative answer to an invitation or proposal.
3. a willingness to accept (conditions, a circumstance, etc.)
4. a.) approval; belief - b.) willingness or ability to tolerate

As this word Acceptance, has a varied response to many individuals, I ponder all this and long for the time when we did not need to use words. Words are so very inadequate for meanings vary.

How many of you remember a life time of no telecommunication, no words sent - only feelings and in receiving these transmission we did not wonder what was being sent, we knew the fullness in its delivery.

I personally find words can and are very distracting, misleading and can even lead us deeper into confusion. So, I attempt to simplify by not overworking the thought of something, and accepting what is.

As it is, it shall be. So be it.

We are always in the stream of change and we can go with the flow or we can challenge it. The choice is within the individual to ponder. CHOICE is another valuable key to acceptance.

Just another thought.

Keep it, or leave it, share it, or clear it, it's our choice as we see it.

All is within us, All is as it should be.

MARY is the origin of the Madonna Ministry, and Mary, Beloved beyond all measure, is Herself in service to the Divine Feminine.

Mary's intention is for her Ministry to work without separation in the pure stream of a spirituality that honours the Divine that encompasses ALL of Creation and permeates all of Creation. Her heart is at one with Isis, Inana, Quan Yin, Tara, Parvati and all aspects of the Divine Feminine. Yet it is also to assist in bringing into perfect union and balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and to assist US to bring this into manifestation upon earth.

Bishop Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

(Ann was consecrated as a Bishop of Madonna Ministry
on the 22nd August 1998 at the Unity Church - Bournemouth UK)

"From Where I stand"

Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD

My beliefs: - I feel that my beliefs are: 'mutant truths with a foundation in acceptance'

I accept that we are 'all the same but we are all different' regardless of the colour of our skin, the language we speak or the way that we worship or view God/The creator or The Goddess/The Mother. There is no one way that is better than the other way.

There is no such thing as good or bad. It is only our perception of it.

I am happy one day to call 'GOD' God, the next day call him Great Mystery, the next day call him Buddha, the next day call him Sai Baba, the next day call him Spirit, the next day call him Freddie Upstairs.
Also the same applies to me with the Madonna, Quin Yin, Mother Earth, The Goddess, Shiva, Isis, Virgin Mary, whatever. It's only a name - not the energy.

The energy never changes, just the label we give it.

So what am I trying to say - who knows!! Least of all me at times.

I walk my path with as much acceptance as I can. But being human I need to remind myself of that, from time to time, the same as the rest of us. I remind myself to discern instead of judge, accept instead of judge, and accept instead of forgive and take each day as it comes, just the way Spirit intended.

Discernment for me means that it's OK if it is not for me, but I don't need to judge it as bad or good. Because I discern it is not for me, I don't need to tear it down or berate it. I have choice and I choose to discern and accept and move on.

Go where Spirit wants me to, embrace what spirit sends my way, climb out of the black holes that I may fall into, on my journey of life and get on with the journey as this is my life-walk and I can not follow, in another's footsteps, and another can not follow in mine.

So for me the big picture is: - we are all going the be in a different place of where we stand - and is it really important? and if so why? And that is where the secrets to each of us are. And I said mutant truths - which mean they will and do change and mutate daily for me.

So what I am today, may be very different, to what I am tomorrow. So again is it really important, because yesterday is history, tomorrow will always be a mystery and today is our gift from Spirit and that is why we call it THE PRESENT. We need to live our gift daily and not dwell on the history or mystery of life.

A little insight to me {{{smile}}} and on top of all that I'm an Aussie to boot!


If you would like to Email us with your comments, we would love to receive them. Suggestions and requests welcomed. FREE ABSENT HEALING AVAILABLE TO ALL.

Every Friday, the day of Venus, MM-Australasia will do Absent/Distant Healings for those of you who contact us and make a request. If you have a prayer request, let us also know, so it can be sent out to all members and you can feel the nurturing and healing love energies from all of us.

Please connect on Fridays [your time] and be part of the Healing Ceremony in your heart and spirit .
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