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The Healing Summit 2000 - Australia

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald & Greg Fitzgerald (husband & wife team) from Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre along with the CHN-Australia Branch co-hosted the Healing Summit 2000 in August 2000 on South Molle Island in the Whitsunday Passage on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia.

Suzanne Keehn USA(CHN President) offically opening the Healing Summit 2000

August 13th, the beginning of Summit 2000, was the first day of the Mayan Calendar and Creative Health Network's 8th birthday. About 85 people, from 9 countries (Spain, Israel, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belguim & Sweden) traveled to South Molle Island, in the Whitsunday's on the Great Barrier Reef to participate and co-create together.
We had a beautiful full moon meditation on the 15th out on the ‘Pride of Airlie’ in the Whitsunday Passage. We saw the Southern Cross and the constellation of Scorpio and a sea turtle.
Peace was experienced by all and the Aboriginal Ngaro Elder of this area, a woman, sang the blessing for us.

Opening Ceremony - Mitha Bama calling the Spirits

The theme of Summit (Weaving a Rainbow Web and Manifesting the Dream), amongst web of fabric is the concept of respect and the difference in what respect means to different people.

One of the aspects of Dreamtime, is to be totally in the Now, aware with all your senses of the environment and of your role as an individual and your place in the group. There have been great opportunities to learn and experience the native Aborigines, some of their beliefs and the current state of their experience and life in modern Australia.

Didjada Mogarah Mitha Bama - Song & Dance of the Black Bush Man

Ken ‘Didjada’ Peters-Dodd, Laurence ‘Mitha Bama' Bell and Warren ‘Mogarah’ Singleton , Aboriginal Musicians and Artists, attended Bea Agins workshop on the Achual Indians, who live in the Peruvian Amazon. As Bea told the Achual story, the men were moved as some of the 'stories' were very similar, especially the creation story. Ken gave a pair of clapping sticks that he made as a present to Don Ramon, the last known Achual Shaman.

Mitha Bama, Greg Fitzgerald, Didjada & Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

The 'Weave' Summit 2000

The 'Weave' that was created by this Summit, led by Penny McManigal was given to Renarta 'Gutha'Prior, the Ngaro Aboriginal Elder, of this area, which includes all the islands of the Whitsundays. It was dismantled on the 19th and will be taken and shared with a conference of an international indigenous people in November in Australia. Instead of taking a piece of the 'Weave' with us we sent it with our love to Renarta, or Auntie as she called herself.

Ngaro Elder - Renarta 'Gutha' Prior giving the blessing at the Full Moon Meditation

The Summit co-ordinator Ann Williams-Fitzgerald created an ‘Organic’piece of Artwork called ‘Rainbow Prayers for Peace – Healing Summit 2000’ on which all participants place their prayers (intent). These prayers took the form of:- feathers, beads, shells ribbons, stones etc either found on the island or brought from their lands.

Barbara Miller working on Organic Artwork - 'Rainbow Prayers for Peace'

We shared the CHN experience and friends in the various countries, Russia, England, the US and invited everyone to Israel in 2001 and Peru in 2002.

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald being presented with the Peace Candle by Sue Girdlestone (UK)

Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre supports the work of the Creative Health Network and the Madonna Ministry within Australia.

New Minister Rev Krista Sonnen receiving her certificate of Ordination

Group Photo of the Ministers, Priest/ess & Bishops of the Madonna Ministry at the Healing Summit 2000

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald making a presentation to the Resort Manager (Ray Waters) of South Molle Island in appreciation for all the support, help and involvment of the Management and staff during the Healing Summit 2000

Acceptance speech from Mr Ray Waters, Resort Manager, South Molle Island

The Australian Organisers and CHN Board -Singing their 'goodbyes' to the Summit Delegates

'Dance of the Creator' by Mitha Bama (Laurence Bell)

Mitha Bama, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald & Didjada

Weaving a Rainbow Web & Manifesting the Dream

The Healing Summit 2000 Banner

Delegates - Keeva Barron (Aust) & Heide Lex (Aust)

Delegate - Elisabetta Franza-Branson (Aust)

Barbara Miller (USA)

David Adams (Aust) & JoDee Carpenter (USA)

Linda Lee Evans (USA) & Krista Sonnen (Aust)

Messages and Feedback from The Healing Summit 2000

August 13th - 19th 2000 - South Molle Island, Great Barrier Reef - Australia

Hi Ann - Thank you, Greg and Tracy for an absolutely marvelous Summit. I haven't eaten so much or laughed so much in a long time...Loved every moment of it. You deserve a little rest, so enjoy it.
David J Adams

My first CHN Summit - I found family! I felt their love and deep commitment to their inner truth so evident yet understated. I thank you Ann, Greg and Tracy for all your organization and all those who shared their wisdom and for their efforts. I have joined CHN and plan to be at Jerusalem for 2001 Summit and with help, grow our Australian Branch through my network of friends.
With love and light, Suzanne Taylor

Dear Ann - Glad 2000 went well. Sorry we could not be there. Sylvia had her matching piece of Summit material flying on the back yard altar. Lots of Love Tony, Sylvia and Sai Samara.

Hey Sis !!!!! - Love the info on the website - you've done well - AGAIN !! I don't think words could describe what the summit has done for me - I feel I have driven my vehicle into the servo and filled my tank with so much love - I really mean it - the people we mixed with were wonderful - I will treasure this time for life - I love you guys so much - thanks for the opportunity.
Love & shine Kaye Ogilvie x

Dear Ann - Hello, my name is Claire and I write as a result of a friend of mine attending the Healing Summit last week. She returned to work with wonderful things to say about you and the summit (only to add to my angst about not being able to be there).
Thanking you, Kind Regards, Claire Hickey

Dear Ann - I really wish I could have been there. Hope to join you in Israel and Peru. Please keep me informed.
Love Kim Thomas

Thank you Dear Ann - Thank you for your organisation of the Healing Summit - a lot of healing did take place on many levels. In particular my partner and I experienced a very subtle healing. The venue was beautiful and each of your "animal" spirits were experienced by us. We are now on our way back to Southport and today 2 dolphins came and played under our bow for about an hour. It was magical!.
Thanks again Tessa Donovan

Dear Ann and the friends! - Thank you so much for the information about the Summit and wonderful photos. I can imagine myself being with you there, and I am so happy that it has been a success! Tomorrow I am seeing off the last 3 participants of Our Sacred journey to Altai Mountains in Russia. Hope it has been a success too. We have had some quite amazing spiritual experiences there. We have sent you thoughts of Love and Friendship being near the Aktru Mt.(white place) in the Highland alpen camp , I am sure you have felt our presence with your Heart. Galina with Love (Russia)

Hi Ann and Greg - A superb conference and a magical web site review. You use your many talents well. YOU ARE A MODEL BISHOP.

Dear Ann and Greg - Paul and I send you many thanks for having had a vision for The Healing Summit to meet at the gorgeous South Molle Island Resort back in 1997 and then following through to that excellent Summit in 2000!
It was such a treasure to meet up with people from around the globe, many of whom I had met before in Monterey or Glastonbury, as well as meeting new friends in Australia! We are becoming a "world family".
Giving our co-created "Weave" to the Aboriginal Ngaro Peoples seemed to be a wondrous "new beginning" for its ultimate purpose, which is the Process of Peoples coming together to contribute their own individuality to the co-creation of a visual metaphor for our shared home, the planet. And then to see and acknowledge "All of us" in the organic beauty if its resulting "woven" pattern, which contains such colorful and great diversity.
I will be taking our Ribbon Weave with me to share at the People To People International Conference in Hong Kong in November.
With love and thanks to you and to CHN-USA for all of the hard work involved!
Penny and Paul McManigal

Thank you for a wonderful summit!! I met some incredible people. You and Greg and wonderful!!!!
Take care! Cheers!! Ramona Pleva

Ann, Greg, & Tracy: Thank you again for a most wonderful summit on that beautiful island. It was a week full of love, surprise, sharing, creativity, emotion, and blissful highs. Your laughter and grace-filled giving made it especially loving. Thanks again for a great time, new friends, and heartwarming memories. Much love to all of you, Linda Lee

The CHN Summit was indeed a great spiritual upliftment not to mention the greater ramifications on the planet as a whole and a rippling affect throughout the Cosmos. A job well done Ann by you, your husband Aussie helpers and the rest of you who contributed to its success. Thank you for bearing the load of such a tremendous undertaking
Everywhere I went I was showered with such Love and neutering from all my relatives and everyone with whom I came in contact - I was there to heal the wounds of their Mothers' (my sisters) transitions. I AM no longer a crazy "old" lady - I'm attracting people of like minds.
YIh the Love and the Light:: I AM = Tulin

Dear Ann & Greg - I am writing to say a really big ‘thank you’ for the wonderful experience of being part of the Healing Summit at South Molle Island. It was really exciting to be a part of something so special and meet so many inspiring and dedicated people. I felt really blessed to be chosen as the winner for the competition!
In particular, I would just like to let you know how much your hard work was appreciated – you both truly wove threads of love and inspiration into the Summit. On a personal level, I would just like to let you know Ann, that you were an inspiration to me. Your deep kinship with the spirits of our dear animal friends and the knowledge and insight you shared ‘from the heart’, showed a deep level of compassion and understanding. Greg and yourself, shared an openness and acceptance that shone as a fine example of what it is to truly love our earth, the animal kingdom and all its peoples. I am truly thankful that we as a group, were able to share on such a deep level with the native Australian culture, through the openness of Warren and Ken, of the Didjada Mogarah Mitha Bama. Your inspiration and courage to follow the whisperings of Spirit and connect with theses people is amazing.
I guess what really shines through for me is that yes, there really are people out there that care deeply about our earth, and our spiritual evolution. There are many so-called ‘spiritual’ people out there, but very few are in-touch with what it is to access the realms of spirit, and truly follow the call. I really feel that you and Greg are deeply in touch with what it is to live and breath spirit. In a way, you are both mentors for me. I have lead a very spiritually open life, but had no one to affirm or teach me (only concerned people trying to calm my ‘over-active imagination!!)
I really got so much out of the week (and I am still being inspired by the events that happened). In particular, the eight-pointed star medicine wheel has had a profound effect on me – it has activated very ancient memories. - Love, light, and many blessings to you both.
Kimberlee Warnes

The CHN Healing Summit - Australia 2000
We are in a wonderful time of escalation and transmutation and the work that you and other members of CHN in the Summit gave rise to a dramatic shift in energies bringing about full implementation of all the Love available in accordance with the Divine Plan. the Divine Plan. The CHN members traveled long distances and your galaxy brothers came from a much greater distance to join you as they held your hands and warmed your hearts and warmed your feet considerably so I hear ( Ashtar was referring to the burning itching of my feet - an allergic reaction to a bug bite - everybody, including the bug, wants a piece of me now - it is so nice to be needed!.) Your dedication is well known and demonstrated and interaction with your birth place(Australia) will be written in the annuls of History and many ones will come to you and say,"tell me more, tell me more." We have been telling you for a long time, "the so called outcasts are going to be looked upon as the leaders" - the scales have been switching quite dramatically (this applies to all way showers, which are in large numbers - some of you know who you are and some of you have yet to discover it.)
Now let's look at what you (CHN) have accomplished: Let us fly into the sky feeling our wings! You look down and see a mandala of light with new energies , radiating Love and creating Joy and Harmony and you see this energy flowing from the planet and going to other worlds. As you look at the mandala you see part of it sprinkling back down onto the Earth like a great fountain shooting up into the air and raindrops around the perimeter are creating rainbows of light that are falling onto the planet.
These energies have been magnetized and now you integrate these energies with humanity. The angels take every dewdrop of light into their hands and sprinkle these drops of light around the planet as it expands and expands with a great burst of light until the earth is saturated with Love. As Mother Earth feels this Love her heart becomes vaster. We see not just one column of light but several columns strobing out in all directions throughout creation - and so it is - it is done.
A personal reading and multidimensional traveling - narrated by Archangel Gabriel/Ashter through AsariA. 2nd September 2000
In the Love and the Light: I AM - Tulin

Dear Ann and friends - I have over the past three weeks been engaged in intense finalization and initiation, beginning with 5 initiations over 10days at the end of July. Of significance was an authorization to proceed in the connection of heaven and earth, which occurred in Monterey area at the beach, hence a completion of the 1st conference.
From my perspective, the energies and skilled creative forces coming from Australia have been vital to the following process:
A New Heaven and New Angelic Kingdom were in place formed partially from the incredible angelic participation at Glastonbury. A New Earth was formed partially from the deep commitment and intention established in Monterey. Over the past few days The Third Kingdom, the magic Kingdom, has been fully seated due to the indigenous tribes, Harry Potter, and once again the great creative forces from the lightworkers. Thus, we now have in place the four Kingdoms of Heaven, Earth, Angelic, and Magic.
On August 17th, California time, I began my journey into ascension and initiation of the five Kingdoms. Utilizing the spirit of the four Kingdoms and "flying" from a tetrahedron to a spherical form (a process to be described at another time). To be quick, I had to leap, fly, flip, and radiate, thus creating the structure of the new reality and initiating the fifth Kingdom of Humankind. I thank you for participating in this operation, for I deeply felt your presence.
Now I am so proud of all of us, for the five Kingdoms have initiated, synergized, aligned, and accepted the pure waters of life --- an action which took place this morning. Congratulations to all of you and all of the lightworkers and indigenous peoples who worked with us, along with those people of good heart who refused to be deterred.
We are now as a collective in a new reality, which may be characterized as a third each of the human experience, magic, and angelic. Therefore, we can expect a great deal of heart, magic, and miracle in a delightful and joyful mix --- enabling the best of the old, the pure thrill of the new, and the ascension of mankind.
Our jobs now can be briefly characterized as moving all of the lighworkers (144,000) and others who have helped (13,000) through the first wave of ascension, for we will shepherd the second and third waves of ascension amongst the general population. Thus the first wave has begun!!!!!!!
Peace be with you
Love beyond measure, Karen Van Dorn (known as Karen Excelsior Sananda)


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