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EMU – Extra Information

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

Key words around the card are: Completion, Gonna, Fire, Commitment, Action & Attentiveness. Emu is the Auz Astrology sign for the zodiac sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer. The Planet of importance is Uranus.

The number of Emu is 32 being the numerology of 5. The Number Five orchestrates the transitional changes. The Number five is the number of the easily recognized senses. It is the number of choice and therefore of the innumerable opportunities and unlimited fields of endeavor that exist at each and every moment. It is not only the supporter of change, but also the understanding for change. It is the number of individuality within the creative energies, though is indicative also of public interests. Five is The Administrator... Colours for five: Cherry, Pink, Cerise, Raspberry, Claret and Wisteria.

The Rune Symbol of 'Sowelu' for Wholeness, Life Forces and the sun's energy. It will allow you to increase your vitality and your powers to achieve your quest. Because of the power of the life force you will at times feel the surge of power through your body right down to a cellular level. You should give serious consideration to your healing abilities and nurture them. Master the art of doing without doing.

Our Emu is depicted standing tall and proud with a background of pink and the symbol of Aquarius in front of him. Only an Aquarius could have a ‘hair day’ like our Emu. You must be constant in your efforts and not lose interest before the task is finished. Allow your ‘inner fire’ to spur you on. Allow yourself to step into your ‘Pink’ centre, that of your transpersonal heart.

The Medicine

The medicine of Emu is Attentiveness and Action. These great flightless birds of the open plains, forage attentively in family groups and pair off during breeding season to share time together. The male then assumes the role of incubator directing his attention to the care of the eggs for 60 days and then the chicks as they grow. When spurred into action , an Emu can reach speeds of 55km per hour making it difficult for predators to run them down.

The Shadow Side

You have a tendency to talk your talk but unfortunately, you refuse to walk your walk, meaning you are all talk and no action. You have a tendency of being a ‘Gonna’*. In other words “One day I will do that” but never do!

The Crystal - Garnet

Garnet is the stone of commitment and allows you to flow with your available energies. It will stoke your internal fire to get you going.

The Message

If Emu is striding past you, ‘Spirit’ is asking you to be attentive to the family of man. It may be time for you to bring action in to see what you can do to assist your fellow man. Remember to follow through and complete all tasks you set out with today.


I finish what I start

* = Australian slang for 'going to do that thing but never do' "A gonna" All talk and no action.

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