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Red Eyed Green Tree Frog

Tree Frog

Frog – Red-Eyed green Tree Frog

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1998

Our Frog is the red-eyed green tree frog within this deck but this card represents ALL FROGS not just the one we have chosen to depict for the book and card set. Our frog card has the keywords of Cleansing, Emotional Healing, Tears, Window of Soul, Well-being and New growth around it. The Card number is 11 being the numerology also of number eleven as we do not break this number down as it is a Master Number and stays as eleven.

In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, eleven is considered to be a Master Number. Eleven can also represent sin; transgression and peril. Ten being the perfect number, eleven represents the exceeding of both. It is interesting to note that eleven when broken down ( 1+1=2) comprises the Two of duality.

Eleven bring the gift of spiritual inheritance, is gifted as the "Light-Bearer". It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. Is related to the energy of Oppositions and the Balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis. Eleven is The PeaceMaker... Colours : Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black.

The Rune symbol depicted on our Frog is the rune of ‘Inguz’ for the end of a cycle of events to bring about new beginnings. The Rune of fertility and the intuitive part of our nature. The harbinger of a new path. This is a rune of great power and signals your emergence from a closed chrysalis state. You will experience a release from tensions, stress and your uncertainties.

Our Frog is depicted sitting on a branch with the full moon in the background of deep midnight blue. Frog is allowing the tears to fall and the cleansing process has began. Our tears cleanse our soul and our eyes are the windows to our soul. Your symbol of renewal is at hand and new growth and well-being is assured. Frog is one of our ‘Master’ cards and has the symbol placed in the top right-hand corner.

The Medicine

The medicine of Frog is that of Cleansing and Emotional Healing. Frog medicine helps us to cleanse the soul. Emotional Healing is accessed via our cleansing of the soul through our tears. These are released from the eyes, that are the windows of our souls. Allow the tears to flow uninterrupted. Frog announces and calls the arrival of the rains that have a purifying and cleansing effect upon Earth Mother. This is recognized because the onset of rain is also the most favorite time for frogs to mate as the pure water is the perfect place to suspend the eggs. Thus supporting new growth.

The Shadow Side

You are denying your emotions and holding back your tears. By doing this you are stopping your own growth.

The Crystal - Jade

Jade will allow you to cleanse and care for your well-being. It transmutes all negativity in self and the environment around you.

The Message

If frog has called to you , ‘Spirit’ is reminding you that it is OK to allow the tears to flow. Allow yourself the time to cleanse and renew. You may need to look at your life in an honest way and ask yourself if you are heading in the right direction. Do you need to make a slight change in your path? Know that you will feel refreshed and new growth is coming your way.


I am cleansing now

Frog has a message for you

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